March Newsletter


Honolulu Woodturners
A Chapter of the
American Association of Woodturners

Newsletter ~ March 9, 2004

The meeting called to order at 6:00 p.m. by President Andy Cole.

New members present were: Mike Lawnsby, Eric Corn, and Ken Nielsen.

Andy asked that folks who had not filled out a questionnaire, to please do so. Basically, its purpose is to cultivate ideas on what the membership would like to see and the direction the club should take.

Andy requested each member wear a name tag at the meeting. It helps us all, particularly the newer members. You are encouraged to make your own or Andy will supply blank paste-on tags upon which to write your name.

Laurie Weisner brought in some nice pieces of milo to share with the members.

Donna Smith, a representative of Fun Factory, is looking to purchase a calabash bowl for use in a Hawaiian blessing for the opening of a new store in South Carolina. Anyone interested is encouraged to contact Donna at (808) 440-4122 or donna@ekfernandez.com

A new magazine, Woodturning Design, is now on the market. The magazine is published 4 times a year. They have a website at www.woodturningdesign.com To subscribe, print the following coupon and send in, with payment, to the address in the coupon.


Tom Young is hosting a ‘shop open house’ on Saturday, April 17, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The purpose of the ‘shop open house’ is to give club members a chance to see how others have set up their shops, check out the works in progress, relax, talk story, and share ideas with each other. Feel free to come anytime and stay for as little, or as long, as you like. I live in Kalama Valley in Hawaii Kai:
          1131 Kahului Street
           Phone: 395-4734
I will e-mail a reminder with directions and a map sometime around the first week of April.

Stewart Chow mentioned he is planning a ‘working’ open house, where folks can follow the progress of a bowl from start to finish.

Larry Rodrigues mentioned he thought his shop might be too small to hold an open house, but said anyone is welcome to get in touch with him and stop by.

The Don Derry demonstration was well received. Future demonstrations will be discussed after an accounting of the costs.

Andy handed out a questionnaire and asked members to fill it out. Basically, its purpose is to cultivate ideas on what the membership would like to see and the direction the club should take.

Ralph Goto is in the process of coordinating a tour of the private bowl collection of the Bishop Museum. This tour would be on a weekday. A signup sheet was passed around for interested folks to sign. More information will be made available when the tour is finalized.

The challenge for the meeting was something incorporating a ‘patch’.

Challenge ~ Patch:
  1st Larry Rodrigues Ponderosa pine piece with inlace used to patch the
natural voids
  2nd Bill Ichinose maple bowl and incorporated a laminated round patch
  3rd Andy Cole free-form patch on a spalted mango bowl
Honorable Mention:
    Craig Mason acacia confusium piece with butterfly patches
    David Higa longan vessel with koa butterfly patches.
    Stewart Chow mystery wood bowl with butterfly patches -- Stewart said the bowl was actually in two halves before he patched it
    Ray Beauchemin koa bowl with pine bowtie patches
    Tom Young koa bowl with plumeria patch
Instant Gallery:
    Ed Potter large Norfolk pine vessel that showed both spalting and red stain
    Larry Rodrigues natural edge bowl of curly mystery wood and a hollow form of beach heliotrope in which he used Don Derry’s hollowing tool
    Mike Johansen egg-shaped kaleidoscope made of purpleheart
    Tom Young a couple buckeye bowls and a bowl made of narra
    Bill Ichinose afrimosia platter on a pedestal
    Sandy Rhines curly piece of myrtle which she made bowl with square edges
    Eric Corn a couple of pens and a mallet
    Sharon Doughtie three very interesting Norfolk pine bowls -- one she called 'lace leaf’ which she carved lace leaves around the knots -- the other two had a carved Keltic knot designs -- one was ebonized with texture on the inside and smooth on the outside

The participation prize was a choice piece of rose myrtle donated by Ed Potter. The lucky winner for entering a piece in either the challenge, or the instant gallery, was Larry Rodrigues.

Dues for 2004 are $10. For those who have not already paid, please mail a check to:
          Dennis Feinberg
          268 Akahi Pl.
          Kailua, Hawaii

Mike Lee, one of Hawaii’s best known turners, was generous enough to give us a demonstration on multi-axis turning. Mike created a three-faceted bowl. Mike’s presentation was entertaining and informative.

The May meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 11. The meetings are scheduled for the second Tuesday of the odd numbered months and are held at the Woodcraft Store’s warehouse. Starting time is 6:00 p.m.

The challenge for the May meeting is something turned on multi-axis.

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated March 9, 2004