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Honolulu Woodturners
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American Association of Woodturners

Newsletter ~ September 9, 2003

Meeting called to order by President Stewart Chow on September 9, 2003 at 6:00 p.m.

Treasury is reported as having a balance of $3,253.05. The club lost $186 on the demonstration by George Hatfield. There was a small turnout for the demonstration, possibly because George was here a year, or so, ago. Ideally, the club should break about even on these demonstrations.

Jim Bannister made a suggestion that pieces from the challenge be sold to raise money for the treasury. Stewart pointed out that mostly the same folks enter the challenge every meeting, so that might not be the fairest way to raise money.

Stewart said he has a Christmas craft fair at his place in Kailua every year. He is willing to display and sell items made by the club members to raise funds for our treasury. Pieces donated need not be turned, as a small box or picture frame would sell equally well as a turned ornament or small bowl. Any piece will be gladly accepted. Bring donations to the November meeting.

Folks who participate in the club fund raiser/craft fair, will have next years dues waived.

There are a couple of other demonstrators who may be available to give demonstrations:

Andy Cole and Jeff Kato will contact Kip Christensen. Kip, who coordinates woodworking instruction for BYU's technology education program, is a 20-year veteran of woodturning. Recently he has substituted elk antler for wood as his medium. Kip has turned other kinds of antler, bone and a variety of rare woods on his lathe.

Stewart Chow will check on the availability and details of Don Daring giving a demo.

Ralph Goto, of the program committee, introduced Kevin Eckert of the Aloha Arborists' Association. Kevin spoke about the Arborists' group and what they do.  He has a background in forestry and explained an arborist is a specialist in the care and maintenance of individual trees as opposed to a forester who primarily deals with many trees. 

Kevin gave an abbreviated version of a chain saw safety and maintenance course he teaches.  He went over the safety features of the chain brake, hand guard and catcher pin. He talked about the dangers of kickback and the availability of low and anti-kickback chains.

He then spent time going over the care and maintenance of the chain saw explaining how to clean the saw, change the chain, adjust the tension, and sharpen the teeth.

Kevin went over proper procedures for starting the saw and recommended personal protection equipment of safety glasses, hearing protection, gloves, and chaps.

Kevin has written a book 'Chain Saw Safety and Field Maintenance'. Information on purchasing the book is available through his website at http://www.arborglobal.com/about/founder.html 

Craig Mason shared a couple of items. One was a post card advertising Aaron Hammer's hands on woodturning classes. Aaron turns drums and has a website at http://www.tabla.com/store/hammerdrums/index.html 

The other was a set of fliers and information for a craft fair/children's activity day in Kailua which will be soliciting booths next summer.

Several folks brought in wood to share. David Higa brought in some Java plum and longan (dragon eye), and Craig Mason brought in some pieces of silver buttonwood. Pono Evensen said to contact him (247-8727) if you are interested in Norfolk pine.
Members are asked to make, and wear, a name tag. This would be particularly helpful to the new members.

The following new members were introduced:
          Phil Nordblom
          Richard Budar
          Nelson Lindsay
          Pono Evensen

The challenge for this meeting was anything that can be used in the dining room. The results:

Challenge ~ Dining Room Item
  1st Larry Rodrigues milo coasters and lidded coaster holder
  2nd Tom Young turned a salt shaker and matching pepper mill out of koa with ebony laminate
  3rd David Chung turned a very interesting platter from a Tasmanian eucalyptus burl
  3rd Ed Potter turned a spalted tamarind bowl
Other entries were a pair of oil lamps turned from walnut and maple; a large camphor lazy susan; and a koa pepper grinder.

The challenge for the November meeting is a Christmas ornament. If you desire, the ornament(s) may be donated to the craft fair for the benefit of the club's treasury.

The November meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 11.

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated September 9, 2003