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Honolulu Woodturners
A Chapter of the
American Association of Woodturners

President Sandy Rhines brought the meeting to order at approximately 6:00 p.m.

Sandy asked new members Brad and Donna Sultzer to introduce themselves. Brad turns bowls and Donna is heavily into pen turning. Visiting the meeting was Ron Tosh.

  Sandy Rhines
President Sandy Rhines

Election of officers for next year will be held at the November meeting. Robert Duffer, as vice president, is the president for 2014. Offices needing to be filled are vice president, treasurer, and secretary. If you would like to be nominated, or would like to nominate someone, please contact Sandy Rhines at sandy_rhines@honoluluwoodturners.org or any board member.

Treasurer Andy Cole reported the club treasury has a balance of $9,857.78.

Andy gave a report on the 11th Annual Nohea Wood Turning Show at Nohea Gallery in Ward Warehouse held August 10 through August 31. The show was termed a success with large crowds and good participation from the club.

Turning demonstrations were held August 10 and August 24. Mahalo to those volunteering to demonstrate. Flying chips is guaranteed to draw a crowd. Every year a local charity is chosen and turners are asked to donate a piece to be sold at the show. 100% of the sale price goes to the charity. This year the charity is Hawaii Literacy.

North Woods Figured Wood donated to the club eight 6'' x 6'' x 3'' maple bowl blanks. Eight teams were formed to turn something with the blanks. The pieces will be auctioned off at the symposium. A portion of the sale will be donated to Hawaii Literacy.

Team 1 consisted of Craig Mason, Sandy Rhines, and Mike Schick. They made a hollow form with a carved and burned finial.

Team 2 consisted of Tim Freeman and Larry Rodrigues. Their piece was a hollow form with burned flowers on the top.

Team 3 included Tom Young, Albert Koorenhof, Edward Niemi, and Keith Maile. They created a bowl with piercings around the sapwood.

Team 4 of Eric LeBuse, Jim Fleming, Don Moody, and David Chung, laminated the maple with kolohala and embellished it with piercing and burning.

Team 5 consisted of Kyle Iwamoto, Ed Potter, and Lee Panapa. Their piece was covered with 10 five dollar bills.

Team 6 was composed of Andy Cole, Dan Nakanishi, and Curtis Tanaka. They were slow getting started, but Andy promised a completed piece for the symposium.

Team 7 of Jon Ogata, David Louie, and led by Rob Hale made a piece titled "Moon over Diamond Head".

Team 8 consisted of Robert Duffer, Stan Hebda, Joshua Fisher, and Chris Rollins made a large piece with maple and purple heart.

Selected Pieces from the Maple Collaboative

The 2013 Hawaii's Woodshow, Na La'au o Hawai'i opened September 9 and runs through September 15. The show is sponsored by the Hawaii Forest Industry Association (HFIA) and is held at the Honolulu Museum of Art Gallery at Linekona, 1111 Victoria Street, Honolulu, Hawaii. This is the 21st year of the show. All are invited to visit the show. The show is the premier woodworkers exhibition in the state of Hawaii. 

The 5th Annual Honolulu Symposium is scheduled for Saturday, October 12 and Sunday, October 13. The symposium will feature local and neighbor island demonstrators. Committed to demonstrate are Mike Lee, Derek Bencomo, Pat Kramer, Sharon Doughtie, Francisco Clemente, Albert Koorenhof, Craig Mason, Kyle Iwamoto, Stan Hebda, Keith Maile, and David Chung.

All the information including demonstrators and rotation schedules is available on the club website at www.honoluluwoodturners.org/events_2013_symposium_flyer.html

There is a flyer available on the website at www.honoluluwoodturners.org/19_symposium/events_2013_symposium_flyer.pdf

The registration form is available at www.honoluluwoodturners.org/19_symposium/events_2013_symposium_reservation.pdf

The cost for the two day symposium has been set at $75. Tickets for the Saturday evening dinner will be $15. Commemorative T-Shirts are priced at $15. To take advantage of the early bird discounted price, the registration form must be post marked by September 15.

We again expect to distribute many door prizes. We need plenty of volunteers to put on an event such as the symposium. Please consider helping and contact Sandy at sandy_rhines@honoluluwoodturners.org

Selected Pieces from the Challenge

Sandy reminded everyone who participated in the Challenge or Instant Gallery they must sign the Participation Sheet. Only folks on the list are eligible for the Participation Prize.

The challenge for the September meeting was to turn something using the blue eucalyptus leaves.

