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Honolulu Woodturners
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Newsletter ~ March 11, 2008 Meeting

The March meeting of the Honolulu Woodturners was called to order by President David Chung.

David issued a welcome to those present and introduced new member Matt Takata, who lives in Kauai.

David asked that folks make and wear a name tag. We have a considerable number of new members and knowing a persons name encourages interaction with other members.

David reminded everyone that membership fees are past due and the distribution list will be trimmed accordingly.

Sandy Rhines has been awarded a Laila Twigg-Smith scholarship to Anderson Ranch in Colorado for the summer session. Sandy will be taking Betty Scarpino's five-day workshop called "Sculptural Woodturning" in late August. The Twigg-Smith scholarship is limited to Hawaii residents. If you are interested in reading more information about Anderson Ranch and the class, their website is www.andersonranch.org/

Pat Kramer

Dean Mailheau has taken over responsibility as club librarian. He handed out some DVD's he made with information on ornamental turning and the Rose engine. He also had some copies of the DVD of Mike Mahoney's demonstration. Dean will be updating the list of library materials which will be used to update the "Library" section on the club website.

Dean said that sometime fairly soon he expects some wood to be available from Schofield Barracks where they are clearing some land for new housing.

The club recently participated in the Hawaii Collectors' Expo at Blaisdell Exhibition Hall. Mahalo to Eddie Tomihama for securing the booth and the Andy Cole/Sandy Rhines team for doing the organizational work. The club sat up a display of pieces for sale and demonstrated on two lathes during the show. Thirteen members put pieces in the show for sale and 35 pieces sold for a total of $1,555. Thank you to Andy Cole, Craig Mason, David Chung, Gordon Tang, Larry Rodrigues, Tim Freeman, Ed Potter, and Tom Young for donating items for door prizes. The event organizers thought the club was very generous in their donations. Our appreciation also goes to Dave Howard, Ken Nielsen, Ed Potter, Sal Colla, Joan Graham, and Dean Mailheau who came down to the show and worked, but did not have any pieces in the show for sale.

The Iolani Fair and Art Show is scheduled for April 18 and 19. The paperwork should be mailed with a week to those participating. If you don't receive the paperwork soon, contact Iolani at artshow@iolani.org or 943-2339.

The Malama O Manoa 1000 Tree Giveaway is scheduled for April 20 at Manoa Pavilion at Manoa District Park. One Thousand trees raised by Malama O Manoa members will be given away. Plumeria, White Hibiscus, Kamani, Milo, Kukui, Hau, Mountain Apple and more will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Professional arborists will be on hand to offer information and advice. The club will be doing a turning demonstration and putting out a display of various turnings out of different kinds of wood. This event is not intended as a selling venue but a public relations effort.

Opening night of Nohea Gallery's Fifth Annual woodturning show is scheduled for November 7. The show is an opportunity for club members to display and sell their turnings. It is also a fundraiser for Aloha United Way. Details of the show are still to be determined. Previously, we have had an artist reception and turning demonstration on opening night.

David brought to the club's attention a couple of symposia scheduled for this summer. The Utah Woodturning Symposium is scheduled for May 22 - 24 at Utah Valley State College in Orem, Utah. Their website is www.utahwoodturning.com/ This year the Utah Symposium is also including a trade show.

Various Sea 'Critters'

The American Woodturners Association (AAW) Chapter Collaborative effort is being spearheaded by Ed Potter. This year's theme is sea creatures that live in Hawaii's reefs. Ed has had a milo root ball sandblasted and has been carving on it to represent a coral reef. Members who wish to participate need to finish their pieces. Time is of an essence. Ed has requested help on how to package the milo stump for shipping. If you can help, please contact Ed Potter Andy Cole has volunteered to be on the receiving end of both our entry and the Big Island's entry in Richmond, Virginia. The AAW symposium is June 20, 21, and 22. See the AAW webpage for more details: www.woodturner.org/sym/sym2008/

Mahalo to Pat Kramer and Sharon Doughtie for including club members in their bulk sandpaper order.

Mark Sfirri's Work
Marilyn Campbell's Work
John Jordan's Work

Sharon reminded us The Hawaii Craftsmen 'Aha Hana Lima Spring Workshop is March 28, 29, and 30. Mark Sfirri will be one of the featured artists. Techniques will include wood carving, shaping, and bending. For more information, visit their website

Sharon received a scholarship for the course and encouraged folks to apply for scholarships at the various events and schools.

The Honolulu Woodturners will be presenting a demonstration by Marilyn Campbell April 26 and 27. Marilyn uses epoxy for inlays and overlays. For photos, visit our website at www.honoluluwoodturners.org

This fall, John Jordan, a well known turner from Tennessee, will be presenting a demonstration for the club. John has an excellent sense of shape and is known for his tool control. The tentative dates are September 13 and 14.

