July Newsletter


Honolulu Woodturners
A Chapter of the
American Association of Woodturners

  Barry Wheeler
President Barry Wheeler

President Barry Wheeler called meeting to order at approximately 6:00 p.m.

New member attending the meeting was Jasmine Austin.

Barry reminded everyone to make and wear a name tag. We have a lot of new members and a name tag makes it easier for everyone, including your secretary, who struggles mightily.

Dean Mailheau, club librarian, asked that any over-due items be returned at the September meeting.

The Mayor's Office of Culture and the Arts (MOCA) has again invited the Honolulu Woodturners to demonstrate at their Mango Jam.

We will demonstrate using two lathes on Friday, July 22, from 4:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Saturday, July 23, from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

MOCA will provide the tent, tables and electricity for us. Everyone is encouraged to come on down and spend some time talking story and visiting the Mango Festival.

They have requested we turn mango for the demonstrations. Mahalo to Johnedel Boyer for donating mango logs and to Kyle Iwamoto and Warren Naai for spending time to cut the wood into manageable pieces. We have a supply of mango rounds and plenty of small cubes. Feel free to bring your own mango to turn.

Mahalo to Gordon Tang, Barry Wheeler, David Higa, Larry Rodrigues, Tom Young, Johnedel Boyer, Stan Hebda, Ron Tosh, Eric LeBuse, David Chung, Kyle Iwamoto, Albert Koorenhof, Jon Ogata, Robert Duffer, and Warren Naai for volunteering to take a rotation.

We still have one slot open on Friday evening on the mini lathe. The rotation is from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Friday evening, July 22. Contact Andy Cole at andy_cole@honoluluwoodturners.org or Tom Young at tom_young@honoluluwoodturners.org to claim the slot.

Due to insurance requirements, all Honolulu Woodturner demonstrators, must be American Association of Woodturner (AAW) members. To join the AAW visit their website at http://www.woodturner.org

Ron Tosh  
Ron Tosh

Ron Tosh gave us a platter turning demonstration and used shoe polish to create color on open grained ash. He sealed the polish with tung oil.

Andy Cole reported the treasury has a current balance of $10,525.87.

The treasury took a small hit on the recent demonstration and workshop by Derek Weidman. We came out with a deficit of $133.44. Photos of the event are available on the website by clicking here.

The next mainland demonstrator scheduled is Betty Scarpino. Betty will do an all-day demonstration on Saturday, September 10 and conduct an all-day workshop on Sunday, September 11. Details are available on the club website by clicking here.
Mark your calendar and plan on attending.

Andy reported the Nohea show is scheduled to open Saturday, August 20. Tentatively, we will have demonstrations from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. An artist's reception is planned from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Participants are asked to supply a pupu for the reception.

Laurie Baron, Nohea Gallery owner, has been very supportive of the Honolulu Woodturners. This is the 14th year of the annual Nohea Show. All club members are invited to participate in the show.

Every year a charity is chosen to benefit from donated pieces. This year the charity is Family Promise Hawaii. Their mission is to mobilize existing community resources to aid families with children experiencing homelessness and help them transition to sustainable independence. Their website may be found at www.familypromisehawaii.org All club members are encouraged to donate a turning. 100 per cent of the sale of donated pieces goes to the charity.

Mark your calendars and get busy turning so you will have pieces ready to enter. Details are still being worked out. A demonstrator rotation and pupu sign up grid will be posted soon.

Andy gave a report on the American Association of Woodturners annual symposium. This year the symposium was held in Atlanta, Georgia. Andy said there were about 1,300 attendees. Andy and Jim Bannister volunteer to help during the symposium. Andy helps in the auction and was appointed as backup auctioneer (undoubtedly due to his experience at the Honolulu Symposium). Jim and his wife Chris, volunteer to man the products booth.
  Larry Rodrigues
Larry Rodrigues
Participation Prize Winner

Andy said turning classes are on-going at the Honolulu Museum of Art. The classes are held at the Spaulding House. The classes have proved very popular with the available slots filling up quickly. The class schedules can be found by clicking here.

The Participation Prize of a $25 Woodcraft gift certificate was won by Larry Rodrigues.

David Chung, Eric LeBuse, and Andy attended the Utah Symposium. David said it is much smaller than the AAW symposium but very well run. It is partly sponsored by Craft Supplies, in Provo.

Rob Hale, symposium chair, said starting next year, we are looking at alternating our Honolulu Symposium with a ‘Madness at Mike’s’ day. It will be a free one-day event for club members. Details are still being worked out but would probably include spouses.

The basic purpose of the event is to just get to know each other better, talk story, exchange ideas, ask questions, improve our techniques, and have some fun. This will be a potluck event with the club supplying meat for barbequing along with water, juice, and soda.

