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Honolulu Woodturners
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American Association of Woodturners

Newsletter ~ May 8, 2007 Meeting

The May meeting of the Honolulu Woodturners was brought to order by President Gordon Tang at the Woodcraft warehouse.

Gordon issued a welcome to everyone. He introduced Mark and Karen Stebbins from the Big Island. They are the owners of Big Island Engravers, and are marketing the butterfly or pewa patches with templates.

We had three new members join the club at the meeting; Robert Hackney, Ken Kajihara, and Jeff Craig.

Gordon asked members to wear a name tag, preferably one made of wood. I have some extra clips, so if needed, pick one up from me.

Gordon mentioned that current, and past, minutes are available on the club website, along with other interesting and valuable information. The URL is www.honoluluwoodturners.org

Mark Stebbins
Ralph Togashi
Ed Potter

The program was presented in three parts. First, Mark Stebbins, of Big Island Engraving, gave us a short talk on his butterfly or pewa patch system. Mark uses a laser to cut templates and pewa patches of 5 different sizes. He has come up with two new designs; a honu and a dolphin. This is the system Gordon Tang demonstrated at the November, 2006, meeting. Click here to visit Mark's website. To go directly to the pewa page, click here

Ralph Togashi then gave us an interesting talk and demonstration on how he finishes his pieces. Ralph bases his finishing techniques from the book Understanding Wood Finishing by Bob Flexner. Ralph recommends a wiping varnish or an oil/varnish blend. Ralph said he typically sands to 320 grit and then burnishes the wood with 0000 ought steel wool. He then uses the steel wool to apply the finish. Ralph typically applies three coats of finish to his pieces, topped by a coating of paste wax.

Ed Potter finished the program section of the meeting with a demonstration of several methods of texturing wood. He demonstrated the use of Robert Sorby's texturing tool; a burning wire by Kip Christensen which is sold by Craft Supplies or Packard; and a hammered look using a reciprocating tool with a blunt bit. He then helped anyone who wanted with a hands-on session.

Sandy Rhines, our treasurer, is on the mainland with her mother, who is seriously ill. Therefore, there was no official treasury report. However, Sandy had mentioned we did OK with the Andi Wolfe demonstration and came out a little ahead in our finances.

Gordon reminded everyone that all should be current with their 2007 dues.

The Iolani Family Fair Art Show sale was April 20 - 21. Gordon said 20 pieces were sold for a total of $6,200. The event coordinator expressed a heart-felt appreciation for the contribution the Honolulu Woodturners made to the success of the Art Show. She said Iolani is looking forward to our participation again next year.

David Chung has volunteered to compile a list of items sold at the Iolani air Art Show. He has asked folks who made sales to e-mail him information on pieces that sold. Please include type of wood, kind of shape, large or small, etc. Cost is optional. David's e-mail address is david_chung@honoluluwoodturners.org Sales are usually an individual thing, but if we have an idea of what kind of turnings have historically sold at any particular event, it may help us choose which pieces to submit for sale the next time. David already has the data from the Hawaii Collector's Show.

Bill Ichinose said he put pieces in the Punahou Art Show and noticed that natural edge pieces did not sell well. This is a good example of the kind of information David is hoping to gather.

Rob Hale, challenge committee chairman, reminded those who brought in pieces for either the challenge or instant gallery to sign up for the participation prize.

The participation prize was won by Lloyd Faulkner.

This month the challenge was to turn, or carve, a flower. There were two divisions. The Gold Division was limited to those who have won first place in a past challenge. The Silver Division was open to everyone other than previous first-place winners.

Challenge ~ Gold Division ~ Flower
  1st Gordon Tang turned and carved koa flower
  2nd collaborative Larry Rodrigues and Tom Young -- inside/out turned koa flower
  3rd collaborative Doug Nakata and Craig Mason -- turned and carved shower tree flower
Challenge~ Silver Division ~ Flower
  1st Jeff Bailey turned and carved lychee hibiscus flower with leaves
  2nd Roy Masaki turned and carved mahogany flower with textured macadamia nut pistol
Instant Gallery:
    Ralph Togashi two lamps -- one curly koa and one with curly maple and myrtle
    Lloyd Faulkner koa calabash with koa pewa patches and a milo umeke
    Gordon Tang kamani natural edge bowl
    Tom Young two boxes -- one of kingwood with ebony knob and one of maple burl with Kip Christensen style insert
    Jeff Bailey lychee bowl
    Andy Cole set of 4 nested natural edge macadamia nut bowls
    Charles Gerdes curly koa tire thumper with stand
Gordon Tang
Jeff Bailey











Mahalo to Bill Ichinose for printing and distributing certificates for past challenge winners.

Gordon mentioned about 25 members attended the Andi Wolfe demonstration in March. They learned various techniques in carving, burning, and coloring. Six persons attended the hands-on session. They experienced application of the techniques learned the previous day on sample boards. Gordon shared his sample board. It showed various kinds of burned designs. He also showed a board he'd used to make a burned and colored drawing of a cactus. He said he used transfer paper to make the design. He expressed our thanks to those who generously provided the refreshments and drinks at both events.

