January Newsletter


Honolulu Woodturners
A Chapter of the
American Association of Woodturners

Newsletter ~ January 11, 2005

The club officers for the year 2005 are:
          Ed Potter, President
          Ralph Goto, Vice President
          Sandy Rhines, Treasurer
          Tom Young, Secretary

The following were visitors to the meeting:
          Mark Velarde
          Charles Gerdes
          Ronaele Whittington

Stewart Chow gave an update on his efforts to secure outside demonstrators for the club. He has been in contact, and trying to set up something with Trent Bosch www.trentbosch.com and Mike Mahoney www.bowlmakerinc.com

Annual membership fees are $25. For those who are not up-to-date with their dues, please send a check, payable to Honolulu Woodturners to:
          Sandy Rhines, Treasurer
          Honolulu Woodturners
          611 North Kainalu Dr.
          Kailua, Hawaii

Stewart Chow's annual Christmas craft fair included items donated by 13 members. Total club sales amounted to $516 with a profit for the club of $191. The following members who donated to the sale had their dues waived for the year 2005: Ed Potter, Bill Ichinose, Lee Cole, Andy Cole, Larry Rodrigues, David Chung, Craig Mason, Jon Tuthill, Rob Hale, Stewart Chow, Gordon Tang, Jim Orrick, and Tom Young.

The club, under the direction of Ed Potter, would also like to institute a mentor program to help turners improve their skills or learn different techniques. This program is aimed primarily for the novice turners, but open to anyone. If you would like to have your name included on the list, let Tom_Young know. The following have volunteered to share their knowledge and experience with their fellow turners:
  Stewart Chow stewart_chow@honoluluwoodturners.org 261-3121
  David Chung david_chung@honoluluwoodturners.org 247-7099
  Bill Ichinose bill_ichinose@honoluluwoodturners.org 988-6292
  Craig Mason craig_mason@honoluluwoodturners.org 254-2888
  Jim Orrick jim_orrick@honoluluwoodturners.org 261-0289
  Ed Potter ed_potter@honoluluwoodturners.org 672-6947
  Tom Young tom_young@honoluluwoodturners.org 95-4734

Each have different areas of expertise, and different time schedules, so feel free to contact anyone and see if you can set something up.

Honolulu Woodturners is in the initial stages of designing a webpage. Dennis Feinberg, our webmaster, has the first page of our web presence. The URL is www.honoluluwoodturners.com

Available for sale at the meeting were T-shirts and caps embroidered with the club logo. The caps and shirts look great. The T-shirts are in four different colors and the caps in three colors. They sell for $12.50 each. We also have polo shirts for $25. Contact Andy Cole at 739-1050 to reserve or purchase any of them.

There was some misunderstanding about the longan tree that came down in Aina Haina. The tree cutters ground up more than expected. Jon Tuthill has some chunks at his mother's place. Call Jon at 988-3306 in you would like to pick up a piece.

Jon Tuthill and Andy Cole jointly presented the program for the meeting. They demonstrated use of two coring systems. Jon demonstrated the system marketed by Oneway. Andy cored a natural edge blank using the system developed by Kel McNaughton.

Jon has offered cored mango blanks for anyone who wants. Give him a call at 988-3306 if you're interested in a blank.

Craig Mason chairs the Challenge Committee which is made up of Andy Cole, Rob Hale, Jon Tuthill, David Higa, Bill Ichinose, and David Chung. One of their goals is to get everyone in the club involved in the challenges. They intend to have more than one challenge each meeting and will attempt to come up with challenge projects that novice turners can complete. The committee has come up with a few rules for the challenges.
  1. The piece has to have involved woodturning in some part of its manufacture.
  2. If you enter a piece, you had to have a hand in making it. A collaborative effort is acceptable.
  3. If a piece fits more than one challenge category, it can only be entered in one category.
  4. If a piece has been entered in a previous challenge, it cannot be entered again in another.

There will be multiple prizes awarded at the meeting. A participation prize winner will be drawn from the people who enter a piece in either of the challenges or in the instant gallery. Prizes will also be awarded to the top choices in the challenges.

