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Honolulu Woodturners
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American Association of Woodturners

Newsletter ~ July 11, 2006 Meeting

The July meeting of the Honolulu Woodturners was brought to order by President Ralph Goto at 6:00 p.m.

Ralph issued a welcome to everyone and asked each to introduce themselves. Visitors included Danny Krenwinkel's father visiting from Oregon.

The minutes of May 9, 2006, meeting were accepted as sent in the e-mail.

Sandy Rhines, treasurer, reported the club took a hit on the David Ellsworth demo. The club lost $414.28 on the David Ellsworth demonstration. It is difficult to understand why, with an icon such as David Ellsworth, we only drew 19 participants to the Saturday demo. Club treasury balance as of July 10, 2006, was reported as $4,608.34.

Neil Scobie, an outstanding and innovative turner from Australia, will be holding a demonstration on Saturday, August 19, at the Woodcraft warehouse. Ralph asked for a show of hands of folks who would be interested in attending. The response was favorable. The demonstration will run from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The cost is $45 for members and $65 for non-members. Lunch will not be included.

To attend, send check, payable to Honolulu Woodturners, to:
          Sandy Rhines, Treasurer
          Honolulu Woodturners
          611 North Kainalu Dr.
          Kailua, Hawaii

To learn more about Neil and view examples of his work, visit his website at www.neilandlizscobie.com

We are looking for someone to operate the video camera for Neil's demonstration. It would be great to add his demonstration tape to the club library. If you can help, please contact Ralph_Goto

There was a discussion on members needing to support these demonstrations when we pay to bring in outside demonstrators. Members are encouraged to attend. These professional turners are excellent artists and all have experience in presenting demonstrations. They are multi-talented. It was pointed out that education never ends.

Woodcraft will be sponsoring a vendor's show Saturday, September 23 and Sunday, September 24. Woodcraft has been generous in allowing our club to use their facilities and one way the club can reciprocate is by putting on a turning demo at the show. Those willing to spend a few hours helping, please send an e-mail to Ralph_Goto Please kokua.

T-shirts and caps with the club logo were offered for sale at the meeting. The club has received a new order of T-shirts with new colors and sizes. Pick one up at the next meeting or contact Andy_Cole to purchase.

Andy Cole gave a synopsis of his recent trip to the 2006 AAW Symposium in Louisville, Kentucky. He said he had a really great experience and recommends the symposium to anyone interested in wood turning. He said over 2,000 were in attendance with 33 outstanding demonstrators. Each day he had the option of attending any of 11 demo rotations. Next year the 21st AAW symposium will be Friday, June 29 through Sunday, July 1, 2007, in Portland, Oregon.

Sharon Doughtie recently demonstrated at the Utah Symposium in Provo, Utah. She shared some of her experiences. She said the Utah Symposium is very intimate and they really took good care of her. Sharon mentioned if anyone goes to any symposium it is a good idea to donate a piece. It is an excellent opportunity to receive exposure.

Laurie Baron will again be sponsoring the Third Annual Wood Turning Show at Nohea Gallery beginning Friday, August 11. The show is a benefit for Aloha United Way (AUW). Sharon Doughtie is coordinating this event with the help of Andy Cole. We are encouraging folks to participate. This is an excellent opportunity for members to display their work, get their foot in the door of one of Oahu's premier galleries, potentially generate some sales, it costs you nothing (except for a pupu), it promotes the local woodturning community, and it benefits the Aloha United Way.

The first two years we asked folks to donate a piece for a raffle to raise funds for AUW. This year we are asking folks to donate a piece and rather than a raffle, Nohea will conduct a silent auction to raise funds for AUW.

Please e-mail Laurie at nohea@lava.net if you are planning to place pieces in the show or are willing to donate a piece for the silent auction. Laurie needs this information to publicize the show.

