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Newsletter ~ November 11, 2008 Meeting

The November meeting of the Honolulu Woodturners was called to order by President David Chung.

David issued a welcome to those present and asked visitors to introduce themselves. Visitors included Jim Cochrun, Daniel Mito, and Jimmy Cheng. Dick Sanford was a visitor from the Big Island. Jim Cochrun and Jimmy Cheng became new members.

The club has purchased a 55 gallon drum of Anchorseal green wood and end grain sealer. Mike Chu has graciously let us store the drum at his warehouse. The sealer will be sold to members at the regularly scheduled meeting at $15 per gallon. There is a sign-up sheet posted at the drum. Please sign the sheet as it will be used to inventory how much sealer is left. Otherwise, we will have no means of knowing when it is time to order another drum. Please pay Andy Cole $15 for each gallon you draw. Bring your own container.

Andy Cole gave the treasury report. The current balance is $5,412.36.

Membership fees for the year 2009 will be due at the next meeting. Dues for the year are $25. An e-mail will be sent out prior to the January meeting asking folks to mail in their dues. This makes the collection job of the treasurer much easier than if plenty of folks just hand him their fees.

Last Friday, November 7, was the opening of the Woodturning Show at Nohea Gallery. Friday there was an artist reception with a nice selection of pupu. This year the pieces were grouped by artist with Plexiglas nametags. Saturday the club put on turning demonstrations outside the gallery from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. In addition to giving the club members a quality venue to show and sell their pieces, a number of turners donated pieces to benefit Hospice Hawaii. In December, there will be a meeting with Nohea Gallery to go over how the show went and to discuss ideas and ways to improve the show.

The Hawaii Forest Industry Association (HFIA) will hold their sixteenth annual show Thursday, November 20, through Sunday, November 23, at Honolulu Convention Center.

David gave a report on the Phil Brennion benefit being held at Nohea Gallery in Ward Warehouse. $1,227 has been raised for Phil's account. Phil's story can be found at www.woodturner.org/news/PhilBrennion.pdf

Sandy Rhines

Sandy Rhines gave us a presentation on her recent wood turning class at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass, Colorado. She took a class given by Betty Scarpino. Sandy was really enthused about the class and the facilities. She said they have all the tools for the student to use. Sandy was fortunate enough to receive a Laila Twigg-Smith Art Scholarship which covered her air fare and tuition. This scholarship is available to Hawaii residents only. There are several scholarships available, so consider applying for one. Alina Niemi received a scholarship last year.

David led a discussion on personal dust control units. Several members spoke of their use of helmets with battery powered air flow and all seemed to think they worked well. Andy Cole said he used a dust collection system to control the dust.

Rob Hale reminded folks, that to encourage participation, the club offers a participation prize to an individual who enters a piece into either the challenge or the instant gallery. However, to be eligible, you must sign the participation sheet.

Andy Cole was the lucky winner of the November Participation Prize.

nov2 nov3
Keith Maile's Calabash

There were two challenges for November. One was to turn a piece without any sanding. The second challenge was to turn something from an odd-shaped piece of wood. It was suggested that a pre-turning photo would be interesting. There were two divisions; 'gold' for previous first place winners and 'silver' for all others.
Challenge ~ Gold Division ~ Un-sanded
  1st Craig Mason burned, carved, and painted Norfolk Pine bird nest
  2nd Tom Young burned and textured catalpa hollow form
  3rd Tim Freeman haole koa salt box
There were no entries in the 'Silver Division'
nov4 nov5
Craig Mason's Winning Bird Nest
Rob Hale's Winning Piece
Challenge ~ Gold Division ~ Odd-Shaped
  1st Craig Mason large natural edged kamani bowl
  2nd Tom Young manzanita root ball
  3rd Larry Rodrigues natural edge macadamia nut bowl
Challenge ~ Silver Division ~ Odd-Shaped
  1st Rob Hale burned, branded, stitched, and abused milo bowl with plenty of punky spots and voids
  2nd George Wong Norfolk pine umeke with carved honu (turtle) on top
  3rd Carl Sherry Big Island redwood burl bowl that had a lead bullet buried inside
Honorable Mention Both Divisions:
    Stan Hebda several pieces made from dragon eye (longan)
    Sal Colla false kamani with beautiful grain patterns and a pheasant wood tool handle for one of his gouges
    Tim Freeman seven pieces made from a chunk of pheasant wood
    John Dekle opiuma natural edge bowl
    Jim Fleming shallow maple burl plate turned with home made vacuum chuck -- Jim said he spent $8 for a used vacuum cleaner, in tandem with another vacuum cleaner, to draw 8 inches of mercury
The challenge for the January 13, 2009 meeting will be something in the shape of a poi pounder with a maximum of 8 inches in diameter. There will be a Gold and Silver Division.

Election of officers for 2009 was the next order of business. The 2009 officers of the Honolulu Woodturners club are:

  President Tim Freeman
  Vice President Charles Gerdes
  Treasurer Andy Cole
  Secretary Tom Young

According to our By-Laws, the current Vice President is automatically the following year's President. All candidates ran unopposed.

David opened up the 'Novice Corner' portion of the meeting by asking for questions. Stan Hebda asked about finishes for milo and Jim Fleming asked about the various ways we sign our pieces. Each question prompted a discussion.

Jim Fleming shared his method of using a grinder to power his buffing system.

The featured website is by Darrell Feltmate. The URL is

David set down rules for an anonymous 'Secret Santa' gift exchange this year. This was on a strictly voluntary participation. The idea is to have a gift to give a fellow member that is related to turning. It may be something you turned or purchased. If purchased, the amount is not to exceed $20. He asked that those who wished to participate write their names and addresses on a piece of paper. So, basically, if you deposited a name, you drew a name. You are to mail your gift to the person you drew prior to Christmas. This is anonymous, so no signed work and no return address on the mailed package. Bring what you received to the January meeting.

Tim Freeman thanked David for his contributions to the club and asked David to lead the 'Novice Corner' portion of next year's meetings. Tim also asked David to help with the selection of the featured website.

Tim also asked for help in choosing topics for next year's program. Please e-mail any suggestions to Tim at tim_freeman@honoluluwoodturners.org

Sharon Doughtie is working on setting up a demonstration with Jacques Vesery during 2009. Information will be sent out as details are finalized. Jacques' website is www.jacquesvesery.com David is working to set up a demonstration with Israeli turner Eli Avisera. Eli's website is www.avisera.co.il  It was suggested that we look into asking Jimmy Clewes (www.jimmyclewes.com) and Art Liestman (www.artliestman.com)

Dean Mailheau is the club librarian and he has a box of tapes and DVDs. If you would like to check anything out, see Dean at the next meeting.

Membership fees will be due at the January meeting. Shortly after Christmas, we will be sending an e-mail, along with an application form, to the current distribution list. We will ask that you fill out the form and send your dues to Andy. This will help will the deluge that our busy friend Andy will have to deal with at the meeting. He is already collecting for Anchorseal and Tee-Shirts. Five people paid Andy for next years dues at the meeting.

The next meeting will be held Tuesday, January 13, 2009, at MRC Inc., 1041 Puuwai Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96819. The meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m.

Submitted by Tom Young


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