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Honolulu Woodturners
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American Association of Woodturners

Newsletter ~ July 13, 2010 Meeting

President Charles Gerdes brought the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Charles encouraged folks to wear name tags. Tom Young offered some clips for those who wished to make their own.

First place winners of the challenges and the participation prize winner are reminded to have their photos taken for the website.

The club offers for sale logoed items such as caps and T-shirts for $15.00 each. The items are listed on the club website at www.honoluluwoodturners.org/apparel.html

The club also has a 55 gallon of green wood sealer which is sold at the meetings for $15 per gallon. Please pay the treasurer, Andy Cole, and sign the inventory sheet as the sheet is used to determine how much sealer is left in the drum. Bring your own container.

Charles introduced visitors to the meeting. Mike Michaels is a new member who lives on the Windward side. George Guadiane is a return visitor from New York. George said Steve Sherman sends his best wishes. George has a website which may be viewed at www.turnedbygeorge.com Charles also introduced his wife, Yoshiko.

Tim Freeman gave an entertaining demonstration of how to turn a stainless steel coffee cup/martini mixer container cover.

Tim Freeman

Andy Cole reported the club treasury has a balance of $7,553.46.

There is an open invitation for members who do not have a section on the website gallery to have one added. Contact Tom_Young if you would like to be included.

Andy gave an update on the 2nd Annual Honolulu Symposium. The symposium is scheduled for October 16 and 17 and will be held at MRC. This year the symposium has been expanded and the featured presenter will be Jimmy Clewes from the mainland. It will also include presenters Cliff Johns, Don Albrecht, and Gregg Smith from the Big Island. Club members doing demonstrations are Andy Cole, Gordon Tang, Larry Rodrigues, Ed Potter, and Tom Young. The symposium registration is limited to the first 150 to send their fees to Andy. The Saturday evening dinner is limited to the first 125. Additional information, along with a printable flyer and registration form is available on the club website

The Honolulu Woodturners, as a non-profit corporation in the state of Hawaii, is required to have three directors. It was recommended that the past three presidents be appointed to serve as club directors. A motion was so made by Rick Houck, seconded by Stan Hebda, and passed by a show of hands. Therefore, as past presidents, the three directors are: Tim Freeman, David Chung, and Gordon Tang. Gordon's term is one year, David's is two years, and Tim's is three years. Thereafter, each past president's term will be three years.

A 'Sawdust Session' was held at Tom Young's place on Saturday, May 22. It was well attended by about 30 members including a good mix of experienced, intermediate, and novice turners. It was a good opportunity get to know each other better, talk story, exchange ideas, ask questions, and improve our techniques. There was plenty of food and drink and everyone who wanted, was able to take home wood.

The West Hawaii Woodturners of the Big Island are sponsoring a 'Small Kine Wood Show' and have invited Honolulu Woodturners members to participate. The show will run from August 1 and continue through the end of the month. It will take place at Cliff Johns Gallery in Holualoa. The rules are simple. The finished piece must fit within a 6 x 6 x 6 inch cube. There is a three piece limit per turner, one of which can be listed as 'not for sale'. The split is 65% to the artist, 25% to the gallery, and 10% to the West Hawaii Woodturners. If interested, contact Tom_Young for more information.

Andy and Jim Bannister attended the AAW Symposium in Hartford, Connecticut and shared some of their experiences. Andy also brought the symposium handbook to share. Next year's symposium will be held in St. Paul, Minnesota, and 2012 will be in San Jose, California.

Keith Maile gave a report on the Nohea Woodturning Show that began July 10 and is on-going. Nineteen club members put turnings in the show including several first time participants. The amount of pieces and skill level are quite impressive . Opening day included turning demonstrations and an artist's reception with champagne and pupu from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. The Hawaii Food Bank is this year's designated charity. Mahalo to those who donated pieces. 100 per cent of the selling price goes to the charity. Photos have been posted on the club website

The Hawaii State Art Museum (HiSAM) has again invited The Honolulu Woodturners to put on a turning demonstration on the lawn of the museum downtown at 250 So. Hotel Street. The date is Saturday, September 11. Andy has coordinated the demonstration the past several years but will be off island this year. He offered use of his lathes and asked for a volunteer to coordinate the event. If you are willing to do so, please contact Andy_Cole

Andy volunteered to coordinate Woodcraft's Hawaii Woodturning Show demonstration October 23 and 24. In Past years, we have had three or four lathes up and running, with demonstrations going all day, both days. He will be seeking demonstrators for the weekend so please plan on lending a hand.

Craig Mason
Mike Chu
Edward Niemi
Instant Gallery:
    Fred Humphrey milo bowl
    Kyle Iwamoto milo box
    Keith Maile kamani calabash with huini patch
    George Wong tamarind natural edge bowl
    Tom Young natural edge koa bowl
    Sandy Rhines Christmas berry bowl
    Mike Horton Manila palm lidded bowl
    David Louie amboyna natural edge bowl
    Larry Rodrigues Christmas ornaments
    Stan Hebda 3 keltic knot pens
    Andy Cole bowl with embedded nail and crotch with embedded hoe
    George Guadiane ambrosia maple off-center bowl, keawe hollow form, and plumeria hollow form
Challenge ~ Gold Division ~ Square
  1st Mike Chu curly koa winged bowl
  2nd Craig Mason tall koa vase
  3rd John Frigillana textured winged kamani bowl
Challenge ~ Silver Division ~ Square
  1st Ed Niemi lidded bowl
  2nd Stan Hebda segmented spiral pen
  3rd Kyle Iwamoto maple and milo lidded box
Honorable Mention for both divisions:
    Keith Maile kou spittoon
    Tom Young natural edge milo bowl
    John Dalire hala and hau vase
    Rick Houck laminated birch plywood bowl
    David Chung branded koa bowl
    John Dekle monkeypod and maple lidded vase
    Larry Rodrigues koa bowl
    Rob Hale luan burned and textured bowl



















The winner of the $25 gift certificate participation prize was Craig Mason.

The challenge for the July meeting was to turn something based on the 'seed' word square. These 'seed' word challenges have shown how creative the club members can be.

Tim Freeman donated the stainless steel inserts used in the demonstration for a prize. The lucky winner was John Dambacher.

Challenge prizes are gift certificates to Woodcraft. Prizes are awarded to the first three places in the challenges with $20 to first place, $15 to second place, and $10 to third place winner.

Selected Pieces from the Challenges

David Chung's 'Newcomer Corner' subject was turning green wood. David handed out an article by Howard Lewin. The article is available at www.customwooddesign.com/turninggreenwood-1.html

David's Featured Websites:

Dougie Bowers brought in a pickup load of avocado and longan to share and David Chung brought in a bunch of pheasantwood logs.

The next meeting of the Honolulu Woodturners is Tuesday, September 14, with a 6:00 p.m. start.

The September challenge is to turn an ornament. There are no dimension limits. There will be a Gold Division and a Silver Division.

Photographs courtesy of Carl Sherry, and George Wong

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated July 15, 2010