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Honolulu Woodturners
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American Association of Woodturners

Newsletter ~ November 9, 2004

The meeting was convened at 6:00 p.m. by President-Elect Ed Potter.

Ed requested that all members fill out a questionnaire to help the 2005 board better understand your desires and to help guide the club's direction.

More Woodturning published an article by Bob Heltman praising Andy Cole's string compass.

Ed Potter, Doug Bowers, and Craig Mason all brought in wood to share. The wood included milo, plumeria, and cinnamon.

Andy Cole auctioned off a couple of items made by Alan Lacer. First was the lidded box containing miniature spinning tops. The winning bidder was Lee Cole with a bid of $100. It was Lee's suggestion that Alan make a miniature egg for the handle. Andy Cole's $50 bid was the winner for the hook tool Alan made. All money goes to the club treasury.

Andy thanked various members for helping him during the year. Included were Stewart Chow for always being available for anything and everything; Tom Young for designing the club logo; David Higa for always seeming to have wood available; Dennis Feinberg for serving as treasurer and working on the set-up of a club website; Ralph Goto for always being available to help and for entertaining visiting demonstrators; and Bill Ichinose for making the certificate awards for the challenges.

Andy called for nominations for the 2005 club officers: Sandy Rhines and Ralph Goto were nominated for Vice President. Sandy had indicated her preference to defer to Ralph Goto. Tom Young was nominated for Secretary and Sandy Rhines was nominated for Treasurer.

The 2005 board:
    President Ed Potter
    Vice President Ralph Goto
    Treasurer Sandy Rhines
    Secretary Tom Young

Andy Cole has been appointed to head the Program Committee.

Craig Mason will chair the Challenge Committee.

Stewart Chow will continue as our 2005 visiting demonstrator coordinator.

Dennis Feinberg has volunteered to continue seeing the website project to completion.

Sharon Doughtie will coordinate the off-month meetings.

Lee Cole has taken responsibility as the video camera operator.

We are also establishing a Welcoming Committee for next year. The committee will consist of David Higa, David Chung, and Tom Young. The club will attempt to make visitors feel welcome and encourage them to join the club. In order to perpetuate the club we need new members and new ideas.

Membership dues for the year 2005 will be $25. The dues will be pro-rated in that folks who pay January through March will owe $25; April through June, $20; July through September $15; and October through December will be at a rate of $10.

Robert Hamada has an exhibit at The Contemporary Museum located at the First Hawaiian Bank Center in downtown Honolulu. The exhibit continues through January 25, 2005.

Uwe and Natalia Dost have opened Dost Studio Gallery at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Alii Tower Plaza.

We received a catalog from Treeline -- The Woodcraft Specialist. The company specializes in carving, wood burning, and general wood crafting supplies. Their website is www.treelineusa.com or you may call 1-800-598-2743 to request a catalog.

T-shirts and hats with the club logo are for sale at $12.50 each. We now have sizes Small through XXL in white, dark blue, maroon, and light green. You can reserve your shirts via e-mail at andy_cole@honoluluwoodturners.org  They can either be picked up at Andy Cole's place or will be held until the January meeting. The hats should be in shortly and will be available in two-tone combinations (khaki with blue, green, or charcoal bill) as well as a few solid blue and green hats. Also received are sample polo shirts in tan and green in Large and X-Large, but we are waiting for price confirmation. Thanks to Mike Johansen for his efforts in getting our clothing.

We had two visitors at the meeting; George Baker and Bill Sode.

Stewart Chow demonstrated the techniques used to make a hook tool. He followed the guidelines written and previously demoed by Alan Lacer. The instructions are available at Alan Lacer's website: www.alanlacer.com At the bottom of the home page is a link named 'Alan's Handouts'. He used a 9 inch length of 3/8 inch tool steel to make the tool. The steel is available in 12 foot lengths so it was suggested the club buy a rod and cut it into about 15 pieces to be available at about $8.50 each. This is a likely candidate for one of the off-month, hands-on, programs.