Rob handed out a questionnaire and asked folks to fill it out, and return to him.

Everyone who participates in the Challenge or Instant Gallery must sign the Participation Sheet to be eligible for the Participation Prize. We had a very good number of turnings at the challenge.

The order of the names on the sheet is re-numbered prior to a number being picked. Therefore, if you signed up on line 1, chances are line 1 was assigned another number.

Prizes of Woodcraft gift certificates are awarded to the first, second, and third places. The values of the certificates were $20 for first, $15 for second, and $10 for third place.

The challenge this meeting was to turn a bowl. The bowl must fit within a 10 inch cube.

Lee Takushi
Barry Wheeler
Rob Hale
Lee Takushi
First Place Gold
Barry Wheeler
Second Place Gold
Rob Hale
Third Place Gold

Johnedel Boyer
Johnedel Boyer
First Place Silver
  Ron Tosh    
Ron Tosh
Second Place Silver
  Sandy Rhines    
Sandy Rhines
Third Place Silver
Challenge ~ Gold Division ~ Bowl
  1st Lee Takushi dyed and carved Norfolk Island pine
  2nd Barry Wheeler natural edge macadamia nut
  3rd Rob Hale multi-axis maple
Challenge ~ Silver Division ~ Bowl
  1st Johnedel Boyer natural edge milo
  2nd Ron Tosh monkeypod
  3rd Sandy Rhines Norfolk Island pine
Honorable Mention for Both Divisions:
    Stan Hebda camphor
    John Hunter Cuban mahogany
    Albert Koorenhof Norfolk Island pine
    Carl Sherry iliahi (sandalwood)
    David Chung Norfolk Island pine
    Andy Cole 3 piece Norfolk Island pine nested set
    Gordon Tang kou
    George Wong Norfolk Island pine
    John Berthiaume laminated Brazilian walnut and curly koa
    Craig Mason kou calabash
    Tom Young natural edge black ash burl
    Eric LeBuse natural edge Cuban mahogany
    Larry Rodrigues curly monkeypod calabash
    Rudy Ballaibe Norfolk Island pine
    Chris Rollins cinnamon
    Willy Ridep laminated mango, earpod, and ohia
    Will Branham mango burl
    Bob LaReaux Norfolk Island pine
    Luther Bjornsen avocado
    Robert Duffer carved mango
    Kainoa Del Rosario milo
    Warren Naai earpod
    Alan Kamaura milo
Instant Gallery:
    Jon Ogata Cuban mahogany hollow form
    Lee Takushi primavera bowl
    Tom Young side grain natural edge Norfolk pine
    Andy Cole 8 piece false kamani nested set
    Tim Freeman collection of small boxes
    Albert Koorenhof spalted natural edge mango
    Allan Spitzer 3 curly koa pens
    Stan Hebda 2 closed end acrylic pens
    Johnedel Boyer milo disk bowl
    Warren Naai 2 nawa bowls from tree felled at Queens
    Bob LaReaux Norfolk Island pine knot used to plug pith
    Curtis Tanaka tool handle
    Eric LeBuse large Cuban mahogany bowl
    Rob Hale burned royal palm bowl

Sandy Rhines brought in branches of allspice to share and Dougie Bowers brought in a truck load of koa to share. Mahalo plenty.

Brian Green and Dougie Bowers

David Chung offered mangoes and wood to those asking questions in his ‘Newcomers Corner’ segment. Questions included causes of harmonic vibration, how to measure depth, and finishes.

David shared his home made Danish oil formula which he uses to soak Norfolk pine. The formula: 1 gallon boiled linseed oil; 2 gallon paint thinner; and 1 quart oil-based polyurethane.

David’s 'Featured Website' is a YouTube video on the progress of a Derek Bencomo sculpture The video can be watched by clicking here.

Andy shared a bowl and Christmas ornament made by a blind turner, Michael Blankenship. An article on him may be found at www.sj-r.com/article Michael’s website may be viewed at www.turningblind.com

Johnedel Boyer
Allan Spitzer
Tom Young
Gordon Tang
Michael Blankenship
Rob Hale
Michael Blankenship
Stan Hebda
Bob LaReaux
Selected Pieces from the Instant Gallery

The next meeting of the Honolulu Woodturners is Tuesday, September 13, 2016. The meeting is held at MRC Roofing, 1041 Puuwai Street, Honolulu, Hawaii. The meeting will start at 6:00 p.m.

The challenge for September is to turn a platter. There is no size restriction.

Submitted by Tom Young

Photographs courtesy of Carl Sherry and George Wong 



Updated July 15, 2016