March Newsletter


Honolulu Woodturners
A Chapter of the
American Association of Woodturners

  Barry Wheeler
President Barry Wheeler

President Barry Wheeler called meeting to order at approximately 6:00 p.m.

New members attending the meeting were Al Ramirez, Preston Lee, Warren Loo, Johnedel Boyer, Paul Maki, and Alan Smith.

Visiting the meeting were Mac Ray, from Maine, and Cynthia Gibson, from South Carolina. Cynthia is one of the featured demonstrators at the symposium and Mac is here to attend the symposium.

Barry reminded everyone to make and wear a name tag. We have a lot of new members and a name tag makes it easier for everyone.

The club has a mentor program to help turners improve their skills or learn different techniques. This program is aimed primarily for the novice turners, but open to anyone. Each mentor has different areas of expertise, and different time schedules and restraints.

David Chung, Larry Rodrigues, Craig Mason, Francisco Clemente, Tom Young, and Ed Potter are members who have volunteered to share their expertise. Since this is geared toward the novice turner, most anyone with a little experience can help a newbie get started.

Jet 14-42 Lathe Donated by Allan Yoshimoto

We have nearly 100 members so it seems like we should have more than 6 members who can spend a couple of hours to help someone get started or learn a new a technique. To join the mentor program, send an e-mail to Tom Young by clicking here.

Allan Yoshimoto generously donated a Jet 14-42 lathe to the club. This is a great lathe for the club as it is a ‘big’ lathe, but can be broken down into parts and moved to different locations. We will be able to use it for demonstrations and workshops.

There is an open invitation for members to have a gallery section on the club website. A quick count comes up with 24 members with a section in the gallery. That is about 25%. Look at the things that are brought to the instant gallery and the challenges. There are some fantastic examples of our members’ work.

If there are at least 8 photos of your work displayed in the newsletters, they can probably be used to build a gallery section for you. Contact Tom Young at tom_young@honoluluwoodturners.org for additional information.

For the past several symposia, we have formed teams to collaborate and make something to sell at the symposium live auction. Everyone was invited to participate at the September, 2015 meeting.

Maple, Walnut, Sepele, and Alder

Team Tom was composed of John Hunter, Tim Freeman, Kraig Smith, Larry Rodrigues, and Tom Young.

Team Tang consisted of Roger Hirlinger, Stan Hebda, Chris Rollins, and Gordon Tang.

Team Willy was made up with Jon Ogata, Will Branham, Mike Chu, Peter Luscomb, and Willy Ridep.

Albert’s team was Rob Hale, Ron Tosh, Don Moody, and Albert Koorenhof.

Team Eric consisted of Brian Green, Charles Gerdes, Craig Mason, Dougie Bowers, and Eric LeBuse.

Kyle’s team was composed of Warren Naai, Andy Cole, Luther Bjornsen, and Kyle Iwamoto.

Each team was given identical packages of wood. Each wood package contained the following pieces: 12 x 12 x 2 inch maple, 10 x 10 x 1 inch walnut, 10 x 10 x 2 inch sapele, and an 8 x 8 x 1 inch piece of alder.

The teams were challenged to work together to come up with something using at least some of each of the pieces of wood. The collaborative pieces are shown below.

Team Tom
Team Tang
Team Tom
Team Tang
Team Willy
Team Albert
Team Willy
Team Albert
Team Eric
Team Eric
Team Kyle

The symposium committee, headed by Rob Hale, is ready for the Seventh Honolulu Symposium. The keynote demonstrators will be Cliff Johns from the Big Island, and Cynthia Gibson from South Carolina.

Craig Mason  
Craig Mason
End-View Examples of German Rings

Local turners from Oahu will fill in the remaining rotations. They include the following:

David Chung will do a rotation on turning a Music Box

Eric LeBuse’s demonstration is titled ‘Creative Tool Design’

Tom Young will do a session on turning Tool Handles

Kyle Iwamoto’s demonstration is on turning Threaded Boxes

 Albert Koorenhof will do a rotation on Natural Edge Bowls

Ron Tosh will be turning a laminated platter

We will have on-going hands-on stations with Cynthia Gibson, Stan Hebda, and Andy Cole. Also planned is a panel discussion with Ron Kent, Cliff Johns, and Cynthia Gibson.