This year Laurie is planning a party for the opening of the show; a 'meet the artist' opportunity. Laurie will provide wine, music, advertising, the venue and tent/power for turning. We need to provide turned pieces and each person putting pieces in the show needs to provide a pupu for the opening. Sharon will coordinate the pupu. Please e-mail Sharon_Doughtie with what you are bringing so we can make sure there is some variety.

The club will also be putting on a bowl turning demonstration during the opening. We are looking for lathes and folks to turn bowls on Friday, August 11, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Set up time for lathes is at 4:00 p.m. Again, contact Sharon if you can bring a lathe or help with the demo.

Laurie asks that folks please bring their pieces to Nohea's warehouse by August 7th (remember the warehouse is closed on weekends). Do not deliver pieces to store.

The warehouse is in that complex of warehouses behind Farmer's Market and across from Ward Warehouse. Nohea’s warehouse is located in warehouse Number 4. They are on the Diamond Head end and their door faces mauka. The door is blue with a large bell. There is a plaque saying 'Building 4, Number 4'. If the door is locked, ring the bell. Someone is generally there from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. The phone number is 589-1174.

The parking in front of their door is reserved, so you are asked to park at the end of the warehouse.

Laurie said we can improve sales of pieces this year by also including more calabashes in the mix. This show is becoming an annual event so momentum will grow over the years and the public will start looking to the show as a place to acquire some great pieces.

Make sure you have an invoice filled out for your pieces. The information should include your name, address, phone number, name and description of pieces, and wholesale price. Wholesale is half of retail. Make a notation as to who Nohea should make the check payable to. Nohea has a consignment agreement they use if anyone wants it.

Laurie is also looking for professional quality photographs to use in publicizing the show. If you have quality photos of any of the pieces you are putting in the show, please e-mail them to Laurie at nohea@lava.net

For those people who have mailing lists, Laurie has a way you can upload it, and still keep your list private, so the postcards can go out to your people.

Dennis Feinberg, our webmaster, reported we have lost the support of the original website developer and he will be looking for a new designer.

Danny Krenwinkel will be moving to Colorado. His new phone number is (970) 443-4996 and his new e-mail address is dkrenwink@hotmail.com

Vic Freeland and Dougie Bowers each generously brought in a load of wood to share.

The participation prize was won by Tim Freeman. He chose the handle turned by Andy.

This month the challenge was to turn a doll.

Challenge ~ Doll
  1st Tom Young burned and colored koa doll
  2nd Tim Freeman milo doll
  3rd Tim Freeman infused mango doll
Instant Gallery:
    Vic Freeland 3 natural edge bowls -- one spalted mango and two FOG pieces
    Jon Tuthill lidded milo end grain umeke
    Tom Young 2 hollow forms -- longan and mabolo
    Charles Gerdes milo calabash
    David Chung Norfolk Island Pine bowl with ring of pierced honu
    Ed Potter koa goblet with spiraled stem and maple bowl with spiraled and pierced rim
    Craig Mason natural edged milo crotch bowl
    Sharon Doughtie branded mahogany raindrop box with burned textured interior
Tom Young







The program for the meeting was presented in two parts:

Dale Adams, M.D., gave an informal and entertaining presentation of medical and safety aspects in wood turning. He mentioned variable speed control is both a convenience and safety option. He highly recommended positive pressure respirators to avoid breathing the wood dust. Dale also mentioned he has some Norfolk Island Pine available. Contact Dale at 577-8104 if interested.

Andy Cole explained why, and demonstrated how, to turn your own tool handles. He used, and turned, a brass plumbing hex nut for the ferrule. Andy shared several handles he has made for his own tools. He also passed around a handout written by Alan Lacer on making your own tool handles. The handout is available on-line at www.alanlacer.com The handle Andy turned was offered as one of the prizes for either the challenge or participation prize.

There are two categories for the September challenge. One is to make a tool and show a finished project using this tool. The other category is to make a tool handle.

The September program will be presented by Ed Potter. 

The September meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 12, beginning at 6:00 p.m. at the Woodcraft Store warehouse.

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated July 11, 2006