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Honolulu Woodturners
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American Association of Woodturners

Newsletter ~ January 10 meeting

The January meeting of the Honolulu Woodturners Club was brought to order by President Ralph Goto at 6:00 p.m.

Ralph introduced the 2006 board:
    Ralph Goto President
    Gordon Tang Vice President
    Sandy Rhines Treasurer
    Tom Young Secretary

The Challenge Committee consists of Craig Mason, Rob Hale, and Bill Ichinose. The Program committee is headed by Andy Cole. Both committees will gladly accept any ideas and help. The Challenge Committee will likely appoint different folks to come up with the challenge ideas for future meetings. Andy has tentatively scheduled Ron Kent to present the program for the March meeting.

Annual membership fees are $25 per year for the local club. Please be prompt and send a check, payable to Honolulu Woodturners to:
    Sandy Rhines, Treasurer  
    Honolulu Woodturners  
    611 North Kainalu Drive  
    Kailua, Hawaii 96734  

Ralph requested that members wear name tags. You are encouraged to make a custom name tag. Andy brought blank tags for those needing.

Each person was asked to identify themselves to the group. We had several visitors including Dan Sinclair, Richard Vieira, Edmund Postanea, and Gerry Davis from California.

Sandy Rhines gave us a Treasurer's Report. At the beginning of the meeting, the balance in the club treasury was $3,985.42. Rob Hale took the responsibility of handling the sale of the confetti lamps from the September challenge. Through a benefit auction for the Foundation of Rotary Club of Honolulu, we received half of the selling price for the lamps. The lamps sold for anywhere from $30 to $100.

Dennis Feinberg, webmaster, gave us an update on www.honoluluwoodturners.com  Parts of the website are finished and he is working on getting the 'members only' sections implemented. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Send them to Dennis_Feinberg

We desperately need someone to volunteer to run the video equipment at the meetings and demonstrations. The video camera is a great idea and allows everyone to see clearly what the demonstrator is doing. It also gives us a permanent record for our library. Stewart Chow did a lot of work in getting us grants to purchase the equipment. We appreciate his efforts and now need someone to run the equipment. Contact Ralph_Goto

Ralph presented a couple of ideas from previous administrations. He would like to resume a renewal of the potluck/picnic we had in May of 2003. Any ideas, volunteers, location suggestions, etc., contact Ralph_Goto  He would also like to resume the 'open houses' we had in various members shops. They were informal, great get-togethers that allowed us to get to know each other better, pick up new ideas, and just talk story. Again, contact Ralph if you are willing to host an 'open house'.

Gordon Tang suggested we look at various options to show and sell our turnings.  Jon Tuthill and Bill Ichinose suggested several venues including 'Frist Friday' in downtown and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce. Jon and Bill will look into this and help organize.

We also have committed to Nohea Gallery to support the Woodturners Show which benefits the Aloha United Way (AUW). This will be the third year. In the past, several members have donated pieces for a raffle with the proceeds benefit AUW. In addition, Nohea donates a percentage from the sale of our turnings. The show is scheduled to begin Saturday, June 17. We again plan on holding a turning demonstration in the parking lot in front of the gallery. We will be looking for small lathes and volunteers to turn tops for the keiki. We also would like to have a lathe set up for bowl turning demonstrations. Start planning ahead to have some pieces ready for the show.

There is going to be a collectible show in February at the Neal Blaisdell Center. We will have table at the show donated by Eddie Tomihama. If there is enough interest, we can buy an additional table. The turners who sell items will need to man the table. If interested, or for more information, e-mail Ed_Potter or call 672-6947.

Guava Bob Furin brought in several pieces of wood to share. He also brought in an eight piece set of vintage Miller Falls tools that he is interested in selling. If anyone can help place a value on the tools, or is interested in buying, contact Guava Bob at guavabob@hawaii.rr.com

Scott Sullivan donated a grinder to whoever wanted.

Ralph Goto has a 220 volt dust collector. Contact Ralph_Goto if interested.

Available for sale at the meeting were T-shirts and caps, in various colors, embroidered with the club logo. They sell for a price of $12.50 each. They may also be purchased by contacting Andy_Cole  

Dougie Bowers brought in pieces of longan (dragon eye) to share with those who wanted.

Bill Ichinose presented winners from the last challenge with certificates.

The participation prize winner for this month was Craig Mason. The prizes for the winners included milo wood, gift certificates, shirts and caps with the club logo.

The January challenges were a set of nested bowls or a calabash.

Challenge ~ Nested Bowls:
  1st Andy Cole Set of 4 spalted avocado natural edge bowls
  2nd Larry Rodrigues Set of 4 spalted padauk bowls
Honorable Mention:
    Jon Tuthill Set of Cuban mahogany bowls and a set of shower tree bowls
    Ed Potter Set of 2 platters
    Dean Mailheau Set of 4 catalpa bowls 
    Tom Young Set of 2 cocobolo bowls  
Challenge ~ Calabash:
  1st Scott Sullivan Lidded koa calabash
  2nd Tom Young Milo calabash
Honorable Mention:
    Tim Freeman Calabash of Carrot tree wood from Florida
    Craig Mason Koa calabash
    Ed Potter Calabash from Koa
    Gerry Davis Koa calabash
    Andy Cole Calabash from Cuban mahogany
    Jon Tuthill Kou calabash
    Rob Hale Calabash from FOG wood

You are encouraged to enter the challenge and to bring pieces in to share in the Instant Gallery.

Instant Gallery:
    Danny Krenwinke Milo bowl
    Jon Tuthill Several calabash bowls including ones from rainbow shower and poinciana
    Ralph Goto Koa bowl
    Gerry Davis Pen made of ironwood
    Ralph Togashi Lamp from curly blue gum eucalyptus with claro walnut base
    Ed Potter Pieces from Cuban mahogany and narra
    Tom Young Natural edge bowl from kou haole and a hau calabash

The program was demonstrations on how to turn a spinning top and the use of a chatter tool and ink pens to embellish it. The program began with Andy showing how he turns a top. Andy used a gouge and a Bonnie Klein type chattering tool. Following Andy, Ken Nielsen used a skew and gouge to turn a top. He then brought out what he termed his 'junkyard technology version of a chattering tool. Basically he modified a commercial tool using lead for weight and a longer handle. It seemed to work better than the commercially available tool.

There were five lathes set up for folks to give top turning a try with plenty of 'experts' offering tips.

There will be only one challenge for March -- a spinning top. However, the category will be broken into two divisions. Anyone having ever won first place in a challenge will be placed in one division while all others will be placed in the other. 

The next meeting is scheduled for March 14 at 6:00 p.m. at the Woodcraft Store warehouse. The meetings are the second Tuesday of the odd months.

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated January 10, 2006