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Honolulu Woodturners
A Chapter of the
American Association of Woodturners

Newsletter ~ January 9, 2002 Meeting

The first meeting of Honolulu Woodturners Club for 2002 was held at the Woodcraft store on January 9.

The first order of business was a discussion of dues for 2002. After much discussion and many proposals, it was decided that the dues for this year would remain at $25.00, but that $20.00 of that would be waived. This would avoid having to change the club By-Laws. Because it is so low, the $5.00 would not be prorated for a partial year membership. Next year the officers will review the financial position of the club and make a recommendation for 2003 dues.

The next order of business was a discussion of the challenges which are held at every meeting. Again, after much discussion it was decided that there would be no entry fee for the challenge and that no prizes would be awarded. Certificates will be awarded instead. New rules for the challenges were also adopted and were distributed during the meeting.

The program and challenge committees needed a little help in coming up with ideas for future meetings so the group was broken into smaller groups with the task of suggesting what might be done in future meetings. The list was rather lengthy and will not be reproduced here. There were a lot of ideas generated.

Craig Mason announced that the Bishop Museum tour had been scheduled for Monday, January 21, 2002 at 9:30 a.m. Cost to be about $10.00. As one who went I can say that it was an excellent experience. We were shown not only hundreds of calabashes but many other wood items as well.

It was also announced that nationally recognized wood turner Bonnie Klein would be in Hawaii for a number of demonstrations. She has agreed to do a large group demonstration on February 23, 2002 and a small group hands-on class on February 24, 2002. Both sessions would be at the Woodcraft store. As an attendee at both sessions I can say that they were excellent and well worth the fee.

There was a demonstration of vacuum chucking by Stewart Chow and Herb Kaneko. They did not actually put it together and pull any vacuum but did show the various pieces and parts necessary to assemble a system.

The challenge for the meeting was to make a piece from Tropical Ash. When all the dust settled (LOL)

Challenge ~ Tropical Ash
  1st Gordon Tang  
  2nd Ed Potter  
  2nd Craig Mason  

The next meeting is scheduled on March 13, 2002 at the Woodcraft store beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Raleigh Ferdun -- Secretary


Updated January 9, 2002