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Honolulu Woodturners
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Newsletter ~September 13, 2011 Meeting

President Stan Hebda brought the meeting to order at approximately 6:00 p.m.

Stan asked for introduction of any visitors. Tony Baideme introduced Kyle Murphy. Kyle was visiting from Tokyo, Japan, and found out about the meeting from the website. Randy Sawyer recruited new member John Fackrell and another new member, Allan Spitzer, were introduced.

Election of officers for 2012 will be held at the November meeting. Mike Chu, as vice president, is the president for 2012. Offices needing to be filled are vice president, treasurer, and secretary. If you would like to be nominated, or would like to nominate someone, please contact any board member, or president Stan_Hebda

Stan Hebda and Ed Potter
Winning Collaborative by Craig Mason's Team
Tim Freeman's Team Entry
Andy Cole's Team Entry
Tom Young's Team Entry
Ed Potter's Team Entry

The club received a thank you note from Stewart Chow for the donation Honolulu Woodturners made in memory of his late wife, Anne. Anne lost her long-time battle with cancer on July 6.

There is an open invitation for members who do not have a section on the website gallery to have one added or to upgrade existing photos in the gallery. Contact Tom_Young if you would like to be included.

For the September program, Ed Potter assigned five team leaders and gave each a piece of maple. The team leaders were Ed Potter, Andy Cole, Tim Freeman, Craig Mason, and Tom Young. Members were encouraged to contact a team leader and join a team. The intent was to take the piece of maple and, as a group, do something with it. Preferably some kind of embellishment such as carving, burning, coloring, texturing, etc . A winning piece was chosen with the team members receiving a prize. All five pieces will be donated to the club and auctioned off at the 2011 Honolulu Symposium.

The teams:
          Ed Potter
               Dougie Bowers
               Kyle Iwamoto
               Mike Horton   

          Andy Cole
               Stan Hebda
               Brian Green
               Keith Maile
               Peter Van Zile
               Brett Schenk

          Craig Mason
               David Chung
               Sal Colla
               Barry Wheeler

          Tom Young
               Ed Niemi
               Alina Niemi
               Mike Chu
               Kraig Smith
               Albert Koorenhof

          Tim Freeman
               Larry Rodrigues
               Carl Sherry
               George Wong
               Joan Graham

The winning piece was made by Craig Mason's team.

Andy Cole reported the treasury has a balance of $7,012.07.

Keith Tompkins will be giving us a demonstration on Saturday, November 19. A hands-on session will be held on Sunday, November 20. Please check the website for additional information including early sign-up discount deadlines.

Woodturning Design Magazine has a feature on Keith Maile in their October issue. Editor Joe Herrmann and his staff did a nice job. There is a scarcity of U.S. published turning magazines and Woodturning Design is a very nice magazine. You can subscribe to the magazine here.  

Stan announced he and David Louie had both written letters to the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) about the article on the passing of Joan Kelly as the result of a wood turning accident. Rather than just reporting that Joan had passed, it was felt the AAW was remiss in not reporting the facts and how the tragedy could have been prevented. Joan's story may be found on the internet by clicking here. They raised questions such as was personal safety equipment (PSE) being used, did it fail, was complacency an issue, was high speed an issue, etc.

Safety needs to be a constant theme of Honolulu Woodturners. The use of personal safety equipment such as a face shield and dust mask should be a habit. Other discussions have focused on safe turning speeds and using the tail stock to support the piece. Use equipment accredited to OSHA standards. The club website has a tab to safety tips Past issues of the AAW Journal have included articles on safety. If you do not have a hard copy of these, they are available on-line on the AAW website

Recent articles include band saw safety by Keith Tompkins, Aug 2011; CA glue fumes and spills by Bill Blasic, Aug 2011; drive centers by Brian McEvoy, Jun 2011; and Jaws by Richard Raffin, Dec 2010.

Several members, including Randy Sawyer and Tim Freeman, shared war stories of injuries they received while turning.

As a general rule, use common sense. If it appears to be unsafe, it probably is. Safety should always be utmost in our minds.

The 3rd Annual Symposium is just around the corner. The dates are Saturday, October 22 and Sunday, October 23. To receive the early sign-up discount, registration fees must be received prior to September 16. The symposium demonstrations are headed by keynote Hawaii turners Sharon Doughtie and Kelly Dunn.

