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Newsletter ~ July 10, 2007 Meeting

The July meeting of the Honolulu Woodturners was called to order by Vice President David Chung. David explained he is filling in for President Gordon Tang, who is on vacation.

David issued a welcome to everyone. He asked visitors to the meeting to introduce themselves. Visitors included Mike Chu, Kraig Smith, Francisco Clemente, Jim Bannan, and Joe Klusewitz.

Three of the visitors joined the club at the meeting: Mike Chu, Jim Bannan, and Joe Klusewitz.

David encouraged folks to make and wear a name tag, preferably one made of wood.

David mentioned that current, and past, minutes are available on the club website, along with other interesting and valuable information.

T-shirts, polo shirts, and caps with the club logo were offered for sale at the meeting. Pick one up at the next meeting or contact Andy_Cole  to purchase. See the webpage for photos and details.


The program was presented by Sharon Doughtie. She began by synopsizing some of the things they did in Betty Scarpino's class at Arrowmont. She talked about visual dialog of turned forms and mentioned Virginia Dotson as an example of someone who is using lamination and innovative new designs. To view some examples of Virginia's work visit her website 

Sharon then demonstrated various ways of coloring open grain and embellished woods with color. She used patinating and liming waxes over dyed, burned, and textured wood.

Sharon demonstrated her burning machine which Pat Kramer developed. She mentioned www.fishcarver.com  has plans and materials to enable you to make your own burning tips.

Andy Cole is teaching an advanced natural edge turning class for Woodcraft. He has been teaching a basic woodturning class for Woodcraft for several years. Andy's classes have resulted in a number of new members to the club.

Sandy Rhines, our treasurer, was absent from the meeting, but sent in a report that the current balance is $3,537.81. This includes $285.00 from dues and $135.00 from hat and shirt sales.

David mentioned that a number of members have been traveling on the mainland and attending various symposia.

Ken Nielsen gave an enthusiastic report on his attendance at the Utah Symposium. He said the Utah Symposium is phenomenal and is loaded with high quality presenters and inspiration. Click on the link to visit the Utah website Ken also sent some photos of some of the presenters and their work which are posted on our club website David mentioned that the symposium is held on the BYU campus and there are student dorms available for lodging. He stayed there once and enjoyed the experience. David said Utah limits the attendees to about 550. Sharon Doughtie was a presenter at Utah last year and mentioned she really enjoys the family atmosphere.

The American Association of Woodturners (AAW) 2007 Symposium was held in Portland, Oregon, this year. Among the estimated 1,700 attendees were: Andy Cole, Pat Kramer, Sharon Doughtie, David Higa, Ralph Goto, David Chung, and Gordon Tang. The AAW rotates its symposium every year and next year it is scheduled for Richmond, Virginia.

This year, the Honolulu Woodturners Club entered a piece in the Chapter collaborative at the AAW Symposium. Roy Masaki, Dan Nakanishi, Doug Nakata, Craig Mason, Ed Potter, Larry Rodrigues, Gordon Tang, and Tom Young turned flowers to make a lei of Hawaiian woods. The lei won First Place in the Artistic Division and was purchased for $1,000 by Dave and Ruth Waterbury, notable turning collectors. David Chung passed around the winner's plaque and had a check of $1,000 which will be added to the club treasury.

Honolulu Woodturners also entered our website in the AAW chapter website contest. The first three places were awarded to: 

  First Place Maine Woodturners www.mainewoodturners.org
  Second Place North Carolina Woodturners www.ncwoodturners.com
  Third Place Chicago Woodturners www.chicagowoodturners.com

Tom Young said he feels our website can be improved with the addition of photos to the 'Gallery' section and additions to the 'Tips and Techniques' section. Tom has volunteered to photograph pieces to include in the gallery. Contact him at Tom_Young

Andy Cole opened up his studio and home for an open house/potluck. It was an excellent opportunity for folks to gather, see and use Andy's lathes, and talk story. Spouses were invited and everyone enjoyed themselves and got to know each other better. Photos are posted on the website

Rob Hale, challenge committee chairman, reminded those who brought in pieces for either the challenge, or instant gallery, to sign up for the participation prize.

