September Newsletter


Honolulu Woodturners
A Chapter of the
American Association of Woodturners

Newsletter ~ September 14, 2004

The meeting was called to order at 6:15 p.m. by President Andy Cole.

Each member is requested to wear a name tag at the meeting. It helps us all, particularly the newer members. You are encouraged to make your own or Andy will supply blank paste-on tags upon which to write your name.

The Hawaii Forest Industry Association’s (HFIA) annual show continues through September 19, at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center. Several club members received awards including Jon Tuthill (First Place), Sharon Doughtie (Honorable Mention), and Pat Kramer (Best of Show). HFIA’s website is www.hawaiiforest.org

Andy reported on his trip to the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) Orlando Symposium. He attended numerous 90 minute demonstrations. He also purchased, for very reasonable prices, several exotic turning woods such as pink ivory. Andy had an informative and enjoyable time.

The Honolulu Woodturners is a chapter of the American Association of Woodturners. Members are encouraged to join the parent organization. The yearly fee is $35, most of which is applied to the subscription of American Woodturner magazine. The association’s web site is www.woodturner.org

Mike Johansen has spearheaded the club effort to purchase T-shirts and caps embroidered with the club logo. The initial shipment of 48 T-shirts and 24 caps came in and they look great. The T-shirts are in four different colors and the caps in three colors. They sold for an introductory price of $12.50 each. About half of the inventory sold.

The club is sponsoring an all-day demonstration by world-class wood turner Alan Lacer. Alan is well known in turning circles as a master skew practitioner.

    Date:    Saturday, October 9, 2004
    Place: to be determined
(either at Woodcraft warehouse or Stewart Chow’s studio)
    Time:     to be determined (all-day)
    Cost:  (includes lunch) Members $40, if paid prior to September 25; $55 thereafter -- Non-members $55  
    Send your check, payable to Honolulu Woodturners, to:
      Dennis Feinberg, Treasurer
      Honolulu Woodturners
      268 Akahi Place
      Kailua, Hawaii
Two new chapter members were introduced and welcomed. Debbie Baswell lives in Kailua. Her husband is stationed in Iraq. Lee Cole is retired military living in the Tripler area.

We also had visitors from Australia at the meeting. Ross and Sandy Schrapel belong to the Murraylands Woodturners Club in South Australia, Australia. They are staying at the Ohana Reef Hotel on Lewers Street until Monday, September 20. If you have some extra time you would like to share with them, the hotel number is 924-8844,  Room 609. 

Andy asked each member to introduce themselves. He asked each say something about themselves, such as how many hours they turn per week, and what would be their dream wood. 

Andy mentioned that we have had four ‘open shops’ this year and there has been good response and interest. If anyone is interested in opening their shop to the members, please contact Andy at 739-1050, Andy_Cole or Tom at 395-4734, Tom_Young The purpose of the ‘shop open house’ is to give club members a chance to see how others have set up their shops, check out the works in progress, relax, talk story, and share ideas with each other.

Dave Higa made an announcement that he knows of a Jet mini lathe for sale. Contact Dave at 235-6222 or David_Higa for more information.

Please think about what your personal level of participation will be in the year 2005 and how you can contribute to making the Honolulu Woodturners club a better organization. Nomination and election of officers for 2005 will be held at the November 9, meeting.

The board consists of:
               President -- Ed Potter is President Elect
               Vice President

Program Committee -- (2 or more)
Challenge Committee -- (2 or more)

The Program and Challenge Committees need not be elected, but may be appointed.

Lee Cole mentioned that he has access to pieces of Corian. If interested, contact Lee at 834-4010 or hartleycole223@hotmail.com

Tom Young’s challenge winner from the July meeting has been accepted by Twigs and Leaves Gallery, Waynesville, North Carolina, for their October Crawlers, Creepers, Fliers, Leapers III show. Their website is at www.twigsandleaves.com

Stewart Chow said he has a Christmas craft fair at his place in Kailua every year. He is willing to display and sell items made by the club members to raise funds for our treasury. Pieces donated need not be turned, as a small box or picture frame would sell equally well as a turned ornament or small bowl. Any piece will be gladly accepted. Anyone donating a piece will have their local chapter dues waived for the year 2005. Bring donations to the November meeting.

