November Newsletter


Honolulu Woodturners
A Chapter of the
American Association of Woodturners

President Barry Wheeler called meeting to order at approximately 6:00 p.m.

Preston Christensen, from Utah, introduced himself and said he will be joining the club as a new member.

Barry reminded everyone to make and wear a name tag. We have a lot of new members and a name tag makes it easier for everyone.

  Barry Wheeler
President Barry Wheeler

Dean Mailheau, club librarian, asked that any over-due items be returned in a timely manner.

Andy Cole reported the treasury has a current balance of $10,362.85. He said the club currently has 108 paid members.

David Chung suggested the club have a Christmas party next December. The party would include snacks and drinks provided by the club. Also planned would be some kind of Secret Santa exchange. David said he is willing to coordinate the event. Suggestions from the group included having the party either in November or January.

Andy talked about the Hawaii Forest Industry Association’s (HFIA) 2016 Wood Show. Best of Show was awarded to Cliff Johns for his Cook pine turned bowl. The Award of Merit was won by Pat Kramer for his entry L’etrange. First Place awards presented in the Main category were: Sculpture to Keith Maile, Na Ihe Meka Ki‘I; Turning Form Emphasis to David Chung’s kou calabash; Turning Embellishment to Sharon Doughtie’s, Elan Vital. Kelly Dunn’s Full Circle was selected for the Spirit of the Show Award and Rachel Dunn’s entry Orchid Rapture was selected for the Kent Award.

Artists awarded Honorable mentions included Robert Duffer for The Mushroom Tree House, Andy Cole for HI 5, and Derek Bencomo for Ocean Harmony. Visit the HFIA website at www.hawaiiforest.org
A YouTube video may be viewed at www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpYrJgY4RJ8 Another YouTube video on Hawaii Masters may be viewed at www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqyKoibLMTs

Andy also mentioned the Hawaii Craftsmen Exhibition is currently being shown at the Honolulu Museum of Art. The exhibition runs from October 25 through November 13. Derek Bencomo is one of the featured artists. Members Ron Tosh, Robert Duffer, Francisco Clemente, and David Chung all had a single piece accepted for this year's exhibit. Visit their website at www.hawaiicraftsmen.org

Nomination and election of officers for 2017 was held at the November meeting. Ron Tosh, as current Vice President, per our by-laws, is the President for next year. Officers needed to be elected were Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Ron Tosh
Chris Rollins
Tom Young
Andy Cole
Ron Tosh
Chris Rollins
Vice President
Tom Young
Andy Cole

The 2017 officers of the Honolulu Woodturners club:

  President Ron Tosh
  Vice President Chris Rollins
  Secretary Tom Young
  Treasurer Andy Cole
  Director Robert Duffer
  Director Kyle Iwamoto
  Director Barry Wheeler
The directors are the past three presidents.

The club is in the process of organizing a Magic at Mike’s day. Rob Hale is leading the effort. Saturday, March 18, has been selected as the date. This will be a no-cost day for club members and their immediate family members.

  David Chung
David Chung
Participation Prize Winner

Rob said to plan for a day of fun, food, and turning. It will be fashioned after the Fun at Fred’s functions of the past. The purpose of the event is to get to know each other better, talk story, exchange ideas, ask questions, improve our techniques, pick up some tips, have fun, and provide hands-on time for those who desire it.

The club will provide pastries, steak and chicken for BBQ, coffee, water, juice, and soda. Attending club members will be asked to assist with the rest of a pot luck lunch.

A RSVP list and potluck sign-up will be e-mailed to members in January. Check the club website, under the Events section at www.honoluluwoodturners.org as additional information will be provided as it becomes available.

The next mainland demonstrator scheduled is Dixie Biggs. Dixie is scheduled for May of 2017. Mark your calendar and plan on attending.

For our program, Sharon Doughtie gave a nice slide presentation on various well-known turners. She had slides of their early works through current works which vividly showed their progression as an artist.

Sharon Doughtie  
Sharon Doughtie

One of the things Sharon mentioned was using camellia oil on your tools. Evidently the oil is thin enough to soak into the pores of tool steel thus inhibiting rust. Camellia oil is a Japanese product available at Woodcraft and various places on line. Visit Woodcraft’s website at www.woodcraft.com

Warren Naai made a koa business card holder to be placed near the lathes at Woodcraft. The hope is that folks looking at lathes will pick up a card and join the Honolulu Woodturners.

The folks at Creative Arts Experience have requested that the Honolulu Woodturners provide wood turning demonstrations on November 12, from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. The location is on the street in front of Louis Pohl Gallery, 1142 Bethel St, Honolulu.

Warren Naai has agreed to lead the effort. The club will provide two mini lathes (Rikon and Jet). Mahalo to Warren Naai, Johnedel Boyer, Ron Tosh, Robert Duffer, and Eric LeBuse for volunteering to take a turn at the demonstrations. Everyone is invited to go down and watch.

Brett Schenk is stepping down as our Audio/Video technician. Barry thanked Brett for all he has done for the club in making the videos, recording and set-up. Robert Duffer will assume the mantle of A/V guru.

Primavera Logs

Brett Schenk brought in a truck load of primavera to share and Dougie Bowers brought in a load of lychee and various other kinds of wood.