The challenge for July meeting was to turn something that will fit within a 6'' x 6'' x 6'' cube that has some kind of texturing on it. There were two divisions for the challenge. The Gold Division is for previous first-place winners and the Silver Division is for all others.

Gold Division Entries
Silver Division Entries
Challenge ~ Gold Division ~ 6'' Cube
  1st Craig Mason textured yellow poinciana hollow form with pierced geckos on each side -- Craig also burned ant trails over the piece
  2nd Larry Rodrigues Norfolk Island pine bowl with a textured band. Larry used a black Sharpie brand pen to color the texturing
  3rd Jeff Bailey lychee ball with textured dots filling the cracks from the pith -- Jeff also used a spade bit to drill pukas in the bowl
Honorable Mention:
    David Chung large milo femisphere
    Tom Young narra bowl
Craig Mason
Stan Hebda

David Chung won the participation prize.

Mahalo to Bill Ichinose for printing and distributing certificates for past challenge winners.

The opening night of Nohea Gallery's Fourth Annual Woodturning Show will be August 17, 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. It will include a reception party and turning demonstration. It was suggested that the more proficient turners consider entering pieces that venture from the traditional shapes. It is hoped that there will be a mix of traditional shapes and creative pieces. This is a great opportunity for beginning level turners to place their pieces in a fine art gallery for the public to see. Folks who enter pieces are requested to bring a pupu dish. Sharon Doughtie has once again agreed to coordinate the food, so please contact Sharon_Doughtie or 261-8347 to let her know what you are bringing. Please contact Andy at 739-1050 or Andy_Cole if you are willing to help with the demonstration.

Laurie Barron of Nohea Gallery has requested print quality photos for publicity for the show. If you can supply photos, e-mail them to her at nohea@lava.net Laurie has also asked that if you plan to participate in the show to let her know ASAP so she can begin work on the signage. Pieces will be due at Nohea Gallery's warehouse about August 7.

The show is a benefit for Aloha United Way. Nohea again, would like to run a silent auction of donated bowls from the turners. All proceeds from the silent auction will go to Aloha United Way. We are planning to use the club website to post photos for the silent auction. Please contact Tom_Young or 395-4734 if you are willing to donate a bowl so we can begin to build the silent auction page. Additional details will be available at a later date.

The Hawaii Forest Industry Association (HFIA) show is scheduled for September 7 through 16 at the Linekoa Center.

Sharon Doughtie is working on scheduling demonstrations for visiting turners. Allan Batty is scheduled for November, 2007; Mike Mahoney in January, 2008, Marilyn Campbell for March, 2008, and John Jordan for summer, 2008; Jack Vesery is scheduled for 2009.

David Chung indicated, as part of his administration, he is planning to initiate a novice forum next year where questions can be put to the floor for answers.

A group in the next door warehouse was holding music practice which was quite loud and disruptive to our meeting. It was suggested the executive committee address the problem. Andy Cole talked with them and they seemed very cooperative. They were quiet the rest of the evening.

Jeff Bailey is looking for a root ball, or tree stump, which he can carve into an octopus.

David Chung shared a new thickness gauge, made by Tompkins, he picked up on the mainland.

David also brought in a home-made, over-the-ways, tool handle rest he uses when turning in an awkward position. He says it gives him a lot more control when he cannot use his body to brace the tool.

David explained he uses his computer to explore new woodturning ideas and to pick up various tips.

David Higa brought in a load of wood to share. Ed Potter picked up some freshly cut Norfolk Island pine and offered to share it. Contact Ed_Potter or 672-6947 if interested.

The September meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 11, beginning at 6:00 p.m. The meeting will be held at Woodcraft's warehouse located behind the Woodcraft retail store.

The September meeting program will be presented by Charles Gerdes.

The challenge for the September meeting is to again turn something that will fit within a 6'' x 6'' x 6'' cube. This time the piece needs to be embellished with some kind of coloring. There will be two divisions for the challenge. The Gold Division is for previous first-place winners and the Silver Division is for all others.

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated July 10, 2007