Ed Potter will host the initial off-month meeting in February. You can bring wood, tools, whatever (or you can use Ed's) -- most importantly, bring ideas/inspiration. The date is Saturday, February 12, from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Drop in anytime as your schedule permits. The day will be followed by an evening cookout. If you want to bring family to the cookout portion, feel free. Ed needs to know how many will be attending the cookout by February 8, so he can lay-in supplies. E=mail Ed_Potter or call 672-6947.

               Ed Potter
               92-1270 Hunekai St.
Driving directions:
               H1 West to Kapolei/Makakilo exit. 
               Turn right on Makakilo Drive to top of hill (about 2.3 miles).
               At top of hill, there will be a park on the left, take the second left past the park
               Go 100 feet and take the first right (Hunekai Street).  
               Go another 400 feet and his house will be on left (address on mailbox).  

The challenge for November was to make something out of Australian wood.

Challenge ~ Australian Wood:
  1st Larry Rodrigues lidded red gum hollow form topped with a finial
  2nd David Chung large Tasmanian rose myrtle burl platter
  3rd Craig Mason used sheoak and jarrah to create his piece
Honorable Mention:
    Bill Ichinose myrtle bowl with hickory liner and walnut cover
    Jon Tuthill a curly myrtle platter and a small pink gum bowl
    Rob Hale used acacia dealbata to create a 'Three Sisters' set with embellished tops
    Andy Cole sheoak bowl
    Tom Young red gum bowl
Instant Gallery:
    Andy Cole two large natural edge eucalyptus bowls and a small spalted mango vessel
    Larry Rodrigues a poi pounder turned from narra wood
    Craig Mason a bowl of unknown wood and asked for help in identifying it. He also shared a stool of quilted and curly maple turned by Bonnie Klein. The wood was gorgeous and the work was a classic demonstration of duplicate turning with the legs and rungs seeming exact matches.
    Lee Cole brought in a box of very curly pens
    Tom Young a textured and dyed a mango hollow form and a piece of rough turned, warped Chinaberry
    David Chung a large Norfolk pine bowl that he picked up from one of the wood alerts
    Jim Orrick made an oil lamp out of pakalan

Jon Tuthill received the participation prize for entering a piece in either the challenge or the instant gallery.

Stewart Chow has a Christmas craft fair at his place in Kailua every year. He is willing to display and sell items made by the club members to raise funds for our treasury. Pieces donated need not be turned, as a box or picture frame would sell equally well as a turned ornament or small bowl. Any piece will be gladly accepted. Anyone donating to the craft fair will have their local chapter dues waived for the year 2005. The fair runs several weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Deliver your donations to Stewart's place at:
               Stewart Chow
               169 Mookua St.

Dennis Feinberg, our treasurer, reports the following:
               Balance as of 01/03/04 $3,765.05
               Balance as of 10/31/04 $3,756.93

Submitted by Tom Young


Following are the results of the questionnaire survey (note: Not all of the questions were answered):