Prizes of Woodcraft gift certificates are awarded to the first, second, and third places. The values of the certificates are $20 for first, $15 for second, and $10 for third place.

Robert Duffer
Eric LeBuse
Larry Rodrigues
Robert Duffer
First Place Gold
Eric LeBuse
Second Place Gold
Larry Rodrigues
Third Place Gold

Jon Ogata
Jon Ogata
First Place Silver
  Alan Kamaura    
Alan Kamaura
Second Place Silver
  Kyle Iwamoto    
Kyle Iwamoto
Third Place Silver
Challenge ~ Gold Division ~ Eucalyptus Leaves
  1st Robert Duffer piece titled "Wishing on the Moon"
  2nd Eric LeBuse multi-axis milo hollow forms with tangerine base
  3rd Larry Rodrigues Norfolk pine hollow form with dot inlays
Challenge ~ Silver Division ~ Eucalyptus Leaves
  1st Jon Ogata milo wave shaped vase
  2nd Alan Kamaura neem vase with natural edge
  3rd Kyle Iwamoto ornamental plum hollow form
Honorable Mention for Both Divisions:
    Tom Young carved neem vase
    Craig Mason lychee hollow form
    David Chung multi-axis Cuban mahogany vase
    Albert Koorenhof Cuban mahogany vase
    Tim Freeman koa plate
    Joshua Fisher milo bowl
    Allan Spitzer koa cigar holder
    Jim Fleming natural edge camphor vase
Instant Gallery:
    Joshua Fisher Norfolk pine goblet
    Jim Fleming jackfruit bowl
    Tom Young natural edge milo bowl
    Donna Sultzer 4 pens turned from koa and eucalyptus
    Bob LaReaux spalted mango lamp
    Chris Rollins laminated African mahogany and cedar music box
    Brad Sultzer 4 bowls turned from mango, monkeypod, and Norfolk pine
    Albert Koorenhof spalted autograph bowl
    Stan Hebda 2 curly koa pens
    Eric LeBuse large Norfolk pine bowl with carved feet
    Allan Spitzer curly koa pen with honu inlay
    Andy Cole large mango bowl

Sandy talked about the club's work with the Wounded Warrior Project at Kaneohe Marine Corp Base. Four members, Sandy Rhines, Gary Johnson, Gabe Hernandez, and Rick Houck mentored 11 Marines in the art of pen making.

Another session is being planned for a Saturday morning. If you would like to help, contact Sandy at sandy_rhines@honoluluwoodturners.org

Marine Corp Chaplain Steve Jenson spoke about how much the pen turning sessions were appreciated.

The Woodcraft Tent Show is scheduled for October 19 and 20. We tentatively will be doing demonstrations during the event.

Albert Koorenhof brought in mango burl, fern, and lychee wood to share. Dependable Dougie Bowers brought in cinnamon and Christmas berry.

Tim Freeman  
Tim Freeman
Participation Prize Winner

The Participation Prize of a $25 Woodcraft gift certificate was won by Tim Freeman.

Sandy presented the evening's program by demonstrating the Sorby texturing and spiraling tool with interchangeable cutters. The tool can make an infinite number of design patterns by varying the angle and speed.

David Chung's featured website is the work of Derek Bencomo. Derek, from Maui, will be one of the demonstrators at the Honolulu Symposium October 12 and 13. Derek's website may be viewed at http://www.derekbencomo.com/about.htm

Be sure to check out the gallery pages for his Dancing and Ocean Harmony Series

David's "Newcomers Corner" featured several questions on finishing.

David also brought in a sandpaper holder. Basically it is a strip of wood with rare earth magnets to keep it in place. Along the strip of wood is the hook part of hook and loop fastener. A video from American Association of Woodturners may be viewed by clicking here.

David also explained he uses a piece of leather for backing while sanding to help avoid heat build up. David has extra pieces of this leather available for sale at $3 each. If interested, contact David at david_chung@honoluluwoodturners.org

Allan Spitzer will present the program for the November meeting. His presentation is titled "Gadgets for Making Small Stuff"

The challenge for November is to turn something to fit within a 10 inch cube with some kind of texturing and/or spiraling.

The next meeting of the Honolulu Woodturners is Tuesday, November 12, 2013. The meeting is held at MRC Roofing, 1041 Puuwai Street, Honolulu, Hawaii. The meeting will start at 6:00 p.m.

Photographs courtesy of Carl Sherry, George Wong, Alan Kamaura, and Dan Nakanishi 

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated September 12, 2013