Gordon expressed appreciation to Tom Young for regularly updating the club website and being the point man for passing out information regarding wood alerts, woodturning events, and noteworthy news.

David Chung mentioned the club website has been entered into the American Association of Woodturners chapter website contest. David had agreed to represent the club by evaluating other club entries in the contest.

Tom Young explained that for security reasons, the e-mail addresses published on the website are pseudo addresses. For example, the website e-mail address for Tom is tom_young@honoluluwoodturners.org There is a table on the website host that converts that address to Tom's real e-mail address. Not every club member has a pseudo e-mail address, only those whose e-mail address have been listed on the website.

Gordon noted several club members now have websites. They are:
  Sharon Doughtie www.sharondoughtie.com
  Charles Gerdes www.hawaii-koa-lamps.com
  Ron Kent www.ronkent.com
  Pat Kramer www.patkramer.net
  Tom Young www.kokocratercreations.com

Gordon also expressed our Mahalo to Eddie Tomihama, keeper of the library, and to Dean Mailheau and Sal Colla for setting up the video equipment and handling the various video chores.

Dean said they have converted all the old library tapes to DVD's.

Andy Cole has volunteered to host the club's first open house/potluck of 2007, on Saturday, May 19. The address is 1534 Bertram Street. The hours will be from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. All club members and spouses are welcome. The plan is to have several lathes set up so that we can use the time to practice and get hands-on help from the more experienced turners.  Experienced turners please come and help the novices!  Your assistance will be very much appreciated. Andy said if we blow the circuit breakers, he has a back up plan.  Aaron Hammer very generously donated a treadle lathe to the club that was made by John Critchfield. It should be fun to see who can try their hand (and foot) making a bowl on that one. There will be plenty of wood available here for people to work with.  It will also be a great time to just hang out, talk story, and learn a little from each other. Andy asked that folks please DO NOT pull into, or turn around, in the driveway directly across the street from his house.

Gordon reminded us that Bill Ichinose and Sharon Doughtie are two of the featured artists in an on-going show at the Contemporary Museum. The museum is located in the corporate headquarters of First Hawaiian Bank in downtown Honolulu. The show runs through May 29.

Gordon mentioned the Utah Woodturning Symposium is scheduled for June 21 - 23, at Brigham Young University. For more information go to www.utahwoodturning.com David Chung added that he went several years ago and really enjoyed the experience.

The American Association of Woodturners 2007 symposium is scheduled for June 29 - July 1, at the Portland Convention Center. For more information, go to www.woodturner.org/sym/sym2007

Under the leadership and direction of Ed Potter, this year the Honolulu Woodturners will be entering a piece in the Chapter Collaborative. A number of members have volunteered to turn 4 or 5 flowers of local woods to be strung into a lei. David Higa will be taking the lei to Portland.

Mark Stebbins, of the Big Island, said the Big Island turners are entering an open bowl with various carvings into the AAW Chapter Collaborative.

Andy reported the opening night of the Nohea show will be August 17th. It has been suggested that the more proficient turners consider entering pieces that venture from the traditional shapes.  This is also a great opportunity for beginning level turners to place their pieces in a fine art gallery for the public to see.  It is hoped that there will be a mix of traditional shapes and creative pieces as well. There is a need for someone to coordinate the food that will be brought for the opening night reception. Sharon Doughtie did that last year and would like to pass that baton on to another runner. Please contact Andy at andy_cole@honoluluwoodturners.org or 739-1050 if you are willing to help with the coordination. More details will be available at a later date.

The Hawaii Forest Industry Association (HFIA) show is scheduled for September 7 through 16 at the Honolulu Academy of Arts.

Gordon said that Sharon is working on scheduling demonstrations for visiting turners Allan Batty in early November, 2007, and Mike Mahoney in January, 2008.

Allan Batty, from England, has a lifetime of woodturning experience. His work as a production turner as well as turning many one of a kind pieces make Allan's demonstrations a unique experience showing speed, skill, and wit.

Mike Mahoney has been a professional wood turner since 1994. His bowls are featured in galleries across the United States. Mike's work is sought after by collectors all over the world. Mike is often requested to demonstrate and teach for wood turner clubs, craft schools and symposia. He has traveled around the world to discuss and demonstrate his craft. He is considered an authority in woodturning. Visit Mike's website at www.bowlmakerinc.com

Vic Freeland and Dean Mailheau brought in wood to share. The wood included narra and jacaranda.

Narra and Jacaranda Wood Courtesy of Dean Mail and Vic Freeland
George Wong and Larry Rodrigues
Larry Day

Tee-shirts, polo shirts, and caps with the club logo were offered for sale at the meeting. Pick one up at the next meeting or contact Andy_Cole to purchase. See the website for details.

The July meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 10, beginning at 6:00 p.m. The meeting will be held at Woodcraft's warehouse located behind the Woodcraft retail store.

The July meeting program will be presented by Sharon Doughtie.

The challenge for July meeting is turn something that will fit within a 6'' x 6'' x 6'' cube that has some kind of texturing on it. There will be two divisions for the challenge. The Gold Division is for previous first-place winners and the Silver Division is for all others.

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated May 8, 2007