Members who responded to survey:
  Ray Beauchemin Stewart Chow David Chung Andy Cole
  Jerry Cornel Sharon Doughtie Ralph Goto Rob Hale
  David Higa Bill Ichinose Pat Kramer Mike Johansen
  Larry Rodrigues Craig Mason Ed Potter Gordon Tang
  Jon Tuthill Tom Young    
1. What demonstrators would you like us to pursue for 2005/2006?
  Soren Berger Trent Bosch Christian Burchard Don Derry
  Cindy Drozda David Ellsworth Russ Fairfield Mike Hosulak
  William Hunter Dale Larson Mike Lee John Jordan
  Ron Kent Mike Mahoney Binh Pho Stephen Russell
  Betty Scarpino Hayley Smith Malcolm Tibbetts Hans Weisflog
  Comments: Quality turners who we don't have to pay for airfare.
2. What topics would you like to see covered during the program session of club meetings?
  Air brushing Carving Chucking methods Collaborative piece
  Vacuum chuck Design Drums Embellishing
  Finishing Mixing finishes Hollow forms Organizations
  Equiptment layout Long-hole drilling Pen making Roughing methods
  Sales & Marketing Sharpening Specialized tools Spiral work
  Split turnings Texturing Wood ID Turning topics
Topics related to techniques where someone shows how they do what they do.
Open question session each meeting for 'How to' discussions.
3. Is there a topic that you would like to demonstrate for the club?
  Andy Cole Yes, but not sure what
  Pat Kramer Ways to approach roughing out, coring
  Ed Potter Turning/embellishing spheres
  Jon Tuthill Oneway coring system
4. Please prioritize (list top 6) challenge topics you would like to see the club do next year.
  Burl turning 1 Calabash/umeke 1 Carved turnings 4 Chair 1
  Collaborative 1 Colored turnings 1 Duplicate 3 Dyed finish 1
  Embellished 2 Egg 3 Furniture 3 Glued-up blanks 1
  Goblet 1 Hollow form 7 Irregular shaped 1 Ladle 1
  Lamp 5 Lamp shade 1 Less used local woods 1 Lidded box 4
  Mistakes, fixing 1 Mixed media 1 Multi center 1 Multi wood 1
  Instruments 1 Natural Edge 4 Nested bowls 2 Non-traditional medial 1
  Off-center 1 Oil lamp 1 Painting 1 Pens 1
  Platters 1 Scoop 1 Segmented 3 Sphere 3
  Spiral 1 Split turnings 2 Spoon 1 Stool 2
  Table (legs & top) 1 Textured bowl 1 Tool fabrication 1 Top -- longest spinning 1
  Top -- throw top 1 Vase 1 Vessel -- fluted 1  
  Comments: Coordinate the challenge and program to demonstrate technique prior to challenge.
5. Where would you like to hold club meetings? (some marked both).
  Woodcraft 12 Stewart Chow’s 10 Other 0  
6. If nominated, in which of the following club offices would you be most interested in serving (prioritize 1-3)?
  President Jerry Cornell (1) Bill Ichinose (2)  
  Vice President Ralph Goto (1)    
  Secretary Stewart Chow (2) Jerry Cornell (2) Bill Ichinose (1)
    Tom Young (1) Craig Mason (1)  
  Treasurer Stewart Chow (1) Andy Cole (1) Jerry Cornell (1)
    Bill Ichinose (3) Craig Mason (1)  
7. Please list the committee you would most like to assist with:
  Program Ralph Goto Gordon Tang  
  Challenge David Chung Andy Cole Jerry Cornell
    Rob Hale David Higa Bill Ichinose
    Craig Mason Gordon Tang Jon Tuthill
8. On a trial basis, we will be holding 'off-month' sessions.
    Those in interested in attending this sort of event:
  Ray Beauchemin Stewart Chow David Chung Andy Cole
  Jerry Cornell Sharon Doughtie Ralph Goto Rob Hale
  David Higa Bill Ichinose Pat Kramer Mike Johansen
  Craig Mason Ed Potter Larry Rodrigues Gordon Tang
  John Tuthill Tom Young    
    Those willing to host a session:
  Ed Potter Stewart Chow David Chung Andy Cole
  Jerry Cornell Sharon Doughtie Ralph Goto Rob Hale
  David Higa Pat Kramer Craig Mason Tom Young
9. The club dues are $25.00/yr. These have been offset in the recent past, however, there is interest among some of the club members/officers to expand the use of treasury funds:
  1. Help offset the cost of bringing outside demonstrators in:
    yes 14 no 2  
  2. Buy club assets:
    yes 14 no 3  
  Comment: Use treasury funds for challenge prizes.
10. Dennis Feinberg has volunteered to continue seeing the website project to fruition. Those who have expertise and would like to help:
  Rob Hale Bill Ichinose Pat Kramer Tom Young
11. We would like to designate an official club photographer. Those who have the expertise, equipment, and willingness to photograph club member turnings during regularly scheduled meetings:
  Bill Ichinose Tom Young    


The following comments and interpretation are by President Ed Potter on the results of our questionnaire/survey. 