You are encouraged to participate in the Instant Gallery. There will be the same opportunity as last year for participants and demonstrators to show their work. You may bring up to three pieces for the Instant Gallery. We are hoping that the collective body of work will show the diversity of interests held by our club members. Sign-in will include name, description, and sales information (if applicable). Sales will be directly between buyer and seller. The club will not collect nor distribute funds.

Stan reported we have an excellent selection of door prizes. Detailed information, and registration form, is available on the website at http://www.honoluluwoodturners.org/events_2011_symposium_flyer.html

Everyone who participates in the challenge, or the instant gallery, was reminded they must sign the participation sheet to be eligible for the Participation Prize. The participation prize of a $25 Woodcraft gift certificate was won by John Frigillana.

The challenge for the September meeting was something based on association with the word 'kitchen'.
Woodcraft gift certificate prizes are awarded to the first three places in the challenges with $20 to first place, $15 to second place, and $10 to third place winners.

John Frigillana
Larry Rodrigues
Tom Young
Challenge ~ Gold Division ~ Kitchen
  1st John Frigillana Soren Berger style siris multi-axis scoop
  2nd Larry Rodrigues keawe dinner bell with ipe clapper
  3rd Tom Young koa Lazy Susan
Challenge ~ Silver Division ~ Kitchen
  1st Mike Horton milo chopsticks holder
  2nd Jim Fleming lychee butter container
  3rd Kyle Iwamoto maple Lazy Susan
Honorable Mention for Both Divisions:
    David Chung lychee calabash
    Keith Maile kou umeke with cover
    Carl Sherry mango honey dipper
    Tim Freeman milo/koa garlic press
    Andy Cole yoke calabash
Instant Gallery:
    Keith Maile small pieces of rare Hawaiian woods
    John Frigillana Formosan koa hollow form with pewa patches and carved feet
    Dan Nakanishi spalted mango hollow form
    Jim Fleming lychee bowl and shower tree bowl
    Mike Horton two Norfolk Island pine hollow forms
Mike Horton
Jim Fleming
Kyle Iwamoto

Andy Cole gave a report on the Annual Nohea Gallery wood turning show which opened August 6. Photos from the demonstration and artist reception are available on the website.

Saturday, September 10, the club participated in the Hawaii State Art Museum's (HiSAM) Second Saturday event Several members, including Pat Kramer, Andy Cole, Stan Hebda, and Tim Freeman, donated their time. Andy always gets a kick out of plugging his lathe into a tree to get power. Photos are available on the website.

Dougie Bowers said he will be taking down a mango tree that appears to have some nice color and a lychee tree. If interested, contact Dougie at 772-6493.

David Chung's featured website is Del Mano Gallery. Click here to visit the Del Mano website.

David's 'Newcomers Corner' included a discussion of how best to safely turn the bottom of a deep bowl. David has a home-made jig in the Tips section of the club website of a jig he uses. The direct link is http://www.honoluluwoodturners.org/tips_toolrest.html

T-shirts and caps with the club logo are available at a cost of $15. See the club website for photos and additional information.

End grain wood sealer is also for sale at the meetings for $15 a gallon. Bring your own container.

For the November program, Ed Potter asked for volunteers to be team leaders. The volunteer leaders are Andy Cole, David Chung, and Tim Freeman. Members were encouraged to contact a team leader and join a team. Each leader was given a piece of cocobolo. This time it is a 'pass along' collaborative. The intent is to take the piece of cocobolo and the first person do something with the piece, then pass it on to another team member, and then pass it along again, etc.

Selected Pieces from the Challenges

For the November meeting, we will be having a progressive gift exchange. Members who wish to participate are asked to bring something nice to the meeting. Some examples: a good tool, a nice piece of wood, or a finished turning. Members are encouraged to participate and bring in something you would be pleased to receive. Gifts may be wrapped or unwrapped.

The challenge for the November meeting is to turn a candle holder. The holder must hold at least one candle.

The next meeting of the Honolulu Woodturners is Tuesday, November 8, 2011, with a 6:00 p.m. start.

Photographs courtesy of Carl Sherry, Jim Bannister, and Tom Young

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated September 15, 2011