November Newsletter


President Charles Gerdes brought the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Charles asked new members and visitors to introduce themselves. Visiting were: Lee Anderson, Dennis Nakashima, Garrick Ching, Jon Ogata, Carol Ann Davis, and Deanna and Kevin Hemphill from California. New members were Randy Sawyer and Tom Matsuda.

Charles reminded folks that to be eligible for the $25 participation prize, they must enter a piece in either the challenge or the instant gallery, then sign the participation list. Only folks who have signed the list will be eligible for the prize.

David Chung

The evening's program was presented by David Chung. David demonstrated his method of making a peppermill. Charles offered to donate a peppermill kit as a door prize to be given away later in the evening.

John Dekle, brought in a log asking for identification help. It was decided the log was guava plum. John said there was plenty more available just past Queen Emma Summer Place on Dowsett Avenue. Contact John at
488-1828 if you need additional directions.

The club offers for sale logo items such as caps and T-shirts for $15.00 each. The items are listed on the club website at www.honoluluwoodturners.org/apparel.html

The club also has a 55 gallon drum of green wood sealer which is sold at the meetings for $15 per gallon. Please pay the treasurer, Andy Cole, and sign the inventory sheet as the sheet is used to determine how much sealer is left in the drum. Bring your own container.

Stan Hebda was at a recent craft fair where the State Department of Taxation paid a visit. They were checking to verify folks had a General Excise Tax license.

The annual Woodcraft tent show was held the weekend of October 23. The club gave turning demonstrations all day, both days, on a Powermatic, a Delta mini, and a Rikon mini. Mahalo to all who volunteered their time to take a shift. The Rikon people were so impressed with the Honolulu Woodturners and the demonstrations, they donated to the club the Rikon mini lathe with stand. Visit the website to view photos of the show and demonstration.

Treasurer Andy Cole was on the mainland. Charles read the treasurer's report as of November 8, 2010:
  Cash Assets:    
    First Hawaiian Bank (business checking)  $8,197.31
  Other Assets:    
    Powermatic 3520 lathe w/accessories  
    Jet 1224 mini lathe w/accessories  
    Rikon mini lathe w/stand  
    Assorted audio video equipment  
    Club logo wear:  
              51 tee shirts  
              16 polo shirts  
              18 hats  
    Anchor seal (less than ¼ barrel)  
  2010 Honolulu Symposium income and expense statement:
    Income  $7,975.00
    Expense  $7,785.07
    Net gain $   189.93
  The club has a paid membership of 92 members for 2010. A reminder letter for 2011 club dues will be sent out prior to the January meeting.

There was left over Formosan koa available from the last meeting and the symposium. Folks were invited to take some home.

Nominations were asked for and elections held for the 2011 board. Results:
  President Stan Hebda  
  Vice President Mike Chu  
  Treasurer Andy Cole  
  Secretary Tom Young  
Jim Duxbury, a member of Carolina Mountain Woodturners, will be giving the Honolulu Woodturners an all day demonstration on kaleidoscope making on Saturday, February 5, 2011. The demonstration is scheduled from 9:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. Cost is $30 (including lunch) if paid prior to January 15 or $40 if paid after. For additional information visit the website Please send checks, payable to Honolulu Woodturners, to:
  Andy Cole, Treasurer    
  Honolulu Woodturners    
  1534 Bertram Street    
  Honolulu, Hawaii 96816    

The challenge for the November meeting was to turn something from Formosan koa. Woodcraft gift certificates are awarded to the first three places in each challenge with $20 for first place, $15 for second place, and $10 for third place.

Selected Formosan KoaTurnings from the Challenge

The winner of the $25 gift certificate participation prize was John Frigillana.

The club had three $10 gift certificates from Craft Supplies that Rob Hale offered as door prizes to those who were eligible for the participation prize. The winners were: George Wong, Craig Mason, and Jim Fleming.

John Frigillana
Participation Winner
Challenge ~ Gold Division ~ Formosan Koa
  1st Craig Mason natural edge bowl
  2nd Tom Young hollow form
  3rd John Frigillana platter
Challenge ~ Silver Division ~ Formosan Koa
  1st Mike Horton hollow form
  2nd Barry Wheeler large bowl
  3rd George Wong platter
Honorable Mention:
    Tim Freeman cocktail shaker with captive ring
    Rob Hale natural edge bowl
    Jim Bannan bowl
    Jim Fleming calabash
    Kyle Iwamoto bowl
    Wayne Stierli bud vase
    Alina Niemi ice cream scoop
    Dan Erickson bottle stopper
    Stan Hebda pen with koa Celtic knot inlay
    Edward Niemi calabash









Winners of the challenges and the participation prize winner are reminded to have their photos taken for the website.

Several members brought in wood to share. Alina and Edward Niemi brought in monkeypod, Mike Horton brought in orange and guava, and Gordon Tang brought in a chop suey collection of turning wood.

Craig Mason
1st Place ~ Gold Division
Tom Young
2nd Place ~ Gold
John Frigillana
3rd Place ~ Gold Division
Mike Horton
1st Place ~ Silver Division
Barry Wheeler
2nd Place ~ Silver Division
George Wong
3rd Place ~ Silver Division

Kyle Iwamoto was the winner of the peppermill kit donated by Charles Gerdes.

Charles Gerdes and Kyle Iwamoto

Mahalo to Brett Schenk for volunteering to be our audio/visual man, to Dean Mailheau for handling the library, and the duo of Carl Sherry and George Wong for taking photos of the instant gallery and challenge pieces.

The challenge for January will be to turn a calabash. The calabash must fit within an 8 inch cube with a weight limit of 3 pounds. There will be a Gold and a Silver Division.

The American Association of Woodturners will celebrate its 25 year anniversary in 2011 at the St. Paul Symposium. One of the special events will be an exhibition, Turning 25 -- A Celebration. Each chapter of the AAW is encouraged to enter this exhibit. The goal is for each chapter to enter a piece that exemplifies and represents that chapter. Therefore the January challenge is to turn a calabash. There will be a vote-off between the challenge winners and the winning calabash will be sent the AAW as the club's entry. For more information and complete rules, visit www.woodturner.org/

The next meeting of the Honolulu Woodturners is Tuesday, January 11, 2011, with a 6:00 p.m. start.

Photographs courtesy of Carl Sherry, George Wong, and Tom Young

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated November 10, 2010