November Newsletter


Honolulu Woodturners
A Chapter of the
American Association of Woodturners

Newsletter ~ November 8, 2005

The November meeting of the Honolulu Woodturners Club was brought to order by President Ed Potter at 6:00 p.m.

Visitors Guava Bob Furin and Dave Chandler introduced themselves and told us a little about themselves.

Ed called for nominations for the 2006 club officers. David Higa, David Chung, and Gordon Tang were nominated for Vice President. Sandy Rhines was nominated for Treasurer. Tom Young was nominated for Secretary. The Vice Presidential candidates each gave a little talk on the direction they would like to see the club take. Prominent points mentioned were more and individual attention paid to the more novice turners. According to club bylaws, the Vice President is the President-Elect for the following year.

The new board:
    President Ralph Goto   247-2424
    Vice President Gordon Tang   623-1010
    Treasurer Sandy Rhines   261-0041
    Secretary Tom Young   395-4734

The Program and Challenge committees need to be populated. Please e-mail Ralph_Goto or call 247-2424 if you are willing to help on either committee. For the club to be a success, we need volunteers for these positions.

We are also looking for an audio/visual coordinator. Thanks to Stewart Chow, the club has video equipment, but need someone to operate the camera for the demonstrations.

Treasurer, Sandy Rhines gave us the Treasury Report: We were $320.13 short of covering expenses for Betty Scarpino's recent demonstration. The current balance in the club treasury is $3,405.43.

There is going to be a collectible show in February at the Neal Blaisdell Center. There was some discussion of the club buying a table at the show and turners who sell items would donate a percentage to the club to pay for the table. The table would need to be manned by members during the three day show. If interested, or for more information, contact Ed_Potter or 672-6947.

We received an e-mail from the American Association of Woodturners reminding chapter members to join or renew their membership in the AAW before January 15th. As an added bonus for joining or renewing for 2006, all members will receive FREE the 'Fundamentals of Sharpening Video' DVD. This video was made by four of the worlds best known turners to share their methods so that all turners could learn to sharpen properly. The AAW Board of Directors has decided that as an added bonus for our members, that one Delta lathe will be awarded to an individual who either renews his/her AAW membership, or joins the AAW for 2006 on or prior to January 15, 2006. (This includes members who have joined for several years at one time to include 2006). The winner will be selected by a random drawing from a pool of members joining or renewing during this period. The winner will be called and asked the name of his/her chapter. That chapter will win the second Delta lathe. This could be us!

The November challenges were a bottle stopper or a pen.

Challenge ~ Bottle Stopper:
  1st David Higa kamani and koa
  2nd Dougie Bowers padauk
  3rd Andy Cole cocobolo
  3rd Larry Rodrigues pheasant wood
  3rd Tom Young koa
Honorable Mention:
    Tim Freeman  
    Ralph Goto  
    Gordon Tang  
    David Chung  
    Ken Nielsen  
Challenge ~ Pen:
  1st Charles Gerdes laminated koa and acrylic pen
  2nd Larry Rodrigues koa pen
  3rd Nick Tomihama yew pen
Honorable Mention:
    Tim Freeman  
    Ray Beauchemin  
    Ed Potter  
    Ralph Goto  
    Andy Cole  
    Tom Young  
Instant Gallery:
    David Chung spalted mango bowl and a large jacaranda bowl 
    Bill Ichinose Douglas fir platter decorated with black watercolor on front and back
    Jon Tuthill end grain turned calabashes of milo, kamani, Singapore plumeria and jacaranda
    Nick Tomihama two small bowls (koa and milo)
    Larry Rodrigues two bowls, one hexagon shaped koa and one rectangle shaped mango
    Tim Freeman one spalted mango lidded bowl
    Charles Gerdes pens made from recycled wood and acrylic
David Higa
Dougie Bowers









The participation prize was won by Dougie Bowers.

In lieu of a demonstration, we had a gift exchange. Each in attendance had their name placed into a hat. As each name was called, they had the opportunity to pick a wrapped gift or to chose a gift that someone had already received and opened. The gifts included tools: a skew chisel; several hollowing tools; finished bowls and vessels; gift certificates to Woodcraft and Craft Supplies; apparel with club logo; turning blanks; burls; and thanks to a donation by Rob Hale, a Delta Lathe.

Ed thanked various members for helping him during the year.

The next meeting is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. at the Woodcraft Store warehouse. The meetings are the second Tuesday of the odd months.

The challenge for January will again have two categories. One category is to turn set of nested bowls and the other is to turn a calabash. The calabash must be six inches or under cubed (maximum size is 6'' x 6'' x 6''). 

You are encouraged to enter both challenges and to bring pieces in to share in the Instant Gallery.

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated November 8, 2005