Pat Kramer suggested the club hui up to purchase supplies such as sandpaper and CA glue. Typically, if we buy as a club in bulk, we can receive a discount price.

Rob Hale has a possible source for monkeypod wood. For more information, contact Rob at 395-6876 or Rob_Hale

Sharon Doughtie gave us a demonstration on several ways of embellishing your turnings.

Sharon suggests using a 6B pencil to draw your design on the wood. Then she demonstrated how to outline a design by using a wood burning tool. She recommends rotating the piece, rather than your hand, to get smooth curves. Then Sharon burned texturing inside the outlined areas. Sharon suggests, if you are going to buy wood burning tools, fixed tips are better than replaceable tips. She also said there are many different tips available, but finds she only uses a few.

Sharon demonstrated a two-part bleach on three different woods, kamani, kou, and milo. The bleach only penetrates the wood a very little. Carving on the bleached area would give a nice contrast in the texturing. Sharon pointed out that when using chemicals one should always be safety conscious and use eye and hand protection.

Sharon then demonstrated a wood dying technique using leather dye. First she put a couple of coats of shellac over the piece. The shellac will close the pores and grain so the dye won’t seep or run. This also makes it easier to clean up ‘oops’. She uses denatured alcohol and Q-Tips to clean up mistakes. Sharon wears special magnifier glasses called Mag Eyes. Their website is www.mageyes.com She uses a good quality, small paint brush to dab on the dye. If doing multiple coats, seal the coats with Krylon Fixitif. After the final coat has dried, spray the piece with Krylon Matte or Satin finish.

Sharon then demonstrated a rotary and reciprocating tool manufactured by a company named WeCheer. She used the tool to carve and texture the demonstration piece. The tool has an easy-to-hold flexible hand piece. One place to buy the WeCheer tool is The Old Texas Woodcarvers Shop. Their web site is www.texaswoodcarvers.com

The challenge for September was to turn something either from a non-traditional material or to incorporate a non-traditional material into a wood turning.

Challenge ~ Non-Traditional Material
  1st Jon Tuthill turned a laminated maple platter with the lamination being a tinted opaque epoxy. Jon also brought in a couple of epoxy and plywood laminated pieces.
  2nd Ed Potter piece had an amphora shaped hollow form resting on a piece of burl bark. The bark was supported by three marble pyramids.
  3rd Larry Rodrigues heliotrope hollow form which had inlace dots, inlace inlay, and a Corian rim
Honorable Mention:
    Andy Cole cinnamon bowl on which he used tinted epoxy to fill some of the voids
    Tom Young small white Corian wasabe dish with intersecting black veneer strips
Instant Gallery:
    Jon Tuthill brought in four stave bowls showing different grain orientation
    Ed Potter shared a large mahogany platter on which he had carved and textured a starfish. Ed also brought in a multi-axis embellished longan piece.
    Tom Young brought in four pieces, including a box elder bowl, a koa hollow form, a cedar bowl, and a koa bowl.
    Larry Rodrigues brought in several Christmas ornaments.
    Bill Ichinose shared a large bocate lidded vessel. The lid had laser engraving on it.
    Andy Cole brought in a couple of mango bowls and a lychee bowl.
Dave Higa brought in some curly lychee to share with anyone who wanted.

Ross and Sandy Schrapel, our visitors from Australia, donated to the club numerous pieces of Australian wood. The wood included, red and pink gum, murray pine, silky oak, Tasmanian acacia, lace sheoak, and jarrah.

The challenge for the November is to make something out of Australian wood.

Those entering a piece in either the challenge, or the instant gallery, are eligible for a participation prize. This month, as a bonus, all of the entrants had first pick of the Australian wood. In addition, the lucky winner of the drawing was Jon Tuthill. The prize is a $15 gift certificate to Craft Supplies.

The November meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 9. The meeting will be held at Woodcraft’s warehouse, located behind the retail store, beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated September 14, 2004