September Newsletter


Honolulu Woodturners
A Chapter of the
American Association of Woodturners

Robert Duffer  
President Robert Duffer

President Robert Duffer brought the meeting to order at approximately 6:00 p.m.

New members attending the meeting were Daniel McGurk and Lynn Schaper. Visitors included Jake and Carina Rankinen, Jerre Griffin, Bob Harden, Gordon Tang’s brother Bob, and Big Island turner Doug Leite.

There is an open invitation for members to have a gallery section on the club website. Contact Tom Young at tom_young@honoluluwoodturners.org for additional information.

Please make and wear a name tag. We have about 100 members and a name tag makes it easier for everyone.

The annual Woodcraft tent sale is scheduled for Saturday, September 27 and Sunday, September 28. The club will be providing demonstrations on three new lathes on both days. We still need to fill the 3:00 to 6:00 slot on the Rikon Mini and the 3:00 to 6:00 slot on the Jet Mini on Saturday. Sunday, the Rikon Mini slot from 2:30 to 5:00 is still open. The schedule is on a Google Drive spreadsheet and may be viewed by clicking here.

Contact Andy Cole at andy_cole@honoluluwoodturners.org or Tom Young at tom_young@honoluluwoodturners.org to sign up. Please kokua as Woodcraft has been a longtime supporter of the Honolulu Woodturners.

Examples of Craig Mason's Ornaments
  Craig Mason
Craig Mason

Craig Mason gave an informative and interesting demonstration on how to turn a Christmas ornament. Craig showed some of the home-made tools he uses including a 16 penny nail scraper.

Andy reported the club treasury, prior to the meeting, had a balance of $10,199.76 in the account.

Rob Hale, chairman of the Honolulu Woodturners symposium, said the dates for the 6th Honolulu Symposium are Saturday, March 14 and Sunday, March 15.

Jerry Kermode will be the featured demonstrator. Jerry now lives in Sebastopol, California. Jerry was the driving force behind the formation of the Honolulu Woodturners club in March 2000. The other demonstration rotations will be filled by local turners.

We are in need of volunteers to help during the symposium. Please contact Rob by clicking here to volunteer. Check the website at under the Events section for the latest information.


The club is considering formulating a program for assisting qualifying members in attending the symposium by offering a scholarship for admission fees. Contact Andy for more information.

Sandy Rhines suggested we again have collaborative pieces to auction off at the Honolulu Symposium.

We have done this at least twice and it seems to be a popular activity.

We will have identical blanks (as yet unknown wood type or size) for several teams. Each team can use the blank in any way they wish and incorporate any other woods desired.

The finished pieces will be auctioned off at the Symposium.

We hope to have the blanks available for the November meeting.

Pat Kramer is in the process of putting together a bulk sandpaper order. This enables us to receive a better price. Information and cost is listed in the table to the left. Andy is working on a Google Drive spreadsheet to facilitate the taking of orders. Additional information will be sent in an e-mail soon.

Mahalo to Sandy Rhines for putting together a bulk order of CBN diamond wheels.

Dougie Bowers brought in some California pepper wood to share and Lynn Schaper brought in some pen blanks to share.

The Hawaii Forestry Industry Association’s (HFIA) Hawaii Woodshow runs through September 14. The show is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Honolulu Museum of Art Gallery at Linekona, 1111 Victoria Street, Honolulu, Hawaii. Admission is free. This year Honolulu Woodturners walked away with 6 awards:
  Robert Duffer First Place Novice
  Craig Swedberg First Place Sculpture
  Andy Cole First Place Turning
  Francisco Clemente First Place Main
  Andy Cole Honorable Mention
  Sharon Doughtie Honorable Mention
A YouTube video of the show may be viewed by clicking here.

Albert Koorenhof shared some graphic photos of his hand after a band saw mishap. Albert used this opportunity to remind folks to always think ‘safety first’.

While working with power tools, accidents can happen so swiftly.

A couple of tendons were sliced in half but the doctors were able to reattach them. Albert expects a full recovery with a nasty scar to serve as a reminder.

David Chung reminded folks Anchorseal green wood and end grain sealer is purchased in bulk and is available at the meeting. The sealer is sold to members at the regularly scheduled meetings for $15 per gallon. Bring your own container. Please fill in the sheet by the barrel as that is how we know when it is time to re-order.

Brett Schenk suggested the gallon soap containers from Costco have a pop-up, easy pour lid which works well for the end grain sealer.

