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Honolulu Woodturners
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American Association of Woodturners

Newsletter ~ November 10, 2009 Meeting

President Tim Freeman called the meeting to order shortly after 6:00 p.m.

Members are encouraged to make and wear name tags as it is a big help in learning the names of our fellow wood turners.

Tim introduced distinguished visitors Angelo and Donna Iafrate. Angelo is President Emeritus of the American Woodturners Association (AAW).

Peter Van Zile and Zeph MacNaughton were first time visitors and became members of the Honolulu Woodturners Club.

Andy Cole Turning a Natural Edge Milo Bowl

Tim announced that after the break, we would be holding the election for the 2010 board. Charles Gerdes, as vice president, will assume the duties of president next year. Stan Hebda has been nominated as a candidate for vice president. Incumbents Andy Cole agreed to be a candidate for treasurer and Tom Young agreed to run as secretary. Tim encouraged other members to either volunteer to run for one of the positions or to nominate other individuals and their names would be added to the ballot. It was reiterated the club needs volunteers to make it a viable organization. There are opportunities in other areas such as program committee, challenge committee, and the audio/visual team.

There is an open invitation for members who do not have a section on the website gallery to have one added or to upgrade existing photos in the gallery. Contact Tom Young at tom_young@honoluluwoodturners.org for more information.

Andy reported the club lost $103.59 on the Graeme Priddle demonstration and hands-on session. The Honolulu Symposium turned a net gain of $530.63. The gain was due to the generosity of both turners and bidders in the auction portion of the event. The treasury has a balance of $6,832.04

The club had a busy past two months. In September, the club put on a demonstration on the lawn of the Hawaii State Art Museum (HiSAM). There are some photos posted on the club website

The Graeme Priddle demonstration and hands-on session was held September 19 and 20. Photos of the event may be viewed on the website by clicking here

Woodcraft's Hawaii Woodworking Show as held September 27 and 27. The club put on demonstrations using four lathes throughout the show. The show was also successful for the club as we signed up five or six new members. Photos are posted on the website and may be viewed by clicking here

Mahalo to all who volunteered for the demonstrations.

The big event was the first Annual Honolulu Symposium held October 17 and 18. Tim gave special thanks to Andy Cole for coordinating the symposium. Andy did an outstanding job. Appreciation was expressed to everyone who pitched in and helped.

The headline demonstrators were Pat Kramer and Mike Lee. Tim thanked Pat for his ' umeke segment and Mike for his multi-axis demonstration. Tim also thanked Ron Kent for his talk on marketing and for his role as the keynote speaker at the evening program. Tim thanked the rotation demonstrators: Stan Hebda, pen turning; Craig Mason, carving; Larry Rodrigues, finials and threading; Ed Potter, mineral inlay; David Chung, buffing; Tom Young, hollow forms; and Andy Cole, coring.

A special mahalo went to Woodcraft for their generosity in donating door prizes. The grand prize was a Jet mini lathe and was won by Carl Sherry.

Tim also thanked those who contributed to the Instant gallery. The pieces in the instant gallery were given to Mike Chu and Kraig Smith in appreciation for all they do for the club.

Everyone seemed to agree that the symposium was a huge success. Plans are already underway for the Second Annual Honolulu Symposium. There will be planning meeting to organize various committees and everyone is encouraged to volunteer to make next year's symposium even better. If you would like to be involved with the planning, please contact Andy

Angelo Iafrate gave us a short talk on the American Association of Woodturners and went over some of the benefits of belonging to the Association. He said the association now has over 13,000 members. He mentioned that beginning in 2010, the Journal will be published six times a year. The Journal editor is Betty Scarpino. Angelo encouraged members let the AAW know how we feel about the association, either positive, or negative. The website of the AAW can be found at www.woodturner.org/

Angelo Iafrate

The demonstration portion of the meeting was presented by Andy. He showed some photos of his natural edge bowls of different kinds of woods and shapes. He also brought in some samples and passed them around. He then showed us the steps of turning a natural edge bowl on a piece of milo. When finished, he deliberately broke off a piece of bark and showed how he would put in a new piece of bark to salvage the broken edge. Andy always gives an entertaining presentation.

Challenge prizes are gift certificates to Woodcraft. Prizes are awarded to the first three places in the challenges with $20 to first place, $15 to second place, and $10 to third place winners.

The challenge for the November meeting was to turn a footed bowl no larger than 8 inches in diameter.

Challenge ~ Gold Division ~ Footed  
  1st Larry Rodrigues Norfolk pine bowl with textured band  
  2nd John Frigillana lychee bowl with carved feet  
  3rd Tim Freeman kamani bowl with carved feet  
Challenge ~ Silver Division ~ Footed  
  1st Dean Mailheau carved mango foot  
  2nd Stan Hebda black limba and birch plywood laminated bowl  
  3rd Mike Chu Norfolk pine calabash  
Honorable Mention for both divisions:  
    Dougie Bowers curly koa and cholla cactus  
    David Louie koa bowl  
    Tony Baideme mystery wood natural edge bowl  
    Sal Colla pheasant wood bowl  
    Barry Wheeler Obama primavera bowl  
    Keith Maile milo bowl  
    Rick Houck cherry carved foot with rubbah slippah  
    Eric LeBuse Norfolk pine bowl  
    Tom Young hau bowl  
Larry Rodrigues
Dean Mailheau











The $25 participation prize was won by Tim Freeman. The prize is intended to encourage participation and is awarded to someone who enters a piece in either the challenge or instant gallery.

Tim reminded members that two-time Silver Division winners must move to the Gold Division.

Rob Hale asked for suggestions and ideas for next year's challenges. Please contact Rob at rob_hale@honoluluwoodturners.org with any suggestions.

Last month's winners of the progressive turning exchange were John Dekle and Jim Cochrun. Tom Young received a tropical ash bowl from John Dekle and Daniel Erickson received a mystery wood bowl from Jim Cochrun. Tom and Dan are required to supply the wood and turn something for the exchange at the January meeting.

Dougie Bowers brought in 20 pieces of cocobolo to share.

The next order of business was the election of officers. The 2010 board is:
          President, Charles Gerdes
          Vice President, Stan Hebda
          Treasurer, Andy Cole
          Secretary, Tom Young

David's Featured Websites:
          Tree Identification: www.ctahr.hawaii.edu/forestry/
          Finish Buffing: www.sydneywoodturners.com.au/

Anyone interested in purchasing club tee-shirts, caps, and polo shirts my contact Andy at andy_cole@honoluluwoodturners.org

Another appeal was made for folks to help the audio/visual team of Dean Mailheau and Sal Colla. If you are willing to help, send an e-mail to Tom Young at tom_young@honoluluwoodturners.org

Angelo donated his magic box to the club to be auctioned off at next year's symposium. Angelo's website is www.majicbrand.com/

Selected Challenge Pieces

January challenge is to turn a natural edge bowl. There are no size limits. There will be a Gold and Silver Division.

The next meeting will be held Tuesday, January 12, at MRC Inc., 1041 Puuwai Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96819. The meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m.

Photos courtesy of Carl Sherry and George Wong

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated November 10, 2009