Information and rotation schedule are available on the website by clicking here.

Mike Horton brought in a bag of dental picks to share.

The program was presented by Craig Mason. Craig did an interesting demonstration on German Ring Turning. This is a method used to make exact duplicate of a patern.

Everyone who participates in the Challenge or Instant Gallery must sign the Participation Sheet to be eligible for the Participation Prize.

The Participation Prize of a $25 Woodcraft gift certificate was won by Willy Ridep.

Prizes of Woodcraft gift certificates are awarded to the first, second, and third places. The values of the certificates were $20 for first, $15 for second, and $10 for third place.

Tom Young
Kyle Iwamoto
Craig Mason
Gordon Tang
George Wong
Luther Bjornsen
David Lovelace
Brett Schenk
Robert Duffer
Willy Ridep
Will Branham
Stan Hebda
Lee Takushi
Warren Naai
Eric LeBuse
Selected Pieces from the Challenge

The challenge was to turn something based on the word ‘spring’.

Gordon Tang
Craig Mason
Kyle Iwamoto
Gordon Tang
First Place ~ Gold Division
Craig Mason
Second Place ~ Gold Division
Kyle Iwamoto
Third Place ~ Gold Division
Challenge ~ Gold Division ~ 'Spring'
  1st Gordon Tang turned and carved curly koa flower
  2nd Craig Mason carved and turned pear tree
  3rd Kyle Iwamoto monkeypod mushrooms
Challenge ~ Silver Division ~ 'Spring'
  1st David Lovelace koa segmented vase with carved birds of paradise
  2nd Willy Ridep Easter basket with assorted eggs
  3rd Will Branham spring break bowl
Honorable Mention for Both Divisions:
    Tom Young primavera box with inlayed stone cherry blossoms
    Robert Duffer sun flower abstract mango piece with mock orange ball
    Rob Hale beach heliotrope vase with yellow tulips
    George Wong natural edge olive flower
    Eric LeBuse tangerine, milo, and mango spring bobble head
    Barry Wheeler macadamia nut Easter egg in stand
    Tim Freeman mahogany spring mix salad bowl
    Lee Takushi lychee spring vase with popular spring flowers
    David Chung Cuban mahogany wound spring music box
    Stan Hebda cedar ikebana with flowers
    Luther Bjornsen milo bowl with Easter eggs
    Warren Naai kou and false olive fountain
    Brett Schenk lychee bowl with burned cherry blossoms
David Lovelace
Willy Ridep
Will Branham
David Lovelace
First Place ~ Silver Division
Willy Ridep
Second Place ~ Silver Division
Will Branham
Third Place ~ Silver Division

Andy Cole reported the treassury had a balance of $13,718.53 as of March 7, 2016.

David Chung’s newcomers featured questions and answers on sanding and finishing.

David’s Featured Website is a plant map for UH Manoa campus. The URL is

Mac Ray
Eric LeBuse
Cynthia Gibson
Albert Koorenhof
Mike Chu
Albert Koorenhof
Mac Ray
Tom Young
Allan Schwindt
Selected Pieces from the Instant Gallery

The next meeting of the Honolulu Woodturners is Tuesday, May 10, 2016. The meeting is held at MRC Roofing, 1041 Puuwai Street, Honolulu, Hawaii. The meeting will start at 6:00 p.m.

May Challenge: There will not be a Gold and Silver category this time. Instead we will have two categories. The first will be the German Rings as demonstrated by Craig Mason. The other category will be a piece with embellishments. Each member can enter a piece in either one or both categories. The embellishment can be any of your choices: burning, texture, beads, color, carving, etc. Yes, you can win a prize in both categories. Win the participation award and it could be your night for a triple hit.

A small tutorial on German Ring turning can be found at http://www.woodturner.org/?page=TipsRingTurning

Mahalo to our generous members who brought in wood to share. Included were pink Tacoma, monkeypod, milo, and Cuban mahogany.

Monkeypod, Pink Tacoma, Milo, and Cuban Mahogany


Photographs courtesy of Carl Sherry, George Wong, and Alan Kamaura

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated April 12, 2016