September Newsletter


Honolulu Woodturners
A Chapter of the
American Association of Woodturners

Newsletter ~ September 13, 2005

The September meeting of the Honolulu Woodturners was brought to order by President Ed Potter at 6:00 p.m.

We welcome Tim Freeman as a new member of the club. Tim recently moved here from Florida. He was a previous resident of Oahu. We also had two visitors at the meeting: Kalani Kea and Ralph Togashi.

The 2006 American Association of Woodturners 20th Annual Symposium will be held in Louisville, Kentucky. The AAW sponsors an Annual Collaborative Challenge. Ed asked for a volunteer to head our chapter’s entry. The rules for the collaborative are posted on the AAW website at www.woodturner.org To volunteer, call Ed at 672-6947 or e-mail Ed_Potter

Wood Central at www.woodcentral.com is sponsoring a benefit auction for the Katrina Hurricane effort. You may donate, or bid, on an item by going to the website.

The Arizona Woodturners Association will have a regional symposium ‘Desert Woodturning Roundup’ next February 18 and 19, 2006 in Mesa, Arizona. See the following web site for a list of world class demonstrators and for registration information. All turners are welcome. www.desertwoodturningroundup.com

The AAW offers Educational Opportunity grants that are available to the chapters. Stewart Chow has initiated efforts to secure grants in the past and was again successful in securing a $350 grant to be used to purchase additional video equipment. The equipment is used to tape demonstration programs at the meeting the demos from outside demonstrators. Stewart says the setup and operation of the cameras is a simple procedure, but we need someone to take over those duties. Please call Stewart at 261-3121 or e-mail Stewart_Chow for more information.

The Hawaii Forest Industry Association’s (HFIA) 13th annual Hawaii’s Wood Show ran through September 14.Pat Kramer won First place in the turning category. There were entries from several others of our club members including: Sharon Doughtie, Hank Whittington, Andy Cole, and Bill Ichinose. HFIA’s website is www.hawaiiforest.org

Please think about what your personal level of participation will be in the year 2006 and how you can contribute to making the Honolulu Woodturners club a better organization. Nomination and election of officers for 2006 will be held at the November 8, meeting.

The board consists of:
          President – Ralph Goto is President Elect
          Vice President

We will also need folks to volunteer to be on the program and challenge committees.

An announcement was made that Woodcraft is now stocking Makita electric and gas chain saws.

Betty Scarpino, a world class turner and demonstrator, will be on Oahu November 5 and 6. She will hold an all-day demonstration on Saturday, November 5, and a hand-on class on Sunday, November 6. We are looking for someone to host Betty. E-mail Stewart_Chow or call 261-3121 if you can help or for more information. Additional information on the demonstration will be sent out as the date approaches. Betty's website is www.bettyscarpino.com

David Higa, Doug Bowers, and Craig Mason all brought in wood to share with us. The wood included milo, black acacia, sea grape, and kamani.

Available for sale at the meeting were T-shirts and caps embroidered with the club logo. They sell for $12.50 each. E-mail Andy_Cole or call 739-1050 to check on availability, reserve, or purchase any of them.

Andy Cole gave a professional, entertaining, and informative demonstration on his method of turning a both pens and bottle stoppers. He took us through a step-by-step procedure from selecting the wood, drilling the puka, turning and finishing. Andy feels a couple of the most important areas of a fine pen are grain alignment and smooth transition between the wood and metal parts of the pen. Andy used Mylands Friction Polish for the finish. As a special prize, Andy offered his demonstration pen to the person whose birthday was closest to the meeting date. Danny Krenwinkel was the lucky recipient.

Andy then went through the procedures of turning and making bottle stoppers. He uses blocks of about 1½’’ x 1½’’ x 2’’ for the top with 3/8 inch dowels and cork stoppers.

As a follow-up to Andy’s demonstration, and part of November’s challenge, members willing to participate were supplied with corks and dowels to make bottle stoppers. Craig Mason brought in many pieces of different kinds of dry woods to use in making either pens or bottle stoppers.

In an attempt to encourage more participation, multiple prizes are being awarded at the meeting for the challenges. Each meeting a participation prize winner will be drawn from the people who enter a piece in either of the challenges or in the instant gallery. Prizes will also be awarded to the top winners in the challenges. This meeting we had excellent participation with about 17 individuals bring in pieces. Many brought in pieces for both challenges in addition to the instant gallery.

Prizes included club cap, T-shirt, a milo log, kamani bowl blanks, gift certificates, sanding belts, and exotic pen and bottle blanks.

Dean Mailheau was the lucky winner of the participation prize.

The September challenge was either a confetti lamp or a turned and carved piece.

Challenge ~ Turned and carved:
  1st Ed Potter Trent Bosch style vessel within a vessel, dyed and textured made from lychee and curly koa
  2nd Craig Mason Norfolk Pine piece carved with a chain saw
  3rd Gordon Tang free form flat cinnamon burl with a turned base     
Challenge ~ Confetti Lamp:
  1st Nick Tomihama elaborate mango and hau piece
  2nd Larry Rodrigues milo thin stemmed lamp (no finial)
  3rd Ed Potter Norfolk Pine with the knots forming rays on the top
Instant Gallery:
    Ralph Togashi 2 detailed walnut and maple bowls on pedestals
    Ed Potter  hala vessel
    Tim Freeman lidded rosewood box
    Bill Ichinose square teak bowl with birch legs
    Craig Mason  Eastern red cedar confetti lamp
    Tom Young  hau bowl, narra Trent Bosch style vessel, and spalted mango bowl
    Andy Cole milo platter
    Craig Mason  maple and cherry Bonnie Klein style stool
    Larry Rodrigues unique westeria natural edge piece (sapwood is dark while heartwood is light

Certificates for the past winners of the challenges were created and presented by Bill Ichinose.

The challenge for November will again have two categories. You are encouraged to enter both. One category is to turn a bottle stopper and the other is to turn a pen.

The Instant Gallery can be anything you've turned, examples of how to do something, mistakes, or pleas for help. Anything goes!

The November meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 6:00 p.m., at the Woodcraft warehouse. The meetings are the second Tuesday of the odd months.

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated September 13, 2005