The challenge for this month was to bring in the first piece you ever turned, or if you don't have it, the oldest one you do have. There was outstanding participation with 24 pieces entered in this challenge.

Challoenge ~ First Turning  
  1st Tom Young koa box with a buckeye lid  
  2nd Jon Tuthill staved form made from Douglas fir  
  3rd Jerry Cornell Norfolk pine bowl  
  4th Dennis Feinberg Norfolk pine bowl  
  5th Andy Cole lidded box made out of mango  
Instant Gallery:  
    Andy Cole natural edge olive bowl  
    Jon Tuthill many pieces turned from blanks he created using his Oneway coring tool. Included were a traditional Hawaiian style kou container, milo end-grain bowls, shower end-grain bowls, a mahogany nested set, and bowls made out of pheasant, lychee, and mango  
    Ed Potter large side-grain Norfolk pine bowl and a winged natural edge milo bowl based on Craig Mason's demonstration last year  
Tom Young







The prizes consisted of Sony Open gift certificates, a piece of maple burl, and a gift certificate to Craft supply.

Craig Mason made a motion, and it was approved, that the club provide up to $50 per meeting for prizes. The committee will continue to solicit donations.

The March challenge will be either an egg shape or a hollow form. The definition of a hollow form is the opening must be no larger than one-third of the diameter.

The lucky winner of the participation prize was Tom Young.

Ed Potter will host the initial off-month meeting in February. You can bring wood, tools, whatever, or you can use Ed's. Most importantly, bring ideas/inspiration. The date is Saturday, February 12, from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Drop in anytime as your schedule permits. The day will be followed by an evening cookout. If you want to bring family to the cookout portion, feel free. Ed needs to know how many will be attending the cookout by February 8, so he can lay-in supplies. E-mail Ed_Potter or call 672-6947.
  Ed Potter
  92-1270 Hunekai Street
Driving directions:
  H1 West to Kapolei/Makakilo exit
  Turn right on Makakilo Drive to top of hill (about 2.3 miles)
  At top of hill, there will be a park (ball fields) on the left, take the second left past
the park (Kikaha Street)
  Go 100 feet and take the first right (Hunekai Street)
  Go another 400 feet and his house will be on left (address on mailbox)

Ralph Goto has been in contact with Robert Hamada of Kauai attempting to set up a discussion or talk at one of the meetings. Robert Hamada has an exhibit at The Contemporary Museum located at the First Hawaiian Bank Center in downtown Honolulu. The exhibit continues through January 25, 2005. Mr. Hamada also has a book and DVD for sale. Order forms may be picked up at Woodcraft on a shelf in the Turning Section.

Ralph also thanked Bill Ichinose for helping to solve electronic problems on his lathe. He suggested we now have a local technical support expert.

Ralph suggested the club look into the possibility of buying a lathe to be used for demos and member's use. He also suggested funds be spent on a coring system to be made available to the club members.

Ralph extended an invitation to anyone who would like to try his Oneway coring system. If interested, you need to call Ralph and work out a schedule. Please call his cell 479-1610.

Ed Potter is considering something for members to display and sell their work. After the meeting I received the following e-mail from Ed Potter:


During our meeting, I briefly mentioned a concept I was trying to develop that would allow members to sell their work at a club-sponsored event. After the meeting, Hartley Cole suggested we consider setting up a table at the Flea Market. I think the idea has merit and would be a good “first step” towards possibly sponsoring a show of our own in the future.

If there is sufficient interest, here’s the proposal:

  1. Folks that want to participate will split the cost of the table evenly. I think the booths are $50.00 each. Depending on interest, this likely means just a few bucks per person.
  2. 10% of the sales will go to the club treasury – 90% to the turner.
  3. We’ll create a schedule between those interested to set-up, man, and take down the table(s).

Please let me know if you would like to participate. I believe we’ll try to do this sometime in the month of April so folks have time to get some pieces together. I’d also like to get a volunteer to coordinate this if there is sufficient interest. Please let me know by 15 Feb if you’d like to participate (and/or coordinate).


The Woodcraft store is selling koa logs at a reasonable board foot price. If you are interested, contact the store for more information.

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated January 11, 2005