July Newsletter


Honolulu Woodturners
A Chapter of the
American Association of Woodturners

Newsletter ~ July 9, 2003

Meeting brought to order by President Stewart Chow at 6:00 p.m.

Present board members were introduced:
    Stewart Chow President 
    Andy Cole Vice President 
    Tom Young Secretary  
Program Committee member David Higa
Challenge Committee member Larry Rodrigues

Two new chapter members were introduced and welcomed. They are Sandy Rhines and Ed Chun.

Stewart read a letter from Collectors of Wood Art (CWA). They donated a catalog to our club library which shows the work of 28 artists they consider doing the most interesting work. CWA has a website at www.collectorsofwoodart.org if anyone is interested.

Stewart also shared a communication from Joe Herrmann, editor of All American Crafts Publishing, Inc. They are starting a new magazine that will be dedicated solely to woodturning. They are looking for authors to write project and informational-type articles, feature stories, product reviews, and all the other things magazines might contain. They are also looking for good quality photos of member's work to feature in a 'Readers Showcase' gallery. Anyone interested is invited to call Joe at (440) 576-7697 or by e-mail at latheturner@earthline.net 

Sharon Doughtie had looked into a website to ask questions or post pictures. Stewart mentioned that our parent organization, American Association of Woodturners (AAW) has a website at www.woodturner.org 

The club is planning on submitting photos to AAW for consideration in their chapter gallery section. Both Andy Cole and David Chung have volunteered to take pictures. David has a studio at his home in Kaneohe and could take pictures there or Andy could take pictures at our next meeting in September. Stewart suggested some of the pieces might be entered into the Hawaii Forest Industry Association (HFIA) show in September and therefore may need to be taken prior to our next meeting. Contact Stewart at 239-2490 or e-mail Stewart_Chow to make arrangements.

International turner George Hatfield will be in town Saturday, August 30, and is available to give a demonstration. George is a retired instructor from the University of Sydney. He does mostly spindle work and has a number of projects he could demonstrate. Sandy Rhines volunteered to coordinate George's visit. More information will be sent out as it becomes available.

Our librarian, Craig Mason, asked folks to bring back items they have borrowed. Please bring the missing items to the September meeting. Craig will also be adding the tapes we have made of the various demonstrations to the library.

An announcement was made that Ben Nobriga, a one-time turner, has woodturning tools for sale. Ben works nights and has Tuesday and Wednesday's off. If interested, call Ben at 674-0875.

Myra, a representative of the Hawaii Forest Industry Association, has asked if anyone can make sinks and bathtubs out of wood? If you are interested, or need more information, contact Myra at hawaii.forest@vorizon.net 

Dave Higa introduced our featured speaker, Karon Chang. Karon is the wife of Jeff Chang and the buyer for Jeff Chang Pottery.

They have four galleries on Oahu and about 30% of their business is wood turnings and pieces. Karon gave a very informative talk on what she looks for in wood turnings. Karon looks primarily for form, original design, and excellent workmanship. The type of wood is not of primary importance, but, of course, koa is the easiest to sell. She offered to provide a free consulting service to help turners decide if their work is gallery quality. Karon mentioned she likes to have the artist sign the piece and the name of the wood is a plus. Any biographical data will also help sell the pieces. Typical markup is 2.3, therefore, if she buys a piece for $100, she will sell it for $230. Eighty per cent of the items they sell are for gifts and typically pieces prices under $200 sell better than higher priced pieces.

Do not show up at the gallery with your work as the sales staff cannot make decisions on buying. Karon said to call any store and ask to make an appointment with the buyer. She also asked that you have a prior idea of what you wish to sell your work for. Karon feels it is a conflict of interest for the buyer to set the price.

Karon mentioned that in early September, she and buyers from Nohea Gallery and Native Books will be conducting a symposium for local artists. If we receive any further information on the symposium, we will pass it on.

The Instant Gallery had about 8 pieces. Tom Young shared a piece of Norfolk Pine and talked about the home-made Danish oil type finish which was made of 1 gallon boiled linseed oil, 2 gallons mineral spirits, and 1 quart varnish. The recipe came from Russ's Corner at www.woodcentral.com/russ/finish7.shtml  Andy Cole shared a punky piece of koa which he'd stabilized, mango, and several other pieces. Bob Ueki brought in an interesting carved and dyed piece.

The challenge for this meeting was something made of junk wood. The results:
Challenge ~ Junk Wood
  1st Ed Potter turned a hollow form from hau that was full of bark inclusions and pukas
  2nd Craig Mason turned a large monkeypod bowl and carved various Hawaiian quilt patterns around it
  3rd Larry Rodrigues turned a lidded vessel from a salvaged shipping crate. He also used milo and walnut
    Tom Young plumeria bowl
    Raleigh Ferdun brissia bowl
    Andy Cole mango bowl
The challenge for the September is anything that can be used in the dining room.

The September meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 9.

Submitted by Tom Young


Updated July 9, 2003