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Newsletter ~ May 9, 2006 Meeting

The May meeting of the Honolulu Woodturners was brought to order by Vice President Gordon Tang at 6:00 p.m.

Gordon issued a welcome to new members and visitors. New members included Ken Price and Kelly Wilkins. Visitors included Ed Bergstedt and Stan Hebda.

The minutes of March 14, 2006 meeting were accepted as sent in e-mail.

Treasurer report: Income from the Ernie Newman demonstration was $1260. Expenses were $930, leaving a profit of $330. Club treasury balance as of March 14, 2006, was reported as $5,250.43.

Various announcements included a report on the April 30 club participation at the Malama o Manoa 1000 Tree Giveaway. The club, with the help of Laurie Baron of Nohea Gallery, put out a display of bowls of various local woods. Members under the lead of Andy Cole also did a demonstration of bowl turning. Participants included Andy Cole, Dean Mailheau, Ed Potter, Gordon Tang, and Tom Young.

The Iolani Art Fair per Stuart Scott was evidently a huge success for the school and our participating members. Ten of 86 artists were woodturners who generated sales of $8,590 or 21% of the total sales of $40,000.

Dean Mailheau and Tim Freeman have volunteered to help Rob Hale, Andy Cole, and Bill Ichinose on the challenge committee. Rob Hale handed out a list of potential challenge projects. He asked that folks check the projects they were most interested in and also asked for suggestions. The committee will tally the questionnaires and use the results for future challenges. Bill Ichinose handed out certificates for past challenge winners.

Mike Johansen, a former member of our club, is now stationed in Washington State. Mike was instrumental in helping Andy with the club's caps and shirts. Mike sends his aloha. His phone number is (619) 251-7428. 

The club still has T-shirts and caps embroidered with the club logo. They sell for $12.50 each. We also have polo shirts for $25. Pick one up at the next meeting or contact Andy_Cole to purchase.

We received an e-mail from Vince Welch. Vince is selling micro film abrasive discs. He says they are more flexible, non-loading, and tear resistant. His website is www.VincesWoodNWonders.com

Laurie Baron will again be sponsoring the Third Annual Wood Turning Show at Nohea Gallery beginning August 12. The show is a benefit for Aloha United Way (AUW). This is a great opportunity for members to display their work, get their foot in the door of one of Oahu's premier galleries, and potentially generate some sales. Members are encouraged to donate a piece which will be given away as raffle prizes to benefit the AUW. Laurie also donates a percentage of the sales to AUW. We will again have several lathes set up to turn tops for the keiki. We need folks to volunteer to spend a few hours of their Saturday turning tops. This is a win/win situation for everyone, so please kokua. There is plenty of time to practice making some tops and to make some gallery quality pieces for the show.

The next visiting demonstrator the club is bringing in is David Ellsworth. David is an icon in the turning field. David is scheduled to do a demo for us on Saturday, June 10. He will also hold a hands-on class on Sunday, June 11. The hands-on class will be limited to nine people, on a first-come basis. If you want to reserve a space for the hands-on, contact Stewart_Chow The demo will be at Stewart's place. David charges a daily fee of $650 per day and we split his air fare with the Big Island Woodturning Club. Materials needed for the demo are a 10'' x 10'' log and 3 10'' x 10'' half logs. Evidently any kind of wood will work, wet, dry, hard, soft, whatever. Please keep your eyes open for the material. This is the amount he requires, the more wood we can get the better selection he will have. More information on the demo will be sent out soon. David's website is www.ellsworthstudios.com

The 2006 Utah Woodturning Symposium is scheduled for June 15, 16, and 17, 2006, at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Among the presenters will be our own Sharon Doughtie and Pat Kramer. 

The American Association of Woodturners (AAW) Symposium in Louisville, Kentucky, is scheduled for June 22, 23, and 24, 2006. There will be 30 world class demonstrators putting on 150 rotations in eleven demonstration rooms. For more information check out their website

Andy Cole brought in a bunch of milo logs to share. These were the logs from Aaron Hammer. David Higa brought in some macadamia nut and Mexican cypress and Dougie Bowers also brought in several pieces of wood to share.

The participation prize was won by Ray Beauchemin.

This month, there were two challenges. One of the challenges was to turn a goblet and the other was to turn a femisphere.

Challenge ~ Goblet
  1st Larry Rodrigues goblet turned from Norfolk Pine  
  2nd Andy Cole thin stemmed maple goblet  
  3rd Gordon Tang milo goblet  
Honorable Mention:
    Tim Freeman kamani goblet  
    Ray Beauchemin tropical ash/eucalyptus goblet  
    Tom Young koa goblet  
Challenge ~ Femisphere
  1st David Chung milo, cedar, maple, koa  
  2nd Doug Nagata plywood  
  3rd Larry Rodrigues koa  
Honorable Mention:
    Tom Young hau dyed black  
Instant Gallery:
    Eddie Tomihama koa vessel and milo natural edge bowl  
    David Chung Norfolk pine bowl  
    Larry Rodrigues koa triangle piece with finial  
    David Chandler mystery wood bowl  
    Andy Cole fern tree bowl  
    Nick Tomihama 2 laminated pens turned from wenge and jarrah  
    Tom Young textured hau bowl  
    Jon Tuthill several ebonized end-grain bowls of monkeypod and rainbow shower, a natural rainbow shower bowl, and a rare Mexican blue oak bowl (locally known as poinciana)  
Larry Rodrigues






The program was presented by Sharon Doughtie and Pat Kramer.

Sharon demonstrated boxes based on the theme 'No Two Raindrops are Alike'. She has come up with a unique style box based on the shape of raindrops. Then she burns in her keltic knot designs and carries the design through to the inside of the box. Very creative. Sharon passed around examples made from mahogany and Norfolk pine. She showed how she turned one using a piece of mahogany.

Pat talked about traditional calabash shapes. He explained that the kuoho is wider than it is tall while the puahala taller than it is wide. The Hawaiians were very skilled in making the various calabashes. The basically simple form became pieces of art by the skill in shaping the bowl and using the heartwood and sapwood to creating a banding effect around the calabash. He shared a beautiful hau puahala calabash he had turned. Pat then demonstrated turning a banded calabash using a piece of milo. Pat also shared some delicate Norfolk pine flowers he made.

The challenge for July is to turn a doll. Some examples are shown in the following picture. There will be two categories in the challenge. One is to turn a single axis doll and the other is to turn a multi-axis doll.

Examples of Dolls Turned by Ernie Neuman

The July meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 11, at 6:00 p.m. at the Woodcraft Store warehouse. The meetings are the second Tuesday of the odd months.

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated May 9, 2006