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Honolulu Woodturners
A Chapter of the
American Association of Woodturners

Newsletter ~ November 8, 2003

Meeting called to order by President Stewart Chow on November 8, 2003, at 8:45 a.m.

The meeting opened with a call for nominations for 2004 board members.

The Honolulu Woodturner's 2004 board members:
    President Andy Cole
    Vice President Ed Potter
    Secretary Tom Young
    Treasurer Dennis Feinberg

There was some discussion about the program committee and the challenge committee. Craig Mason pointed out committee members need not be elected, but may be appointed.

Please think about what your personal level of participation will be in the coming year and how you can contribute to making the Honolulu Woodturners club a better organization.

Participation in the challenges and instant gallery has been minimal with generally the same folks entering their pieces. It was suggested that maybe we could have a random drawing for a gift certificate as motivation for participation.  Another suggestion was that we do away with the challenges and just have an instant gallery in an attempt to eliminate competition. It was pointed out the challenge motivates us to come up with new ideas, designs, and helps improve our technique.

Be prepared to make suggestions at the January meeting on how we can encourage more participation.

For some of the programs, rather than just have a demonstration, it was suggested we could have some training type seminars. Another suggestion was that the program committee pick a topic, or task, and various club members discuss how they would accomplish it.

The challenge for the January meeting is a small lidded box that is no larger than a 4-inch cube.

The program for the January meeting will be conducted by Craig Mason. He will demonstrate his technique on making a winged, natural edge, bowl. 

New member Mike Johansen was introduced. Prior to coming to Hawaii, Mike resided in San Diego and was active in the woodturning club there.

Pat Kramer mentioned we have a website/bulleting board and encouraged folks to post ideas, photos, or questions.  

Sharon Doughtie suggested the club invest in a microphone and speakers for use at our meetings and demonstrations. Dennis Feinberg will research the market and buy a unit.

Treasurer Dennis Feinberg reported the treasury as having a balance of $3,253.05. He noted the last demonstration with George Hatfield cost the club money as the turnout was less than expected. The purpose of the club is to share and educate, not to make money. The purpose of the treasury is to maintain a balance sufficient to meet club expenses and bring in demonstrators when available. In order to maintain the treasury, it is important that when folks say they are interested in the club bring in a demonstrator, they make every effort to attend the demonstration.

Stewart Chow holds Christmas craft fairs at his place in Kailua every year. Several folks donated pieces, including ornaments, letter openers, boxes, and bowls to be sold at the craft fair to benefit the treasury. Stewart will give a report on the results of the sale at the January meeting. Any member who donated pieces for the fair, will have their dues waived for 2004.

The club membership dues for 2004 will be $10. Please bring the fees to the January meeting or mail to:
          Dennis Feinberg
          268 Akahi Pl.
          Kailua, Hawaii

Stewart Chow mentioned the AAW has a grant program where they delegate monies for various things. Our camcorder and monitor came from such a grant. He suggested either the club or individual members take advantage of the program. 

Kip Christensen may be available to do a demonstration. Andy Cole will gather some information. Kip, who coordinates woodworking instruction for BYU's technology education program, is a 20-year veteran of woodturning. Recently he has substituted elk antler for wood as his medium. Kip has turned other kinds of antler, bone and a variety of rare woods on his lathe.

Don Daring may be in the islands and available to do a demo.

Stewart Chow volunteered to serve as a demonstration coordinator and research other turners, besides Kip and Don, who will be coming to the islands for possible demos.

David Higa shared several things he has made for his lathe. First was a steady rest made out of several pieces of laminated plywood and skateboard wheels. He also showed us attachments for his vacuum chuck. David also brought in several pieces of wood to share with club members.

The challenge for this meeting was a Christmas ornament. The results:

Challenge ~ Christmas ornament
  1st Craig Mason ornament was made from Norfolk pine with carved holly
  2nd Larry Rodrigues ornament was turned from guava and included macadamia nut, pheasant, and walnut
  3rd Tom Young turned several bell ornaments using macadamia, plumeria, longan, and fetau
Jim Orrick has a new chain saw and offered his old one to club members. Ed Chun walked away with the prize.

Members are asked to make, and wear, a name tag. This would be particularly helpful to the new members.

The January meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 13, 6:00 p.m., at the Woodcraft store's warehouse.

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated November 8, 2003