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Honolulu Woodturners
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American Association of Woodturners

Newsletter ~ November 13, 2007 Meeting

The November meeting of the Honolulu Woodturners was called to order by President Gordon Tang at 6:00 p.m.

Gordon issued a welcome to everyone. He asked visitors at the meeting to introduce themselves. Visitors included Jeff Morgan, Ben and Cristi Richards, Tim Miexiel, and Patrick Kubota.

Gordon encouraged folks to make and wear a name tag. We have quite a few new members and it makes it easier for everyone to get to know each other if we wear name tags.

Tom Young gave the treasurer's report in the absence of Sandy Rhines. Income for the Alan Batty demonstration and hands-on sessions was $1,870 and expenditures were $1,927.13, resulting in a loss of $57.13. Balance in the account as of November 13, 2007 is $3,845.10.

Gordon mentioned that current, and past, minutes are available on the club website, along with other interesting and valuable information. The URL is www.honoluluwoodturners.org He also mentioned that there is an open invitation for those who do not have a section in the gallery to have one added or to upgrade existing photos in the gallery. Send your photos to Tom_Young Tom is also willing to take the photos for you.

T-shirts, polo shirts, and caps with the club logo were offered for sale at the meeting. A new order has arrived, so there is currently a wide selection of colors. Pick one up at the next meeting or contact Andy_Cole  to purchase. See the webpage for photos and details.

Woodcraft's 2007 Hawaii Woodworking Show was held September 15 and 16 at the store site. Thanks to all who participated with the turning demonstrations. We had fun with three lathes going simultaneously. Mahalo to Andy Cole who worked with Woodcraft to coordinate the turning demonstration. Thanks also to those who volunteered to take a shift or two.

Gordon reported that 24 folks paid to attend the Alan Batty demonstration and six persons for each of the two hands-on sessions. Gordon issued a big Mahalo to Craig and Teri Mason for housing the Batty party, to David Chung who coordinated the event and opened his home for the hands-on sessions. Mahalo also to Dean Mailheau and Sal Colla for being our audio/visual technicians

The Wood Works Show opened October 24 and will run through December 16 at 1132 Bishop Street. This is a new venue for our club. The pieces will be on exhibit and for sale during the period of the show. Except for the entry fee of $25 for three pieces, all proceeds go entirely to the artist. We will see how this goes and report on it at the January meeting

Gordon mentioned that Wood Carvers group has lost their area at Windward Community College and we have obviously outgrown our space at Woodcraft. Mike Chu has generously offered the use of MRC Inc.'s warehouse on Sand Island for our meetings. The next meeting will be held January 8, 2008 at MRC Inc., 1041 Puuwai Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96819. We will see how this works for Mike and the club. If we change the meeting location, we will need to change the club By-Laws. The By-Laws can be changed by a simple majority vote. The club By-Laws are listed on the website

Additional information will be distributed prior to the meeting. Below is a map to MRC's location on Sand Island.


We will be privileged to have Mike Mahoney visit Oahu early next year. Mike is one of the premier woodturners in the country. Mike is scheduled to present a demonstration on Saturday, January 5, 2008. A hands-on is also scheduled for Sunday, January 6. We will check into the possibility of adding an additional hands-on session. Judging from the response to the Alan Batty hands-on, we anticipate the same kind of interest to Mike. The event is scheduled at MCR Inc.'s warehouse. Mike specializes in nested bowls and salad bowls. For more information about Mike and to view some of his work, visit his website at www.bowlmakerinc.com

Gordon thanked the members for their support this past year and explained every November, we hold elections for the following years' club officers. This year's Vice President, David Chung, is automatically the President for next year. Nominations were accepted from the floor for vice president, treasurer, and secretary. Accepting nomination for vice president were Tim Freeman and Charles Gerdes. Accepting nomination for treasurer were Sandy Rhines and Andy Cole. Tom Young was the only nomination for secretary.

The 2008 officers of the Honolulu Woodturners club are:
    David Chung President
    Tim Freeman Vice President
    Andy Cole Treasurer
    Tom Young Secretary

The next item was the sharing of the pieces in the instant gallery.

There were two challenges for the November meeting. One was to turn a lamp and the other was to turn a lamp shade.

Challenge ~ Lamp Shade:
  1st Jeff Bailey Norfolk Pine shade with carved monstera leaves
  2nd Tom Young Norfolk Pine translucent shade
  3rd Rob Hale woven walnut and maple with turned base and top
Challenge ~ Lamp:
  1st Larry Rodrigues Norfolk Pine lamp with acrylic detail
  2nd Tom Young laminated and segmented, walnut and maple
  3rd Charles Gerdes mango with walnut inlay
Honorable Mention:
    Alina Niemi Norfolk Pine and redwood
    Rob Hale woven walnut and maple
Jeff Bailey
Larry Rodrigues
Lamp Shade Entries
Lamp Entries

Tim Freeman won the participation prize.

Dean Mailheau asked for input on the video recording of the Alan Batty demonstration. One suggestion was to look into getting a larger monitor. Dean mentioned he has all of the demonstrations converted to DVD and they are available to anyone who is interested. Dean will be updating the list of what is available.

Jeff Bailey brought in mango and lychee wood to share and Jim Orrick brought in milo to share.

Pat Kramer and Sharon Doughtie gave a synopsis of their trip to New Zealand and Australia. They brought in photos that were displayed on the monitor and talked about each photo. Pat also shared some photos from his trip to Haystack School of Crafts in Deer Island, Maine. The school's website is www.haystack-mtn.org

Sharon said these schools are an excellent experience and recommended anyone that who has a chance to attend, to do so. There are many around the country and are listed on the American Association of Woodturners' website at www.woodturner.org AAW has scholarship grants that are relative easy to receive. Many other scholarships are available from other sources. Anderson Ranch in Colorado, has a scholarship available to only Hawaii residents.

David Chung handed out two tutorials by different authors on how to make an inside/out turning. One was written by Ken Grunke and is available on-line here The other tutorial was written by Herman Burghard and is available on-line here

The challenge for the January meeting is to make an inside/out turning. There will be two divisions for the challenge. The Gold Division is for previous first-place winners and the Silver Division is for all others.

The next meeting will be held Tuesday, January 8, 2008, at MRC Inc., 1041 Puuwai Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96819. The meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m.

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated November 13, 2007