May Newsletter


Honolulu Woodturners
A Chapter of the
American Association of Woodturners

Newsletter ~ May 14, 2003

Meeting brought to order by President Stewart Chow.

The current board was introduced:
    President Stewart Chow
    Vice President  Andy Cole
    Treasurer Dennis Fienberg
    Secretary Tom Young 

Program Committee: Ralph Goto and David Higa
Challenge Committee: Larry Rodrigues and Bill Ichinose

We seem to have gotten away from the instant gallery. An announcement was made to encourage folks to bring pieces they have made. These may be good or junk. Pieces which we want to brag about. Pieces that are unique or special. Or, which are mistakes or something did not come out right, i.e., finish or design. Pieces that need help and are looking for suggestions or problem solving. Bring something to share with your fellow wood turners.

Treasurer's report: The club has a balance of $3,429.05. Membership fees of $5 are due for the year 2003. If you have not paid your dues yet for this year, please send to:
               Dennis Fienberg, Treasurer
               Honolulu Woodturners
               268 Aikahi Place
               Kailua, HI 96734

Next meeting of the club will be held Wednesday, July 9.

The challenge for the July meeting is something made of 'junk' wood.

The program committee is thinking of asking a gallery operator to come and explain pricing and how to market our turnings for our next meeting. Details will be forthcoming as they are finalized.

New members were introduced. They were Anni Campbell and David Adair. Anni is the widow of charter member Chip and David recently moved here from the mainland.

Jack DeVoss has offered to do a full day demonstration on Saturday, June 7. The demo is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. This will be at Stewart Chow's new shop in Kailua. The address is;
               169 Mookua St.
This will be at no cost to the club and will be a 'members only' event. Jack will be turning a couple of hollow forms and discussing designs, embellishments, tools and more. Jack also plans on presenting a slide show titled 'Inspiration from Nature, a Step at a Time!' The demo will be a 'BYOE' (bring your own everything) event. Jack will be in the islands from June 2nd to the 9th. Jack will be staying at Stewart's place. If anyone can volunteer to entertain Jack for a few hours during the day or evening, please call Stewart at 239-2490.

The American Association of Woodturners (AAW) has a forum or bulletin board where one can ask questions, respond to questions, or just get information. Currently there are 132 posts on 25 different topics. The URL is www.woodturner.org On the left side is a link 'AAW Forums'. Check it out!

A motion was made and seconded that club members make something and donate it to the club. Stewart Chow will be conducting a craft sale at his place between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The items would be sold there. The profits would benefit the club's treasury. Club dues for next year will be waved for anyone who donates a piece. Since this is a craft sale, smaller pieces ($15 through $40 range) will more likely sell easier.

The quarterly AAW magazine has a gallery section to show what members of various chapters are making. Ed Potter suggested we put together a package of photos and a write-up to send in for consideration of publication. Andy Cole volunteered to take the pictures. Craig Mason volunteered to do the write-up. Now we need the pieces. Be thinking of pieces you have, or could make, that you would like to be included in the gallery.

The HFIA (Hawaii Forestry Industry Association) show entries are due September 8. Stewart Chow suggests that we bring pieces for the gallery to our November 12 meeting. Folks who have pieces in the HFIA show will be able to take pictures of their work before or after the HFIA show.

The program was a presentation by Sol Apio. Sol explained how he was at the Peabody Museum on the East Coast when the Pittman family brought in an ancient Hawaiian bowl. The bowl was in desperate need of repair and after negotiations with Bishop Museum, arrangements were made to send the bowl to the Bishop Museum where Sol would do the restoration work. Sol has many pictures of the progress of the restoration and used them in conjunction with explaining how he repaired the bowl. Sol's presentation on restoration of ancient bowls was quite interesting. Sol also brought in four of his family's ancient bowls. These bowls dated back to pre-contact days.

A goodly number of members came with name tags made of wood. The folks who did not, received a nice, white, paste-on label on which to write their names. We still have some clips or fasteners available. If you need one, e-mail me and I will drop one in the mail.

Bill Ichinose has upgraded our challenge awards with nice Certificates of Achievement. They even come with a gold seal. Enter the next challenge, maybe you will receive one of the certificates.

The challenge this month was something made partially, or entirely, of plywood. There were quite a few selections ranging from a pin cushion to platters. The winners were:

Challenge ~ Plywood
  1st Craig Mason segmented hollow form with alternating grain
  2nd Larry Rodrigues hollow form with milo lid
  3rd Ray Beauchemin a shallow bowl entirely of plywood
  3rd Tom Young plumeria piece with plywood stand

We are looking for the keeper of the wooden nickles.

Meeting adjourned by Andy Cole

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated May 14, 2003