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Honolulu Woodturners
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American Association of Woodturners

Newsletter ~ May 11, 2010 Meeting

President Charles Gerdes brought the meeting to order shortly after 6:00 p.m.

We had a lot of visitors at the meeting and six of them joined the club. New members are Fred Humphrey, Adam Past, Mike Felix, Steve Bolosan, Linda Wood, and Patty Rickmann. It sounded like most of the new members had taken a class from Andy Cole at Woodcraft.

Please wear a name tag to the meeting as with so many new members, an my advancing age, I sometimes have trouble placing the correct name and face together.

In order to be eligible for the Participation prize, you must bring in a piece for either the challenge or instant gallery and sign the participation sheet.

First place winners of the challenges are reminded to have their photos taken for the webpage.

Charles Gerdes and Dr. Travis Idol

The program was presented by Dr. Travis Idol, Professor of Tropical Forestry and Agroforestry at the University of Hawaii, Manoa. Dr. Idol gave an informative talk on the koa tree, where they grow best, research on their genetics, and reforestation efforts.

Jim Orrick has a Craftsman router spindle maker available for sale. For more information, contact Jim at 261-0289.

David Chung is in communication with outside turners to line up future demonstrations. David has made arrangements with Jimmy Clewes to be one of the head liners of the Honolulu Symposium. He has a commitment with Kip Christensen of Utah for spring 2011. David has also spoken with Keith Tompkins of New York. If anyone would like to suggest a demonstrator for David to contact, please send David_Chung an e-mail.

Tom Young is planning a 'sawdust session' at his place on Saturday, May 22. A separate e-mail will be sent with details and directions.

Wood to Share

Charles mentioned that May is the 10th anniversary of the Honolulu Woodturners Club. He asked charter members to be recognized. Present were Craig Mason, the first president, Jim Bannister, David Higa, Dan Nakanishi, Jim Orrick, Ed Potter, Larry Rodrigues, and Tom Young. Craig gave a brief history of the club.

Andy Cole gave the treasury report. Cash assets in the club treasury as of May 10, was $7,522.36. The club lost $61.90 on the Jacques Vesery demonstration and hands-on. The goal on these outside demonstrations is to break even. We came as close as can be expected. Photos from the Vesery event may be viewed here

Nohea Gallery Promotion Card

The Nohea Gallery 8th Annual Woodturners Show will kick off on Saturday July 10th and run through August 16th. There will be turning demonstrations and an artist's reception on the opening day. Andy brought in a printout of the promotional card that Nohea Gallery is having printed up. Members, whether participating in the show, or not, are asked to pick up cards from Nohea Gallery and distribute in an effort to promote the show. The cards can be picked up at the Gallery in Ward Warehouse and mailed, or given to folks who may be interested. Members can still sign up to participate in the show by contacting Andy_Cole We will be sending out a sign-up sheet for the turning demonstrations prior to the show opening. This year, as in past, years the show will be a benefit to a local charity. Please consider donating a piece with the proceeds going to a charity.

Laurie's Calabash

Congratulations to Laurie Baron of Nohea Gallery for graduating from the University of Hawaii at Manoa this spring. In recognition, the club is presenting Laurie with a mango calabash and a card wishing her the best.

There is an open invitation to members to have a section in the gallery on the club website. If you would like to be added, let Tom_Young know. You may e-mail the photos or I can take the photos for you.

In the last month, the club has put on turning demonstrations in conjunction with the Hawaii Forest Industry Show and the Malama o Manoa 1000 Tree Give-a-way. Photos may be viewed here and here

The annual Gallery 563 art sale at Iolani School was held April 16 and 17. It is a mixed media event and several club members participated. Sales seemed to be mixed but it is a good way to gain exposure as an artist.

The AAW's 24th Annual Symposium will be held at the Connecticut Convention Center, Hartford, Connecticut, June 18 through June 20. Jim Bannister and Andy Cole will be attending. See the AAW_website for additional information.

Future club events include:
          8th Annual Nohea Gallery Woodturners Show and demonstration on July 10
          Hawaii State Art Museum (HiSAM) demonstration on September 11.
          Honolulu Symposium October 16 and 17
          Woodcraft Woodworking Show and demonstration on October 23 and 24

Selected Challenge Pieces

The $25 participation prize was won by Craig Mason. The prize is intended to encourage participation and is awarded to someone who enters a piece in either the challenge or instant gallery. To be eligible, you must sign the participation list.

Challenge ~ Gold Division ~ ogee
  1st Larry Rodrigues milo bowl
  2nd Andy Cole mango bowl
  3rd John Frigillana carved cook pine piece
Challenge ~ Silver Division ~ ogee
  1st Mike Chu curly koa square bowl with ogee shaped foot
  2nd Jim Fleming kamani bowl
  3rd John Dalire Norfolk pine bowl
Honorable Mention both divisions:
    Tom Young mango bowl
    David Chung milo bowl
    Tim Freeman milo bowl
    John Dekle monkeypod bowl
    Craig Mason kamani bowl
    Rob Hale milo bowl using toothpick to fill voids
    Rick Houck kamani bowl
    Eric LeBuse mango bowl
    Stan Hebda Chinaberry bowl
    John Dalire Norfolk Island pine piece with ogee router bit finial
    Mike Horton Norfolk Island pine bowl
    Keith Maile Kawa cup


Larry Rodrigues
Mike Chu

Challenge prizes are gift certificates to Woodcraft. Prizes are awarded to the first three places in the challenges with $20 to first place, $15 to second place, and $10 to third place winners.

Challenge rules state that once you win the first place prize twice in the Silver Division you must move to the Gold Division. Therefore, Mike Chu now has reached elite status as a Gold Division participant.

The challenge was based on word association. The word is ogee. Dimensions are 10'' maximum.

David Chung's featured website is by John Jordan. David specifically mentioned the Tech/Articles Section where John has an article titled Understanding Green Wood. To viiew his website click here There are other articles on the website including one on photographing your work.

Selected Instant Gallery Pieces

For the Newcomers Corner David discussed wood shrinkage and how it relates to wood turning. David drew a picture of a log and showed where to expect shrinkage to occur. He brought in a madrone calabash that showed major warping and showed where it would have come from log.

David also shared a digital photo frame that is pretty slick. He has loaded on photos of his turnings and they cycle through on the digital frame. The photos really stand out. The quality is similar to a high definition television screen.

Tee shirts and caps are for sale at the meetings. Mahalo to Andy for lugging them to the meeting. If you would like to purchase an item, contact Andy_Cole Prices and photos are available on the website

Green Wood Sealer is also available at the meeting for $15 per gallon. Bring your own container and sign the sheet near the barrel indicating number of gallons taken. We use the sheet to determine when it is time to order a new drum.

The next meeting of the Honolulu Woodturners is Tuesday, July 13, with a 6:00 p.m. start.

The July challenge is again based on word association. The word is square. There are no dimension limits. There will be a Gold Division and a Silver Division.

Photos courtesy of Carl Sherry and George Wong

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated May 12, 2010