  Carl Sherry
Cal Sherry
Participation Prize Winner

The Hawaii Craftsman exhibition will be held at the Honolulu Museum of Art School, October 10 through November 1, 2014. Visit their website at www.hawaiicraftsmen.org/annual-2014 for more information.

Craig Mason reported Jim Fleming has experienced a series of health related problems.

As a reminder, everyone who participates in the Challenge or Instant Gallery must sign the Participation Sheet. Only folks on the list are eligible for the Participation Prize.

The Participation Prize of a $25 Woodcraft gift certificate was won by Carl Sherry.

The challenge for the September meeting was to turn a calabash incorporating more than one kind of wood with a maximum diameter of 12 inches.

Prizes of Woodcraft gift certificates are awarded to the first, second, and third places. The values of the certificates were $20 for first, $15 for second, and $10 for third place.

Larry Rodrigues
George Wong
Albert Koorenhof
Craig Mason
Lee Takushi
Mike Schick
Rob Hale
Kanoa Del Rosario
Dougie Bowers
Kyle Iwamoto
Jon Ogata
Carl Sherry
Tim Freeman
Selected Pieces from the Challenge
Lee Takushi
Doug Leite
Kaina Del Rosario
Lee Takushi
First Place ~ Silver Division
Doug Leite
Second Place ~ Silver Division
Kainoa Del Rosario
Third Place ~ Silver Division
Challenge ~ Silver Division ~ Calabash
  1st Lee Takushi laminated pine with redwood band
  2nd Doug Leite koa calabash with pink ivory, yellow heart and red heart
  3rd Kainoa Del Rosario segmented koa
Challenge ~ Gold Division ~ Calabash
  1st Gordon Tang calabash made of koa, milo, kou, kamani, and mac nut
  2nd Larry Rodrigues Norfolk pine calabash with inlayed walnut dots
  3rd Tom Young kamani calabash with wood inlay around the rim
Honorable Mention for Both Divisions:
    Carl Sherry Norfolk pine with koa dust filler
    David Chung cypress with branding and gold leaf
    Rob Hale Norfolk pine with ebony and pine knot inserts
    Kyle Iwamoto kolohala with monkeypod lid
    Tim Freeman koa with pewa patches, dolphin patches, and turquoise inlay
    Albert Koorenhof Norfolk pine with honu and heart patches
    George Wong juniper with mahogany lid
    Craig Mason milo with heart and sap wood
    Dougie Bowers narra with hand cut pewa patches
    Jon Ogata milo with burned kamani band
    Mike Schick staved calabash made from koa flooring
    Bob LaReaux painted plywood
Instant Gallery:
    Carl Sherry Norfolk Island pine calabash
    Lee Takushi milo bowl and Norfolk Island pine
    Robert Duffer 2 thin Norfolk Island pine bowls turned with Binh Pho’s light technique; sample board using piercing and air brushing techniques from Binh Pho’s workshop; and pierced and air brushed bowl
    Doug Leite 2 threaded boxes made with rose engine
    Tom Young milo calabash with koa pewa patches
    Kainoa Del Rosario natural edge mango bowl
    Kyle Iwamoto Neil Scobie style leaf bowl and Neil Scobie style seed pod
    Eric LeBuse turned and carved hau hollow form and ‘wood study’ kit from 1930’s
    Brian Green 3 pens – teak, antler, and monkeypod
    Mike Chu sample board using piercing and air brushing techniques from Binh Pho’s workshop
    David Chung mango bowl; lychee hollow form with curly koa collar; and large lychee calabash
    Dougie Bowers natural edge strawberry guava bowl and strawberry guava bowl
Gordon Tang
Larry Rodrigues
Tom Young
Gordon Tang
First Place ~ Gold Division
Larry Rodrigues
Second Place ~ Gold Division
Tom Young
Third Place ~ Gold Division
David Chung fielded questions in his Newcomers Corner segment.

David’s featured website is www.robohippy.net/store/ This is the place that sells the Robo Rest tool rest that Mike Chu demonstrated at the July meeting.

Tom Young
Kyle Iwamoto
Robert Duffer
Brian Greern
Lee Takushi
David Chung
Robert Duffer
Doug Leite
Doug Leite
David Chung
Lee Takushi
Selected Pieces from the Instant Gallery

The challenge for November is to turn a Christmas ornament.

The next meeting of the Honolulu Woodturners is Tuesday, November 11, 2014. The meeting is held at MRC Roofing, 1041 Puuwai Street, Honolulu, Hawaii. The meeting will start at 6:00 p.m.

Photographs courtesy of Carl Sherry, George Wong, Alan Kamaura, and Tom Young


Updated September 11, 2014