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Honolulu Woodturners
A Chapter of the
American Association of Woodturners

Newsletter ~ March 14, 2006 Meeting

The March meeting of the Honolulu Woodturners was brought to order by President Ralph Goto at 6:00 p.m.

Ralph asked each present to introduce themselves. We had several visitors including Irene Grafert, a turner from Denmark. To find out more about Irene, check her website at www.woodturndeco.com

Members are asked to wear name tags at the meeting. This is a benefit to everyone, but particularly helpful to the newer members.

Ralph expressed our appreciation to Eddie Tomihama for his assistance in getting the club a spot in the Hawaii Collector's Expo. Among those participating at the show were Roy Masaki, Ken Neilson, Ralph Goto, Stewart Chow, Ed Potter, Nelson Lindsay, Gordon Tang, Andy Cole and Tom Young.

We have two demonstrations from outside turners scheduled.  We have an excellent opportunity to talk with and view a demonstration by Australian woodturner Ernie Newman. Ernie will give us a demonstration on Saturday, April 1. He will also conduct a 'hands-on' session on Sunday, April, 2. Ernie's website is www.ernienewman.cjb.net  Both events are at Stewart Chow's place. We have 15 folks signed up for the Saturday demo and only four for the Sunday portion. The club hopes to break even on bringing in these demonstrators, but we need more participation to do so. For more information on Ernie's demo, see e-mail dated March 9. David Ellsworth is also scheduled to be here sometime this summer. More information on David's demo will be sent out as it becomes available.

Eddie Tomihama has volunteered to take over responsibility for the club's library. The library consists of books, magazines, and tapes that have been donated to the club. Members are encouraged to take advantage of the information available.

The program committee is a one-man gang consisting of Andy Cole. If anyone would like to help Andy or has ideas for future programs, contact Andy_Cole

The challenge committee consists of Rob Hale and Bill Ichinose. Again, we need ideas of topics for the challenges. Contact Rob_Hale or Bill_Ichinose

 with your suggestions. Mahalo also goes Bill for printing the certificates given to challenge winners. Along with the challenge table, we also have an 'instant gallery' table where folks are encouraged to bring in anything, successes or mistakes, to share.

It was suggested we resume the annual potluck or picnic we had several years ago. If anyone would like to head the effort, or has suggestions as to when and where to hold such an event, contact Ralph_Goto

Nelson Lindsay reported Iolani School is holding an art show as part of their annual family fair. They are looking for turners to participate. They will accept up to four works from each participating wood turner. The split from each sale will be 60-40 in favor of the artist. Nelson said 10 members have signed up so far. If interested contact the show coordinator Stuart Scott at stuart.scott@yahoo.com or Nelson_Lindsay

The club still has T-shirts and caps embroidered with the club logo. They sell for $12.50 each. We also have polo shirts for $25. Pick one up at the next meeting or contact Andy_Cole to purchase.

The 2006 Utah Woodturning Symposium is scheduled for June 15th, 16th, and 17, 2006, at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Among the presenters will be our own Sharon Doughtie and Pat Kramer.

The American Association of Woodturners (AAW) Symposium in Louisville, Kentucky, is set for June 22, 23, and 24, 2006. There will be 30 world class demonstrators putting on 150 rotations in eleven demonstration rooms. For more information check out the website at www.woodturner.org

Malama o Manoa has scheduled for Sunday, April 30, at Manoa District Park, a 1,000 tree giveaway where folks are encouraged to pick up and plant a tree. Types of trees include wiliwili, kukui nut, historic hau, kamani nut, jatropha, Samoan coconut, plumeria, papaya, mountain apple, banana, dwarf hau, milo, mango, and jabong. Laurie Baron, of Nohea Gallery, asked if the club would be interested in setting up some kind of demo or show. No sales are allowed on the site but public awareness of the club would be enhanced. Also, it is a good way to make contact and we may be able to arrange for later sales off the park site. Andy has volunteered to do some demonstrating and to bring some bowls to display. Malama o Manoa's website is www.malamaomanoa.org  Contact Andy_Cole  to lend a hand.