Rob Hale mentioned that a participation prize is given each meeting to someone who has entered a piece into the challenge or brought a piece to share in the instant gallery. In order to be eligible, you must sign the 'participation list'.

Scott Sullivan was this meeting's recipient of the participation prize.

The next item was announcement of the winners in the challenges. The challenge was to turn a platter. There were two divisions; one for large platters and one for small platters. There was tremendous participation for this challenge with well over twenty entries.

Challenge ~ Large Platter
  1st Craig Mason curly koa
  2nd Matt Takata mango
  3rd David Chung Norfolk pine with star pattern
  3rd Andy Cole narra crotch
Challenge ~ Small Platter
  1st Tom Young Cuban Mahogany crotch
  2nd Tim Freeman purpleheart
  3rd Dougie Bowers camphor
Honorable Mention for both divisions:
    Rob Hale Norfolk pine
    Larry Rodrigues mango
    Barry Wheeler lychee and kamani
    Tim Freeman Norfolk pine
    David Chung false kamani
    Carl Sherry curly koa
    Andy Cole milo
    Dennis Feinberg Norfolk pine
    Charles Gerdes Pride of India
    Ed Niemi Philippine mahogany (luan)
    Dougie Bowers cinnamon, Norfolk pine, and paperbark
    Alina Niemi milo
    Jim Bannan koa and set of pine platters
    Scott Sullivan narra with pewa patches
    Gordon Tang mango
    Ken Nielsen pine using techniques from
Alan Batty, Andi Wolfe, and Mike Mahoney
Instant Gallery:
    Ed Potter carved and textured koa turtle shell on keawe stand
    Lake Gibby hau bowl that Lake wanted opinions of whether wipe-on poly would bond after buffing with tripoli and white diamond (consensus was yes) -- hau bowl that poly finish did not cure and Lake wanted suggestions on how to remove the poly finish (suggestion was to steel wool it with a 50 per cent mixture of lacquer thinner and acetone)
    Andy Cole nested pair of milo bowls with round bottom
    Stan Hebda collection of pens turned during the Hawaii Collectors Expo
    Ken Nielsen milo hollow form with tulip wood finial
    Ed Niemi dyed segmented plywood piece and lemon eucalyptus bowl
    Tom Young fern box with ebony knob
    Jeff Bailey turned and carved juniper bowl
    Mike Chu natural edge milo crotch bowl
Tom Young
and Craig Mason





Lake Gibby offered a large piece of koa for anyone who wanted.

Leroy of Woodcraft has been very generous in helping the Honolulu Woodturners over the years. Initially, Leroy offered the club space at his store to hold our meetings and has been supportive as we have grown. As a token of our appreciation, the board has decided to give Leroy the narra platter turned by Mike Mahoney. David finished sanding and buffing the platter. A laser engraved plaque thanking Leroy will also be included.

David would like to reserve a portion of each meeting for what he has termed a 'Novice Corner'. Last meeting a question was raised about sharpening. Andy Cole brought in his Wolverine sharpening system and Tom Young brought in his Woodcut Tru-Grind system. David also brought a handout on sharpening titled Sharpening Demystified by Kirk DeHeer. This article appeared in the Winter 2006 issue of American Woodturner. David also brought in gouge setup jigs made from information in the article. Jim Fleming felt it was quicker to learn to sharpen without the aid of a jig.

David also brought in an article titled Dealing with 'Reaction' Wood written by John Brugo of the West Bay Area Woodturners club.

David opened up the floor for questions. Ed Niemi asked how folks achieved a high gloss finish. A wipe-on poly seemed to be the finish of choice. Alina Niemi noticed that sometimes after the finish is applied she see small sanding marks. Several ways to see them prior to applying the finish is to angle the piece toward a light source or rub on a coat of acetone, or lacquer thinner.

The 'Novice Corner' is an on-going part of the meeting so you are encouraged to come prepared with questions.


There is a wealth of information available to turners on the internet. This meeting's featured website is by Bill Grumbine and can be found at www.wonderfulwood.com/

The program was a talk by Pat Kramer on the traditional Hawaiian Calabash. Pat brought in a book titled The Hawaiian Calabash by Irving Jenkins. The book contains a lot of history and photographs of the various styles and shapes. Pat also brought in several calabash he had turned as examples. A ku'oho style is basically wider than tall while a puahala style should be taller than wide.

T-shirts, polo shirts, and caps with the club logo were offered for sale at the meeting. Pick one up at the next meeting or contact Andy Cole to purchase. See the club webpage for photos and details.

The challenge for the May meeting is to turn an 8-inch maximum diameter calabash. There is no limit on the height. There will be two divisions: the Gold Division is for previous winners and the Silver Division is for all others.

The next meeting will be held Tuesday, May 13, at MRC Inc., 1041 Puuwai Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96819. The meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m.

Submitted by Tom Young

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