These are the actions we will take on the results of the survey:

1. We will try to set up demos by (in priority order):
  1) Trent Bosch    
  2) Mike Mahoney    
  3) David Ellsworth    
  4) Mike Lee    
  5) Binh Pho    
  6) Betty Scarpino    
  7) John Jordan    
  Of course we will take advantage of any quality turners that are “targets of opportunity” – folks passing through.
2. The six top topics wished to see covered during the program session of club meetings:
  1) Finishing    
  2) Tree & wood identification    
  3) Sharpening    
  4) Chucking Methods    
  5) Roughing out methods    
  6) Texturing    
  7) Embellishing    
  Andy will work to include these topics in our meeting programs. Many of the topics generated were very similar in nature. There will probably be an opportunity to cover most of them in combination with others. I would also like to get a list of folks willing to act as “mentors” on some of these (perhaps others) subjects. If you have expertise on any of the listed topics, please let Tom know and we will put you on a list of folks willing to share their knowledge on a particular topic. I can’t turn a pen, but will sign up for chucking methods (intermediate), roughing out methods (intermediate), texturing (intermediate), and hollow forms (intermediate). Please give Tom your name, the subject matter you have expertise in, and your self-assessed capability in the subject (basic, intermediate, advanced).
3. We’ll let Andy decide how/if these demos might be used to satisfy the topics listed in question 2.
4. The six top challenge topics:
  1) Hollow Form    
  2) Lamp    
  3) Lidded Box    
  4) Natural Edge    
  5) Duplicate turnings    
  6) Egg    
  7) Segmented turning    
  8) Furniture    
  9) Sphere    
  10) Carved turning    
  Craig gets this one. Many of the topics were closely related or subsets of other topics (spoon/scoop, stool/furniture, etc. … (my egg and a sphere)). Craig has some thoughts on having two challenges for each meeting. I think that is a good idea that will generate more participation and allow folks more choice on what to produce -- Craig’s to run with.
5. A virtual tie as to where to hold club meetings. Since we will be conducting demos at Stewart’s shop, we will continue to hold club meetings at Woodcraft. That gives a little balance to the Leeward/Windward travel considerations (unless of course you live in Makakilo).
6. Thanks to all that stepped forward and volunteered to serve the club in some capacity.
7. Thanks to those that volunteered to give Craig and Andy a hand.
8. I was surprised at the positive results pertaining to off-month meetings. I will host the first session. You can bring wood, tools, whatever (or you can use mine) - most importantly, bring ideas/inspiration. It will be 12 Feb, open from 0900 – 1600 (we’ll be working throughout the day so drop in as your schedule permits), followed by an evening cookout 1700. If you want to bring family to the cookout portion, feel free. I just need to know how many will be attending the cookout by 8 Feb so I can lay-in supplies.
9. This was a contentious issue for me, but I was overwhelmingly out-voted. Here are the limitations I am setting on spending treasury funds:
  For demos:    
  1) We will partially offset the costs of any of the “top 6” (seven as it turned out) demonstrators listed in question 1 - no other demos will be offset. Stewart can use up to $1,000.00 this year.
  2) No demo will be offset more than 25%.
  For club assets:    
  1) By majority, club officers may authorize up to $200.00 in expenditure this year.
  2) By majority (of meeting attendees), the club may authorize up to $1,000.00 in expenditure this year.
  3) Some of the club assets purchased may be consumable (anchor seal for example). For consumable items, club members will be charged at cost so that the asset can be replenished.
  If we begin to generate income as a club, we can revisit these limitations.
10. Thanks for offering your assistance with the club website. Please talk to Dennis to see where you can help.
11. Bill Ichinose volunteered to act as club photographer. Please bring your set-up with you to the next club meeting and we will do a trial run on the instant gallery and challenge pieces.
For all members that participated – thanks. I hope we can build-on Andy’s (and his predecessors’) legacy.
  E. R. Potter President    
  Honolulu Woodturners    


Updated November 9, 2004