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Honolulu Woodturners
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American Association of Woodturners

Newsletter ~ January 13, 2004

The meeting called to order promptly at 6:00 p.m. by President Andy Cole.

New members introduced were: John and Laurie Weisner, Raymond Len, and Roger Williams.

We also had a return visitor from California, Gerry Davis. He is a member of California's Central Coast Woodturners. Gerry visited us last year and established friendships with several club members. Gerry brought an interesting box made of plywood to enter the challenge. He also brought a piece to share with us in the instant gallery. Gerry will be here through the first week of February and would be interested in spending time with members and, if invited, visiting their shop. He has a bus pass and can get to anywhere on the island. Gerry can be reached at 923-1827, room 2208.

Andy gave a 'welcoming' speech and outlined some of the things he hoped to accomplish as president. He presented many ideas for the challenge committee to consider. He also came up with several program suggestions for the program committee, including demonstrations on finishing and talks on tree identification.

Andy handed out a questionnaire and asked members to fill it out. Basically, its purpose is to cultivate ideas on what the membership would like to see and the direction the club should take.

Another idea Andy presented was to have a door prize, or raffle, at each meeting. Anyone entering a piece in the challenge or instant gallery will be eligible for the prize. Andy donated a nice piece of myrtle from Oregon for the participation prize. To be successful, we do need folks to participate in the challenges, instant gallery, or both. It's an ideal way to share our work with our fellow turners.

Andy asked that each member wear a name tag at the meeting. It helps us all, particularly the newer members, and yours truly, who attempts to write all these names down. You are encouraged to make your own or Andy will supply blank paste-on tags upon which to write your name.

Don Derry is scheduled to do a demonstration here on Saturday, February 28. Don is a professional woodturners and a polished instructor from the West Coast. Pre-demo cost for club members is $40, which will include lunch. Fees must be paid prior to January 31. Send checks to:
          Dennis Feinberg
          268 Akahi Pl.
          Kailua, Hawaii
Fees for non-members, or payment received after January 31, are $55. We are looking for someone to host Don while he is in Hawaii. Please consider it and if you can help, e-mail Andy_Cole or call 739-1050.  Additional information will be distributed as it becomes available.

Woodcraft is sponsoring a class given by world renown instructor, artist, and designer Bonnie Klein. There are two two-day classes scheduled for January 22, 23 and January 24, 25. This is hands-on instruction turning boxes with threaded lids. Included is lid decoration and surfacing techniques. Class size is limited to six students. Cost is $350. Call Woodcraft at 841-9876 for more information.

Hawaii Craftsmen, as part of their Aha Hana Lima program, has scheduled a demonstration by Jacques Vesery. Jacques is a well-known artist and his work is featured in many high-end galleries such as the Del Mano Gallery and The American Art Co. Jacques is an artisan creating turned wood pieces that reflect the spirit of nature. Jacques, a self taught artist, is greatly influenced by the source of his medium, the living tree and the great circle, which is life. His experience as a submariner in the Navy, a scrimshander in Hawaii and Cape Cod, and as a forest ranger in northern New Jersey have greatly influenced his work. Jacques strives to evoke the spirit of nature in his work. Aha Hana Lima is March 18 through March 22. It will be at the University of Hawaii in the woodshop. More information will be distributed as it becomes available.

Stewart has contacted several turners to gauge their interest in giving a demonstration in Hawaii. He has received interest from turners such as Mike Mahoney, John Jordan, and Alan Lacer. Stewert will continue to pursue their availability as a demonstrator.
Sharon Doughtie and Bill Ichinose volunteered to act as the Challenge Committee.
Stewart Chow volunteered to chair the Program Committee. He will be needing some help. If you would like to volunteer, e-mail Stewart_Chow or call 261-3121. This is an opportunity to get involved with the club and take advantage of Stewart's experience.

We have a 'wood alert' of several trees on a property in Kaimuki. There are lychee, mango, and monkeypod trees. The owner wishes the trees to be removed and would like the wood to go to a good use. The property is located at 1040 13th Avenue. You are welcome to go look, but the owner has requested you stay off the property unless he is with you. Evidently, there is a good view of the trees from the sidewalk. If you are interested, e-mail Andy_Cole or call at 739-1050 and he will schedule a work day. Pat Kramer pointed out that as we harvest wood, we need to be aware of the issues of waste and rubbish.

The program was a demonstration by Craig Mason. He demonstrated his method of turning a winged, natural-edge bowl. He used a very nice piece of milo donated by John and Laurie Weisner. Craig's demonstration was very professional and included an easy-to-follow handout describing his method. He rough-turned the piece to about 1/2 inch thickness and will let it dry before finishing. He used another bowl that was dry, to demonstrate the finishing cuts and sanding. The club has recently purchased a wireless microphone and speakers which enabled everyone to hear Craig easily.

Craig mentioned the lighting is not the best for turning. Perhaps the club should look into some kind of flexible lighting fixture.

Craig then shared some of what he termed his 'low tech' tools and gadgets. These included a solid steady-rest, a depth gauge, a thickness gauge and home-made scrapper tools made from nails and using vice grips for handles.

David Higa and Andy Cole each brought in wood to share. Included were monkeypod, banyan, and lychee, and some mystery wood.

Dues for 2004 are $10. For those who have not already paid, please mail a check to:
          Dennis Feinberg
          268 Akahi Pl.
          Kailua, Hawaii

Eleven members received a 2004 dues waiver by donating to the club fund raiser Christmas sale. Sale of the donated pieces totaled $502 for the club treasury. The members who donated their work were: Ed Potter, Dan Nakanishi, Andy Cole, Larry Rodrigues, Doug Nakata, Craig Mason, David Chung, Jim Orrick, Herb Kaneko, Stewart Chow, and Tom Young.

The challenge for the meeting was a small lidded box, no larger than a 4-inch cube. The results:

Challenge ~ Lidded Box
  1st Craig Mason koa box with a spalted koa sapwood lid
  2nd Larry Rodrigues milo box
  3rd Stewart Chow koa box with a snowflake obsidian cabochon set in the lid
Other entries included boxes made from plywood, hau, koa, and fog (found on ground).
Instant Gallery:
    Ed Potter large monkeypod platter with normal finished top and sand blasted bottom for a really interesting and tactile affect and a padauk platter that displayed both the heart and sapwood
    Andy Cole a large spalted, curly mango bowl and a vessel made from hale koa
    Pat Kramer natural edge milo box that he turned without a foot. Since the box did not have a foot, it kind sat on its side. It had a threaded lid and Pat explained how he made the threads
    Stewart Chow a winged natural edge milo bowl similar to one Craig made during the demonstration.
    David Higa Norfolk pine piece that had some tinges of red in it and a longan bowl that had cracked while drying -- David used butterfly patches along the cracks.
    Gerry Davis a birdhouse ornament made from manzanita burl and pepper wood.

Ed Potter was the lucky recipient of the myrtle bowl blank for the participation prize.

A suggestion was made that the club consider putting together and maintaining a web presence. Ed Potter contacted Frank Stepanski (a turner from DC area that visited last summer).  Frank is willing to help us set up a web site for the club. Below is a URL to a site he has created: www.anexotichardwood.com

We need a volunteer to work with Frank on the specifics of our site and to serve as webmaster. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to Ed_Potter and he will put you in touch with Frank.

The March meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 9. The meetings are scheduled for the second Tuesday of the odd numbered months.

The challenge for the March meeting is something incorporating a patch. For example, a butterfly patch, or a spline.

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated January 13, 2004