Webmaster Dennis Feinberg gave a report on the club website. Parts of the site are up and running. He is still working on the site and hopes to make progress prior to the next meeting. 

Annual membership fees of $25 are due. Club policy is that only those current with their dues receive the club e-mails. For those who are not up-to-date with their dues, you may send a check, payable to Honolulu Woodturners, to:
          Sandy Rhines, Treasurer
          Honolulu Woodturners
          611 North Kainalu Dr.
          Kailua, Hawaii

David Chung shared something called a femisphere. It's kind of a fun looking little thing. He brought in several examples of femispheres he'd made (see picture). David also handed out a one-page instruction on how to make them.

Big Island turners are currently displaying their art at the Wailoa Art show. The show is held at Wailoa Center in Hilo. The show runs now through the end of the month.

Dennis Feinberg picked up some used Watco oil from Ron Kent. He still has about five gallons for anyone who wants it. Contact Dennis_Feinberg if interested.

Sandy Rhines, treasurer, reported the club's treasury has a balance of $5250.43.

Dougie Bowers brought in several pieces of wood to share. They included cinnamon, kamani, and milo. Eddie Tomihama brought in several pieces of lychee to share.

The program was a talk and demonstration given by Ron Kent. Ron gave us an interesting and entertaining demonstration. Ron talked about when he began turning in the 1930's and how few turners there were at that time. Ron credits Edward 'Bud' Jacobson as the person most influential in promoting wood turnings as an art form. Ron mentioned several of his innovative methods including his method of making a translucent Norfolk pine bowl and his liquid dishwashing detergent (LDD) treatment for green wood. Ron explains his methods on his webpage at www.ronkent.com under the techniques tab.

Ron handed out another article on the LDD method from the Woodcraft Magazine. The article can be found on the web at www.woodcraft.com Another proponent of LDD is Leif Thorvaldson. His article can be found at www.turningwood.com  Ron mentioned Hawaii Craftsmen is bringing in David Marks. David is a creative and astonishing finisher. David's website is www.djmarks.com  Hawaii Craftsmen website is www.hawaiicraftsmen.org

Ralph made another plea for someone to volunteer to be keeper of, and run, the club's video equipment. It was evident during Ron's demonstration how much more visible everything is with a monitor. To volunteer, or for more information, contact Ralph_Goto

In an effort to encourage participation in the club's challenges and instant gallery the club awards a participation prize each meeting. The lucky recipient of a milo crotch participation prize was Tom Young. To be eligible for the prize, one must bring something for either the instant gallery or the challenge and must sign their name on the participation list.

This month's challenge was to turn a spinning top. The challenge was divided into two divisions; the 'Veterans' or anyone who has ever won first place, and the 'Going for Gold' division which included all others.

Veteran Division ~ Spinning Top
  1st Larry Rodrigues milo top
  2nd Craig Mason segmented top
  3rd Tom Young spalted maple top
Going for Gold Division ~ Spinning Top
  1st David Chung  
  2nd Eddie Tomihama  
  3rd Ralph Togashi  
Honorable Mention for both Divisions:
    Andy Cole  
    Tim Freeman  
    Dean Mailheau  
    Nick Tomihama  
    Roy Masaki  
    Ray Beauchemin  
    David Chung  
Instant Gallery:
    Charles Gerdes mango lamp
    Ralph Togashi koa and ohia bowl
    Tim Freeman koa box
    Ed Chun kou bowl
    Andy Cole sticky milo bowl -- it was pointed out Ace brand tung oil works well on milo
    David Chung spalted maple platter and kamani bowl
    Irene Grafert dyed Danish wood bowls
    Larry Rodrigues set of nested mystery wood bowls
    Tom Young kou bowl and milo bowl
    Gordon Tang black acacia bowl from California
Tom Young and
Larry Rodrigues
Eddie and Nick












The challenge for May has not yet been determined. Information will be sent out via e-mail ASAP.

The May meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 9, at 6:00 p.m. at the Woodcraft Store warehouse. The meetings are the second Tuesday of the odd months.

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated March 14, 2006