Members are encouraged to join the American Association of Woodturners (AAW), our parent organization. Annual memberships in the AAW operate on an anniversary cycle, whereby your membership will start with your join date and continue for one year. Visit the AAW website at www.aaw.site-ym.com/general to join.

Robert Duffer has a friend who has a Rikon mini lathe for sale. Included is a stand, coasters, grinder, tools, jigs, and other assorted items. If interested, contact Robert at robert_duffer@honoluluwoodturners.org

Barry mentioned while traveling on the mainland, he found a store called Bailey’s. Bailey’s sells chainsaw chains for $10 each in lots of 10. Barry said it might be possible to make a club bulk order. The feasibility is uncertain as there are so many different brands and lengths. If interested, contact Barry at barry_wheeler@honoluluwoodturners.org Visit their website at www.baileysonline.com

Everyone who participates in the Challenge or Instant Gallery must sign the Participation Sheet to be eligible for the Participation Prize. The Participation Prize of a $25 Woodcraft gift certificate was won by David Chung.

The order of the names on the sheet is re-numbered prior to a number being picked. Therefore, if you signed up on line 1, chances are line 1 was assigned another number.

Johnedel Boyer
Tom Young
Andy Cole
Johnedel Boyer
First Place Gold
Tom Young
Second Place Gold
Andy Cole
Third Place Gold

Warren Naai
Warren Naai
First Place Silver
  Preston Christensen    
Preston Christensen
Second Place Silver
  Allan Spitzer    
Allan Spitzer
Third Place Silver

The challenge this meeting was to turn three tops. The tops must fit on a 5 ½ inch plate. Overhang is allowable.

Prizes of Woodcraft gift certificates are awarded to the first, second, and third places. The values of the certificates were $20 for first, $15 for second, and $10 for third place.

Challenge ~ Gold Division ~ Tops
  1st Johnedel Boyer 6 tiered Japanese style pagoda tops
  2nd Tom Young tops of acrylic, curly koa, and spalted maple
  3rd Andy Cole tops with chatter work and color
Challenge ~ Silver Division ~ Tops
  1st Warren Naai whistling tops, parlor tops, and plate
  2nd Preston Christensen bloodwood, dyed maple, and colorwood with kolohala thrower
  3rd Allan Spitzer tops on a koa plate
Honorable Mention for Both Divisions:
    Eric LeBuse colored top, natural top, and tippy top on square lychee/mahogany top holder
    Rob Hale maple doodle tops with orange, pink, and purple ink
    Barry Wheeler tippy top and 2 spinning tops
    Craig Mason acorn top, tippy top, and CD top
    Luther Bjornsen guava, ironwood, and olive tops on segmented plate
Instant Gallery:
    Bob LaReaux burned kamani bowl
    Tom Young koa bowl
    Allan Spitzer koa plate
    Andy Cole natural edge kou haole bowl
    Mike Chu camphor burl hollow form with ebonized finial
    Tim Freeman monkeypod bowl
    Albert Koorenhof 3 side grain Norfolk pine bowls
    Warren Naa i tree tops
    David Chung calabash of mystery wood
    Robert Duffer turned and carved lychee chain lei
    Eric LeBuse lidded milo umeke with poi pounder finial
    Andy Cole tall Norfolk pine bowl
David Chung showed a method to measure bowl depth for his ‘Newcomers Corner’ segment. A video of this method was posted on the American Woodturners Association's website.

David’s Featured Website is a .pdf file on Understanding Wood Finishes, by acknowledged authority, Bob Flexner. The website may be viewed by clicking here.

Barry thanked the following people for presenting the programs this year: Luther Bjornsen on pen turning; Craig Mason on German Ring turning; Albert Koorenhof on rough turning green wood; Ron Tosh on platter turning and embellishment; Robert Duffer as a top turner; and Sharon Doughtie showing the progression of some well-known turners.

There is an open invitation for members to have a gallery section on the club website. Contact Tom Young at tom_young@honoluluwoodturners.org for additional information.

T-shirts and caps with the club logo are available at a cost of $15. See the club website at www.honoluluwoodturners.org/apparel.html for additional information.

End grain wood sealer is also for sale at the meetings for $15 a gallon.

Andy Cole
Mike Chu
Tom Young
Albert Koorenhof
Albert Koorenhof
Albert Koorenhof
Eric LeBuse
Robert Duffer
Andy Cole
Tim Freeman
David Chung
Bob LaReaux
Selected Pieces from the Instant Gallery

The challenge for January is to turn a bowl or vessel with carved or turned support. The support needs to be an integral part of the design but need not be the same material as the vessel. There is no size limit.

The program for January will be presented by Gerry Davis, guest artist and frequent visitor to the islands. Gerry will give a demonstration on how to make an egg kaleidoscope.

The next meeting of the Honolulu Woodturners is Tuesday, January 10, 2017. The meeting is held at MRC Roofing, 1041 Puuwai Street, Honolulu, Hawaii. The meeting will start at 6:00 p.m.

Submitted by Tom Young

Photographs courtesy of Johnedel Boyer, Dan Nakanishi, and George Wong 


Updated November 10, 2016